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ProForm Premier 900 Treadmill Review

ProForm Premier 900 Treadmill

The ProForm Premier 900 treadmill is the entry level model in a collection that also includes the top-of-the-line Premier 1300, with a 20″W x 55″L running surface and advanced ProShox™ cushioning system. So how does this compare to other similarly priced ProForm treadmills, like the Performance 600i or Power 995i, both of which are also fitted with iFit enabled consoles? …

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ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Review

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill

The ProForm Premier 1300 treadmill has excellent support for a variety of user heights and fitness levels, with a 20″W x 60″L running surface, 3.5 CHP Mach Z™ motor, and iFit enabled console. But how does this compare to the entry level Premier 900 model? In this review we’ll be comparing both treadmills in the ProForm Premier series, to determine …

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ProForm Official Boston Marathon 4.0 Treadmill Review

ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0 Treadmill

The ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0 treadmill is an upgraded version of the Boston Marathon 3.0, offering a wide range of incline and decline settings (-6% to +20%) and high enough belt speed (15 mph) to challenge even the most experienced distance runners. In terms of its support for marathon training, this is one of the best home treadmills we’ve seen. …

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ProForm Official Boston Marathon 3.0 Treadmill Review

Boston Marathon 3.0 Treadmill

The ProForm Boston Marathon 3.0 treadmill is built to the highest spec of any ProForm treadmill, with a 20% incline gradient, 15 mph belt speed, and powerful 4.25 CHP Commercial Pro motor. But as the entry level model in the collection, how does this compare to the Boston Marathon 4.0, and are the workout programs tailored towards distance running or …

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ProForm Endurance S9 Treadmill Review

ProForm Endurance S9 Treadmill

The ProForm Endurance S9 treadmill is a combination of features from the earlier S7 and S7.5 models, including the 2.5 CHP Mach Z Motor, 18 onboard workout apps, and multi-window display. So with all 3 treadmills usually available for around the same price, how do you find the best treadmill for your personal fitness goals? As a general guide, the …

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ProForm Endurance S7.5 Treadmill Review

ProForm Endurance S7.5 Treadmill

The ProForm Endurance S7.5 treadmill is actually a slight downgrade to the S7, with fewer workout program categories and a multi-screen LED system that makes it more difficult to view the program profile. So what does this mean for your exercise routine, and is there any situation where you should choose the S7.5 over the S7 treadmill? For our review, …

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ProForm Endurance S7 Treadmill Review

ProForm Endurance S7 Treadmill

The ProForm Endurance S7 is one of the best home treadmills on the market, and an upgraded version of the Endurance M7. This means a larger LCD screen for clear workout feedback and an 8-week weight loss program, in addition to the 18 onboard workout apps. But given the price, is this really a better option than one of ProForm’s …

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ProForm ZT8 Treadmill Review

ProForm ZT8 Treadmill

The ProForm ZT8 treadmill features an extra large 20″W x 60″L running area, 12 mph belt speed, and 12% incline gradient. But how does this compare to other treadmills in the ZT collection, such as the entry level ZT4 or top-of-the-line ZT10? In this review, we’ll make some important comparisons between the best home treadmills in the ProForm ZT series, …

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ProForm ZT6 Treadmill Review

ProForm ZT6 Treadmill

The ProForm ZT6 treadmill is an upgrade of the ZT4, and more affordable than the top treadmill in this collection – the ZT10. But how do you know if the ZT6 is the best treadmill for your budget? Whereas ProForm ‘T series’ treadmills had a strong focus on calorie burning workouts, the ZT collection offers a much more complete workout …

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ProForm ZT4 Treadmill Review

ProForm ZT4 Treadmill

The ProForm ZT4 treadmill is the entry level model in a collection that also features the mid-range ZT6, ZT8, and top-of-the-line ZT10. But is it the top treadmill for your budget and fitness goals? In our review, we’ll make some important comparisons between the ZT4 and other ProForm treadmills, including the LT series and Sport series models. We’ll also be …

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ProForm Treadmill Reviews

With ProForm being one of the biggest names in treadmill design, it’s no surprise they’ve produced so many different machines, from the entry level 285 T, through to the top-of-the-line Boston Marathon 4.0. But because ProForm take an iterative approach to their treadmill collections, it’s easy to lose track of their bestsellers, upcoming releases, and treadmills that are now discontinued. …

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ProForm 700 LT Treadmill Review

ProForm 700 LT Treadmill

The ProForm 700 LT treadmill is an upgraded version of the 415 LT, with more onboard workout programs and an 8-week weight-loss routine created by world reonowned personal trainer, Jillian Michaels. But although you’re gaining onboard workouts, you actually lose the compatibility with iFit Workout Cards. So taking into account the cost of the two treadmills and the cost of …

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ProForm 415 LT Treadmill Review

ProForm 415LT Treadmill

Released in 2013, the ProForm 415 LT treadmill features a compact 18″W x 50″L running surface, 10 mph belt speed, and 10% maximum incline gradient. It’s essentially a similar design to the entry level treadmills in ProForm’s ‘T series’, but now includes a more varied combination of onboard workouts that includes both calorie burning and performance training programs. This is …

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Proform 790 T Treadmill Review

ProForm 790 T Treadmill

The ProForm 790 T treadmill was released in 2010 as an upgrade to the 590 T model, featuring a large 20″W x 55″L running surface and advanced ProTech™ adjustable deck cushioning. But although the belt speed and incline have increased (+2 mph speed, +2% incline), there’s been no change to the workout programs on offer. You’re still limited to ‘Calorie …

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ProForm 590 T Treadmill Review

ProForm 590 T Treadmill

The ProForm 590 T is one of their most affordable home treadmills, with a 20″W x 55″ running surface, 10% belt speed, and 10% incline gradient. It’s also one of the entry level models in a collection that includes the 790 T and 1050 T treadmills. But with onboard workouts limited to the ‘Calorie Burn’ category, are you relying too …

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