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Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 Review | 2016 Model

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC200 is a combination of 3 cardio machines in one, with features from an elliptical, treadmill, and stair climber. The TC200 represents the current top-of-the-line model, being an upgraded version of the entry level TC100, and newer version of the first generation TC20. But with a belt speed half that of most treadmills, how can this help …

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Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 Review

Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 Review

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC100 joins the TC200 in being one of two brand new additions to the TreadClimber collection, with a 3-in-1 motion that combines many of the benefits of a stairclimber, elliptical, and treadmill into a single machine. So as an upgraded model to the earlier TC10, what improvements can you expect from the design features, user profiles, and …

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Bowflex Home Gym Reviews

Bowflex Logo

For over 30 years Bowflex have been designing innovative and affordable home gym equipment, which is often based around new and unique resistance systems. This ranges from their SelectTech adjustable dumbbells to the power rods of the PR1000 and PR3000 home gyms. But Bowflex are equally well known for their line of cardio equipment, which includes the incredibly successful TreadClimber …

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Bowflex Max Trainer Reviews and Comparisons 2017

The Bowflex Max Trainer combines the smooth, low impact stride of an elliptical, with the calorie burning benefits of a stairclimber’s incline to provide an effective weight loss workout in just 14 minutes. But can Bowflex’s newest cardio line live up to the success of their bestselling TreadClimber collection? This guide is designed to walk you through the health and …

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Best Bowflex TreadClimber Reviews and Comparisons 2017

Treadclimber Reviews Guide

The original Bowflex TreadClimber was first released in 2003, and has since progressed through numerous bestselling designs to arrive at the most recent TC100 and TC200 machines. Also known as the ‘WalkTC’ collection, each model is a combination of treadmill, stairclimber, and elliptical trainer, which Bowflex report burns more calories than a treadmill at the equivalent belt speeds. So how …

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review

Bowflex Max Trainer M3

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is the entry level version of the M5, which includes the same high intensity MAX Interval program, despite costing $600 less. After years of research and development, the Max Trainer is a multi-award winning combination of elliptical and stairclimber, with the compact footprint of an upright bike. But with such a noticeable price difference, which …

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Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review

Bowflex M5 Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an upgrade of the earlier M3 model, combining a stepping motion, resistance settings, and upper body muscle activation to burn more calories in a shorter time. The entire design is based on creating a shorter and more efficient workout experience, by utilising upper and lower body muscle groups during high intensity interval programs. But …

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Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 Review

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC20 is their current top-of-the-line model in a collection that has also featured the TC10, TC5, TC3000, and TC5000. If you haven’t seen a TreadClimber before, it’s essentially a combination of features from three other cardio machines: a treadmill, stairclimber, and elliptical trainer. So what is it that sets the TC20 apart from the earlier models? Not …

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Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 Review

Bowflex Treadclimber TC10

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC10 is an upgraded version of the TC5, in a collection which also features the top-of-the-line TC20. (Update: Bowflex just released the TC200, which is the new top-of-the-line TreadClimber). As a combination of treadmill, stair climber, and elliptical trainer, the TC10 takes advantage of steeper inclines to help you burn calories at a faster rate than conventional …

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Review

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

The Bowflex Revolution® Home Gym is the top-of-the-line model in a collection that also features the popular Blaze, Xtreme 2SE, PR1000 and PR3000 designs. But as the only model to feature their patented SpiraFlex® resistance technology, how different is this to their Power Rod® systems, and does this result in a wider range of exercise options? These are two of …

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Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Review

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber

If you enjoy the high intensity workouts that a stepper can bring but have trouble finding the time to workout on both the stepper and treadmill, the Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber represents a great space-saving combination of the two. In this review we take a closer look at some of the design features in more detail, together with explaining the workout …

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Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym Review

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is the next step up from the popular PR3000, with a greater range of exercises, full resistance upgrade options, and Bowflex’s unique power rod resistance system. Design features When it comes to working out from home, there are few pieces of fitness equipment that can match the variety of exercises offered by a good quality multi …

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Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Aside from being an upgrade from the PR1000 in terms of both the maximum resistance and exercises available, the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym is well designed to provide effective, low impact workouts for a variety of strength and fitness levels. To help you decide if this popular home gym is the best choice for your own home workouts, this article …

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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review – Better than the Xtreme 2SE?

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

The Bowflex Blaze Home Gym is an upgrade from the popular PR1000 and PR3000, with over 60 exercises available and 2 resistance upgrades providing up to 410 lb of resistance. This product article takes a look at the Blaze in more detail, including the unique design features, wide variety of exercises, and a quick look at the customer reviews. Design …

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Bowflex BodyTower Review

Bowflex Body Tower

The Bowflex BodyTower combines all of the benefits of a standard pull up and dip tower, with unique EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that create more exercise options and allow you to adjust the intensity of your workouts. Design features Even with the advancements in modern commercial multi gyms, bodyweight exercises remain one of the most effective ways to build a stronger, …

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