IFAST Power Rack Review – Multifunctional 1000lb Power Cage

IFAST Power Rack in home gym

The IFAST Power Rack is a 1000lb multifunctional power cage that has been gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and home gym owners alike.

It is designed with a variety of attachments to allow for a multitude of exercises and has received positive customer reviews as a highly customizable power rack option.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s right for your specific fitness needs and home gym space.

So, who is the IFAST Power Rack ideal for? We have tried and tested this rack and give you all the detail in this post.

Keep reading to find out about the multi-function power rack’s design features, attachments, compatible exercises, pros, and cons.

Out of time to read this review? Here’s the quick answer to “Is the IFAST Power Rack worth it?”

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Is the IFAST Power Rack Worth It?

The IFAST Power Rack is perfect for casual lifters and newcomers to weightlifting. It's affordable, easy to assemble, and highly customizable. However, we suggest advanced lifters steer clear for reasons we explain in this review.

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IFAST Power Rack Design Features

When it comes to investing in any hardware or heavy-duty machine, you need to be familiar with the product’s specs and understand how these translate for your needs.

Here, we look at the weight capacity, product dimensions, adjustability, frame, and attachments to help you figure out if the IFAST power rack is for you.


IFAST Power Rack in the corner of our studio

Power racks and cages are usually built with high-quality steel and materials.

When considering brands and equipment, you need to ensure that the one you choose is sturdy and durable. It must be able to handle your pace and intensity.

The IFAST Power Rack’s 2×2 frame isn’t up there among the top-quality racks and cages, yet, it is still decent and shares the same quality you would get from other brands at this price point.

The power rack also features thickened steel pipes, a high tensile strength coated cable, and a chrome guide rail which allows for smooth movement.

One thing to note though, you can’t bolt it to the floor. This is a downside for advanced lifters as floor bolts add a layer of security for challenging workouts.

Weight capacity

Rack from the front with accessories

IFAST’s power rack has a 1000 lb weight capacity. Here is a breakdown of the capacity for the different elements.

  • Uprights capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Dip bar capacity: 350 lbs
  • Pull-up bar capacity: 300 lbs
  • Pulley system capacity: 200 lbs

1 000 lbs is a decent weight capacity. If your goals are to squat a bit each week, work on pullups and dips, and have an all-rounder attitude in terms of full-body exercises, this power rack is a great option.

But, if you’re looking to join the advanced ranks of powerlifting and are already busting out heavy-weight squats, set your eyes somewhere else.

Dimensions and space

A common problem shared by our reviewers is the variance in the dimensions of power racks and cages.

The reason it’s an issue is that each of us has different home gym spaces to work with. Ceiling heights, room widths, corners, if we work out with a spotter – these all affect our space needs. Some of us are more limited by others.

Before you dive into buying a power rack, check your ceiling height, gym space width and length, whether you need a spotter, and how much space you need to leave for other equipment in the room.

Also, take into account your stance when looking at power rack dimensions.

The assembled dimensions of the IFAST Power Rack are 55.1″ x43.3″ x 86.6″(LxWxH).

We found the 7ft+ height to be a winning quality for those with low ceilings of 7.5ft, or anything less than the standard 8 feet. It’s great for lower ceilings or basements.

IFAST Fitness Power rack from side


Next up is adjustability. Power cages are designed to offer users exercise variety, and so must also cater for smooth transitions and adjustability.

The IFAST power rack features 12 adjustable height levels. The barbell J-hooks are easy to use. We just twisted them to the side (like 90 degrees), popped them out, and then popped them in at the desired level. We found this didn’t interrupt our workouts much.

The dip bars and safety bars are adjusted in the same way as the J-hooks.

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Features Summary - IFAST Power Rack Gym Package
  • 1000 lbs capacity power cage
  • Cable machine attachments
  • 7ft Olympic bar
  • Squat shoulder pad
  • Weight bench 
  • 2 x barbell collars
  • 210 lbs bumper weight set
  • Plus, all the features that come with the IFAST Power Rack standard (see below)
Features Summary - IFAST Power Rack Standard
  • 1000 lbs capacity, multifunctional power rack
  • 2 Dip bars
  • 2 Safety bars
  • High row pulley system
  • Low row pulley system
  • SPCC thickened steel pipes (1” solid load bearing)
  • 2-Way support comfortable grips
  • Lat bar holder
  • 4 J-hooks
  • Multi-angle pullup bar
  • 12 adjustable positions

IFAST Power Rack Exercises and Attachments

Man doing pullup on IFAST Power Rack

Power cages are the foundation of a solid home workout all-in-one workout machine. Yet, these are solely the foundation.

Power cages, by themselves, usually have limited exercises straight out the box. The idea is that you continue to buy attachments as you develop and move further in your fitness journey.

For example, the standard IFAST power rack allows for pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, lat-pulldowns, and low rows.

Out of the box, it comes with two steel safety bars with J-Hooks, two dip bars, and extra J-Hooks. It also has a high and low row pulley system with steel coated cable, one 35” bar, and one 12” soft row bar attachment with foam grips.

However, it has the ability to give you so much more than the above.

The IFAST Power Rack package comes with all the extras, bells, and whistles. The package includes the cable machine attachments like the:

  • Straight rotating bar
  • V-handle bar
  • Tricep pull down rope

And, it also includes these extras:

  • Squat shoulder pad
  • Olympic bar (7ft with 700 lbs capacity)
  • Weight bench (adjustable)
  • Barbell collars
  • 210 lbs bumper plate set

If you’re looking to get the most out of this machine out of the box, then we suggest opting for the full package so you can create diverse, full-body workouts from the get-go.

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IFAST Power Rack Pros & Cons Summary
  • Easy to assemble (no hidden surprises or hard-to-read instructions)
  • Variety of exercises
  • Smooth transitions between exercises
  • Fits rooms with low ceilings
  • Ideal for casual lifters, all-rounders & newbies
  • Affordable
  • Can’t be mounted to the floor
  • Pully system can’t hold more than 200 lbs
  • Not great for advanced or competitive lifters

Is the IFAST Fitness Power Rack a Good Buy?

Woman doing pull up on IFAST Power Cage

We believe the IFAST Fitness Power Rack is a good buy for fitness enthusiasts who are new to lifting, all-rounders who like diversity in their workouts, and resistance/bodyweight training. It has some serious customizability and sits at a good price point.

However, for competitive lifters and those looking to seriously increase their weight loads, give this a miss. The pulley system can’t take anything over 200 lbs and you can find more reliable, durable machines that can take higher-intensity workouts elsewhere.

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