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Resistance bands are an essential part of any training program, from recovery and calisthenics sessions to building foundational strength with specific movements. You may have seen them in your local gym, in the form of mini bands, tube bands, and more.

These have become an essential part of most workout routines, from warmup to integrating them into a workout with your jump rope. That is why we reviewed the 8 best resistance bands and compiled this list for you to choose what is best for you.

What is a Training Band?

A resistance band is a simple, elastic piece of workout equipment that comes in various forms. They are generally used to add more resistance and restriction to movements to further engage your muscles.

These tools help to activate your muscle fibers, especially the fast-twitch ones. This aids in developing more explosive movements.

Another benefit of using bands is that you can work out almost every muscle in your body. It allows for a true full-body workout and is a perfect home solution for those who cannot go to the gym or who are on the move.

These bands will ultimately challenge you more as they work differently to free weights. This is because resistance bands keep constant tension on the muscle through the entire movement. This makes them perfect for building a solid foundation of strength with particular movements.

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Top 8 Best Exercise Bands for Home Gyms Reviewed

The internet is full of different resistance and mini bands from various brands. As such, finding a quality one is no easy task.

In addition to filtering through different brands, you will need to weigh up your options according to what you want to use them for and whether they will suit your needs. That is why we have highlighted a range of different types of resistance bands below to ensure that every need and situation is covered.

We went through all the best brands, ones that your personal trainer would recommend as well, and we managed to finally narrow it down to these eight.

Rating: 8
Rogue Echo Bands

● Type: Resistance band loop
● Material: Latex Rubber
● Length: 41 Inches
● Best for: Full-body workouts
● Price: $$$

The Rogue Echo Resistance bands offer a versatile training and mobility experience. We liked the color-coding with the bold Rogue logo. It stands out with the added benefit of each color being an indicator of the different resistance levels.

All of the bands are the same length, with the lower numbered and thinner resistance bands being more orientated for general conditioning and rehabilitation. The thicker resistance bands provide greater resistance and are better suited to high-level athletes. They can be used to add another dimension to their barbell training.

● 8 Different resistance level bands
● Color-coded
● Great for rehabilitation
● Exclusive branding

We tested out a range of the different resistance bands from the light to the heavy ones. The lighter bands proved to be ideal to use while warming up and working on mobility after following our workout. We liked how the band was quite thick and never gave the impression that they would break – just like the Rogue monster bands.

One downside to this product is that the resistance bands do not come in a set. As such, each band has to be purchased separately. We also noticed that the edges can get a little sharp and that if they are left in a high-temperature environment, they lose a little of their elasticity.

These bands are perfect for Crossfitters who are getting into pull ups and muscle ups but need to start with assisted pull ups. This can be achieved by attaching the band to your squat rack.

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Rating: 7
Rogue Shorty Echo Bands

● Type: Resistance band loop
● Material: Latex rubber
● Length: 12 Inches
● Best for: Lower body workouts
● Price: $$$

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These Rogue Shorty Echo bands are a great little accessory to add to your workout routine. We have all been there – double or triple wrapping longer resistance bands. These shorter ones eliminate that need.

We like that these mini bands come in five different resistance levels, making them easier to use. There is an option to add a door anchor, which increases the versatility and training options, allowing you to perform better.

● 5 Different levels of resistance
● Color-coded
● Perfect for banded squats and deadlifts
● Rogue branded

One thing that stood out when testing these is the length of the resistance band. The smaller size provides a more snug fit and is perfect for stretching and accessory work along with a massage gun. Additionally, the high-gloss finish helped reduce the discomfort on our skin when using them.

This was a nice touch as not all the top resistance bands feel comfortable on the skin when being used. These are a great addition to your home workout routine, enhancing the difficulty of simple body-weight movements. Mini resistance bands like these are considered better for lower body exercises and are incredibly easy to use. It’s worth noting that these are limited in the types of exercises you can do because of their length.

The super small size also makes these latex bands the perfect fit for our gym bag. Although these are some of the best resistance bands available, they are on the pricier side. Additionally, they are sold individually, so a full set can get quite expensive. 

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Rating: 7
Ziva Power Resistance Band set

● Type: Resistance band string
● Material: Elastic
● Length: N/A
● Best for: Full-body workouts
● Price: $$

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The Ziva Resistance Band set has everything that you need for a full-body workout. It is especially useful when you’re working out at home and have limited space. These have an elastic band construction, each with different pounds of resistance for you to exercise with.

This set comes with four different cables as well as door anchors and even ankle straps. Two handles are also included with this resistance band set. Everything was in a convenient carrying bag, which we found kept everything nice and organized. Using these bands along with sliders in calisthenics workouts is a great way to diversify your routine.

● Ten piece resistance band set
● Four resistance bands
● Door anchor system
● Ankle straps
● Soft rubber handles
● Self-locking stainless steel clips

When we think about traditional resistance band training, this band set from Ziva Power is exactly what comes to mind. This is a high-quality set that has everything you need for a full-body workout in your home. The first thing we noticed was that the bands were made of a different elastic material, with the soft rubber handles having a nice non-slip feel.

These are different from the loop bands design like the Rogue resistance bands and are suitable for a diverse selection of exercises. The door anchors allow you to use the bands the same way you would use a cable machine at the gym.

We liked the convenience of the carrying bag for the resistance bands set. The ankle straps meant we could complete a full lower body workout, including everything from hip thrusts to leg extensions. A quick switch to the handles meant a chance to work the upper body with the included four bands offering different levels of difficulty.

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Rating: 7
Ziva Resistance Tube

● Type: Resistance tube
● Material: Natural latex bands
● Locking system: Lever
● Best for: Upper-body workouts
● Price: $$$

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This Ziva resistance tube is a great way to get into basic resistance band training. It allows for a range of different exercises to start your fitness journey.

This is a single training band with handles on either end and the addition of a nylon safety sleeve. This is an inclusion that we thankfully never had to test to see if it worked.

There are different resistances available with each of these tube bands. However, you may need to purchase multiple as these are sold separately. It was designed for cross-training and strength training while also being a valuable tool for rehabilitation.

● Textured rubber handles
● Nylon safety sleeve
● Lightweight
● Latex tube construction

From the start, we liked the ease of use of this resistance band. This way, it was much simpler to enhance the resistance and difficulty of our upper body workouts. The tube band’s design offers different levels of resistance, so you can increase or decrease the training load depending on your needs.

We discovered that the design limited our options when it came to workouts, with the construction not being ideal for any lower body workouts. There are also no door anchors or ankle straps included with this band either. The way that this band is used will be different from the way you would exercise with loop bands.

Overall, this is a good resistance band for someone getting into strength or resistance training. As previously mentioned, these are sold separately, so it will cost more over time as you progress to a higher level of resistance.

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Rating: 8
Leekey Resistance Band Set

● Type: Resistance band loop
● Material: Natural latex
● Length: 48 Inches
● Best for: Full-body workouts
● Price: $

When it comes to a budget resistance band set, we enjoyed the Leekey set a lot. There are four different pounds of resistance bands, each with its own color. There is a lot of cross-over as well, with the different strengths overlapping each other, providing a smooth transition.

These have a non-toxic construction as well, which is a bonus. Unlike the Rogue loop bands that are sold separately, this is a full set ready for use.

● Four band set
● Natural latex construction
● Odorless
● Convenient carry bag

The Leekey latex resistance bands are a great addition to not only your home gym but also for any personal trainer looking for a budget set of loop bands.

We recommend using the red band for any physical therapy or to warm up before starting your workout. Although these are advertised as pull up bands, these resistance loops can be used for a variety of different exercises.

We discovered that these do have a shorter life span compared to others during testing, with some cracks showing up after heavy use. This could have been from over-use or with extra heavy loads going beyond the bands’ capabilities.

A really good exercise that we loved to do was jump squats. The addition of the band adds an explosive element and works your fast-twitch muscle fibers. Ultimately, when it comes to value for money, this is one of the best overall sets of bands that you can get.

Rating: 7
Renranring Resistance Band set

● Type: Resistance band 
● Material: Elastic
● Length: 4.9 Feet
● Best for: Rehabilitation and Stretching
● Price: $

The Renranring bands are made of non-latex elastic material. These are what we think of when picturing resistance bands as simply a piece of elastic with no handles. They come in three different tensions and pack easily into a small carry bag.

The portability of these bands is incredible since they take up almost no space at all. This type of band does not offer heavy resistance and is more oriented towards physical therapy and light conditioning exercises.

● Set of three bands
● Latex-free elastic material
● Folds into the same size as a pocket pack of tissues
● Full refund available
● Different lengths available

Although the Renranring bands are missing handles and ankle straps, it hardly limits their use. There are still a bunch of different exercises that you can do, including everything from bicep curls to stretches. We found that these are perfect for any rehabilitation or physical therapy exercises that you may need to do.

Their non-latex construction means they are more resilient, which means that the bands can withstand a higher level of tension. Using these bands for workouts like pilates and yoga is great as it helps you stretch even further. We also liked that you could purchase different lengths, allowing you to tailor the bands to the specific exercises that you wish to perform.

Something that we noticed during testing is that the absence of handles can be uncomfortable for some and makes workouts a little difficult. However, the color-coding was a nice touch as it allowed us to easily distinguish between resistance levels.

We suggest the yellow band if you are a beginner. The length of each band plays a role in the ease-of-use, with the longer bands having more elasticity and the shorter lengths advocating for a harder workout.

Rating: 9
Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

● Type: Pulley/cable resistance rods system
● Material: Composite rods
● Length: N/A
● Best for: Full-body workout
● Price: $$$

Now, this is a resistance body workout with a difference. The Bowflex is a resistance band-type trainer but uses a machine framework. This machine offers a range of over 30 different full-body exercises. This is best suited to individuals who want to add high-level resistance band training to their workout routines.

Yes, we know that this isn’t technically a resistance loop or band since Bowflex uses resistance rods, but it is still one of the best resistance band trainers available. You will need a fair amount of space to set up this machine in your home gym, but it will be worth it. Otherwise, you’re likely to find one at your local gym.

● Over 30 different types of exercises
● Lifetime warranty
● Heavy steel frame
● 5-Way handles
● Different rods are available for different resistance levels

This is a heavy-duty machine that provides similar benefits to a traditional set of resistance bands. What we liked was that it gives a real full-body workout, allowing you to do pull ups, chest flies, lateral raises, and plenty more. It also features non-slip handles, allowing for safer use. Although it is a large machine, it does fold up for easy storage.

This type of resistance band trainer is very different from the loop bands and tube bands we reviewed above. While the other bands are more of an accessory to add resistance to bodyweight training, this type of workout mimics free weight training. We tested a few different movements and were quite surprised at how hard of a workout it was.

The downside of this is that it is an expensive piece of equipment. But, it does provide more options for resistance band training. This is a great way to get fit if you want to get all the benefits of weight training without actually using weights.

Rating: 7
SUNPOW Resistance Band set

● Type: Resistance band loops
● Material: Latex
● Length: 41 Inches
● Best for: Full-body workout
● Price: $

The SUNPOW resistance band set offers five different levels of resistance, all in a nice little carry bag. This set also comes with an instruction guide for a few different workouts and mobility exercises that you can do. The extra band comes in real handy for lightweight workouts.

This latex resistance band is almost entirely allergy-free, and we liked how they offer a free replacement policy with their lifetime warranty. The double band construction means it is thicker than other loop bands and slightly stronger as well. The bands can be used for a variety of exercises and recovery work, a great pairing with a foam roller.

● Five resistance bands
● Carrying bag
● Sunpow Branding
● Lifetime warranty

If you are looking for a quality budget set of loop bands, then these SUNPOW resistance bands come in a nice set with a range of resistance levels. We found the lighter bands much easier to use for warming up and stretching exercises.

The thicker and higher tension bands were perfect for pull up assistance training. All you need to do is hang it from your pull up bar. The thicker purple one was perfect for heavy resistance workouts.

Each resistance band is of a high quality that would rival other bands from Rogue. The lack of handles limits the use of the bands. However, the simple loop design still offers a great workout, allowing you to develop your fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Types of Exercise Resistance Bands

Not all resistance bands are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes and are suited for different purposes as well.

Loop resistance band

Loop-style bands have a closed circular shape. Compared to tube bands, these are better suited to lower body exercises as they easily wrap around your legs. Tube bands feature handles, making them better for certain upper body movements, such as pull or push exercises. However, it is still possible to work your upper body with loop bands as they can be wrapped around things and knotted to make them smaller and create handles.

As such, the loop band offers a great deal of versatility. You can even use your foot as an anchor to stretch. For weight training, you can also loop them around the ends of barbells to add more resistance and ensure constant tension.

This works for exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Loop bands can also be used for assisted pull ups. 

Flat resistance band

Flat resistance bands are just that, a flat piece of elastic that is primarily used for rehabilitation therapy. They are also great for mild strength training.

These are more for toning than full-on strength training. And, these have the added benefit of taking up almost no space when packed away.

These bands do not come with handles and are fairly limited in their use. Additionally, you cannot easily secure them to anything apart from tying knots. However, these work great, just like other stretching machines would.

Tube resistance band

These are identified by their tubular shape. These bands are hollow on the inside and are not a continuous loop. They are also a heavy-duty resistance trainer like the loop design but come in different lengths with two handles on either side.

These are not as versatile as the loop design but still offer a greater range of exercises than the flat resistance band design. Think of these as cable systems with a dumbbell put together. Some kits even come with two ankle straps for lower body work.

Group of women using resistance bands in class

Training Band Benefits

There are a few benefits when it comes to using resistance bands. This includes everything from their broad use to their overall affordability. Let’s take a look at these in detail below.

A lot of exercises for minimal space

Resistance bands don’t take up much space and offer a variety of different workout options. You also don’t need a home gym to use these. You can pack them into a case and take them anywhere with you, and work out in almost any space.

The resistance loop band is the best option when it comes to portability. Pack two or three, and you’re covered. They offer a simulation of weight training without having to carry heavy weights with you.

Value for money

When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, resistance bands are a great buy. These are suited to a wide range of workouts and offer different resistance levels.

Not everyone can invest in a full set of dumbbells, a barbell, and weight plates to go with it. They might not even have access to a gym.

When you do eventually hit that peak of bodyweight training and hundreds of repetitions is getting boring, then resistance bands are a cheap way to add volume to your workout routine.

Resistance Band Exercise Options

Resistance bands can be included in a variety of workouts, supporting pretty much any bodyweight movement. The best resistance band for your workouts would depend on the exercises you wish to perform.

Loop bands are versatile and can be used for both lower and upper body movements. The flat band is great to use for stretching, particularly after surgeries, to regain your mobility through gradual movement and strength training. 

The possibilities are almost endless for workouts but here are just some of the different exercises that can be done with resistance bands.

● Bench press
● Assisted pull up
● Pilates
● Yoga
● Deadlifts and other strength training
● Physical therapy
● Barbell and dumbbell work
● Explosive training
● Calisthenics

Instructor pulling resistance bands up over back

Best Resistance Bands Buying Guide

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing the best resistance band set for your routine.

What do you need it for?

The type of band you choose will depend on your training requirements. For rehabilitation, the flat band is the better choice as that is easier to use and generally provides a lower level of resistance than other stretch bands.

If you are looking for a band to use at home and take to the gym, then loop resistance bands are the best option since it is the most versatile. The tube design is also a good resistance band for strength training as the handles help replicate cable systems at a gym. This way, you can work on isolated movement exercises.

Material construction

When it comes to the material that the resistance band is made of, each material has a different set of characteristics that make them better suited for specific workouts. Latex resistance bands have a larger range of movement when compared to elastic bands.

But, a downside of using a latex band is its longevity decreases with extended use, meaning less resistance. There are also allergy concerns for anyone allergic to latex.

Fabric resistance bands are another popular option. Although more expensive, they do last a long time but are not as versatile since they do not stretch as much as other materials. The number of workouts that can be done with fabric resistance bands is also extremely limited.

Elastic bands are great since they don’t have any allergic reaction potential. They do not have as much range of movement as latex but will last longer than latex-based resistance bands.

They will not cling to your skin and come in either a flat sheet type or a tube-type band. These bands generally come with handles as well for ease of use.


Although they are all relatively portable, some of the bands are easier to transport than others. The flat band is the ultimate in portability but the most limiting in workouts. The loop bands take up a little more space but are the most versatile.

The tube bands take up more space and weigh more with the inclusion of the handles and door anchors. You will also have to make sure that you have access to a door and such to be able to use them to their full ability.

Best Resistance Bands Summary

There is no arguing that full-body resistance bands offer the best value for money when it comes to getting in shape. You can take them anywhere and everywhere and use them for a range of exercises.

The question remains, which one of these resistance bands will you be using for your next workout?

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