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5 Leg Press Alternatives for Leg Day

The largest muscle groups in your body are found in your legs. They provide you with balance, stability and they boost your overall athletic ability. That’s why you should never skip leg day! If you can’t make it to the gym or they’re still closed as of lately, we’ve got you covered. Here are some sweat-inducing leg press alternative exercises …

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Treadmill vs Exercise Bike – Which is best?

Running on Treadmill in Gym

During aerobic exercise, an oxygen supply is crucial to fulfill the body’s energy requirements. So it’s no surprise that the meaning of the word “aerobic” is “requiring oxygen”. Aerobic exercise has numerous advantages to your health including reducing the risk of heart disease, reducing blood pressure, regulating blood sugar levels, improving lung capacity, regulating hormones and much more. A dynamic …

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Echelon vs. Peloton: Which is the Best Exercise Bike?

Peloton Store

Peloton and Echelon are established companies that manufacture exercise equipment. They’ve recently become in direct competition with each other as they both produce popular, top-selling stationary bikes. Unfortunately, Peloton has noticed that fact. After their stock had sharply dropped in 2019, Peloton took out a lawsuit against Echelon. They claim Echelon copied their technology, likeness, logo and are making low-quality, …

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The 5 Best Compact Elliptical Machines for 2021

Elliptical Machine Trainers Gym

Elliptical machines are a low-impact alternative to your conventional treadmill option for home equipment. In addition to being easier on your joints, using an elliptical still gives you the health benefits of a high-impact workout. Multiple studies have shown that people who use one can achieve a higher heart rate than using a treadmill and better leg muscle activation. And, …

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PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate Review

PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate

The history of whole-body vibration training dates back to the 1960’s. A german doctor was studying the effects of vibration on trunk movement. Even NASA has been said to incorporate vibration technology in their exercise equipment. So how does the technology work? A vibration machine works by emitting energy in the form of vibration to your body. It’s categorized as …

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The 5 Best Vibration Plate Machines for 2021

Vibration Plate

Fitness gurus claim vibration plates can be used by people of any age and all fitness levels. Although there’s been some scientific research on the benefits of whole body vibration, much more is needed. So what key information do we know so far? Join us on exploring vibration technology and finding the best vibration machine for 2021. What is a …

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The 5 Best Treadmills under $500

Treadmill Running Partners

Exercise equipment like Treadmills, provide a safe and controlled environment while improving endurance, stability and overall muscle strength. Unfortunately, quality treadmills range in price from $1000-$3000USD or more. Luckily, we’ve looked around to find the best treadmill under 500 dollars. If you just want a simple treadmill without the bells and whistles, this guide’s for you. Things to consider before …

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Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor Review

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

An American inventor, Carl Sontheimer, first founded the Cuisinart company in 1971. He was brought up in France and was influenced by french foods and culture. Furthermore, he was the one responsible for introducing the first food processor to the US market in 1973. Since then, the Cuisinart company has faced its challenges and is now owned by Conair. But …

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The 5 Best Food Processors for 2021

Even the most advanced cooks could use some extra help in the kitchen. Enter the food processor. Food processors can assist you in so many ways by accomplishing the repetitive food prepping tasks we all loathe to do. With so many kitchen appliance brands on the market, how do you choose just one? Here’s our review to find you the …

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The 5 Best Lat Pulldown Machines 2021

Lat Pulldown Machine Gym

People who workout are often aiming to get that V-shaped back. Luckily, you can achieve this look by targeting your latissimus dorsi muscle. Lat pulldown machines mainly strengthen those swoon-worthy muscles. Incorporating this machine into your workout regime can improve your posture and stability, which protects your spine. Take a look at the other advantages of using this machine and …

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The 5 Best Spin Shoes for Indoor Cycling

Indoor Spin Cycling Shoes

It’s necessary to use the right tools for the right job. The same goes for sports. Making sure you have the correct fitness equipment prevents potential injuries and it allows you to get the most out of your workouts. Spinning is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise. And spin shoes help you get through the sweat-inducing workout. We’ve gone ahead …

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What is a spinning class? Tips for your first spin class

Spin Bike Class

Although spinning or indoor cycling seems like a newly established fitness trend, spinning has been around since the 18th century. In 1796, Francis Lowndes invented the first form of a stationary bike: The Gymnasticon. But obviously, spinning has come a long way since then. So what is a spin class exactly? A spin class consists of a room set up …

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3 Best Peloton Alternatives: Top Smart Exercise Bikes

You’ve seen the Peloton ads all over social media and tv. As a result, Peloton sales have more than doubled in the last year. But, other Peloton competitors are trailing close behind. Stationary bikes are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an outdoor experience from the comfort of your own home. So, does the Peloton exercise bike live up to …

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The 5 Best Compact Treadmills for Small Spaces

The year 2020 has forced everyone to find creative ways to stay active from home. The global pandemic has prompted a surge in U.S. sales of fitness equipment by 170%. And what better way to keep fit than by using a compact treadmill? No matter what the weather brings or the time of day, a treadmill is a convenient and …

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26 Best Fitness Gifts for 2020 – Gift Ideas for Gym Lovers

If you’re looking for the best fitness gifts for men and women in 2020, this is the guide for you. Since the start of the year, we’ve seen the popularity of home gyms and home fitness routines skyrocket, as commercial gyms go into lockdown. So, with home workouts and socially-distanced fitness becoming the new normal for many of us, which …

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