7 Best Liquid Chalk For Climbing, Weightlifting & More

Tired of getting chalk dust all over your workout space, lifting equipment, or calisthenics tools? If so, then liquid chalk is the solution for you.

Liquid chalk provides all the grippy benefits of regular powdered chalk, but without the mess. Many options also come in a small bottle, so you can easily fit it in your gym bag before making your way to your next workout or climbing session.

While liquid chalk offers many benefits, not all products are the same. To help you find the best liquid chalk, we reviewed several products to provide you with the best options from leading fitness brands.

Tip: If you’re not one for chalk, consider gym gloves to protect your hands while working out.

What is Liquid Chalk and Why Use It

Liquid chalk is regular chalk mixed with liquid. It applies easily to your hands and keeps your hands protected. It also helps to enhance your grip, allowing you to safely perform a variety of exercises or movements. With quality liquid chalk, climbing, weightlifting, calisthenics, Crossfit, and gymnastics can all be done with ease.

There are many more reasons to use liquid chalk. For starters, it is more portable than regular chalk. Liquid chalk often comes in pocket-sized bottles or tubes and easily fits into your gym bag.

Additionally, liquid chalk is far less messy than regular chalk. A small drop of the solution is applied directly to the palm of your hands and usually dries within seconds.

The grippy layer on your hands lasts for longer periods. Regular block chalk often requires multiple reapplications throughout a workout, with each leaving behind more chalk dust.

man picking up barbell

Best Liquid Hand Chalk – Buying Guide

Are you wondering how to identify the best liquid chalk for lifting, climbing, calisthenics, or any other relevant sport? Here are a few features that we think set the top picks apart from the rest.

How much grip it provides

One of the most important factors when looking for the best climbing or lifting chalk is the overall grip quality. No matter the activity, if it requires good grip, then quality liquid chalk is the way forward.

Identifying how much grip the chalk provides can be a challenge, as one of the only ways to do so is by testing it. Fortunately, there are plenty of reviews online. You’re also guaranteed quality grip with the products we have tried and highlighted in this post.

Drying time

While the chalk starts out in liquid form, it is usually designed to dry fast. The last thing you want is to start a workout with slippery hands as it will quickly lead to an accident or injury.

Generally, good liquid chalks dry within 30 seconds. Just be sure that your hands are completely dry before applying it.

How long it lasts

To get the most out of using liquid chalk, look for options where a single application can potentially last an entire workout session. This way, your bottle will last longer, so you’re sure to get good value for your money.

If the time that a single application lasts is not specified on the packaging, keep an eye out for consistency. Liquid chalk with a thick consistency generally lasts longer.


A common downside to liquid chalk is the smell. This distinct scent is usually due to the chalk containing alcohol. If you’re not keen on the smell, keep an eye out for scentless or alcohol-free climbing or weightlifting chalks.


Size may be a variable when searching for the best liquid chalk. When packing for the gym, your bag can quickly become clogged with different workout gear.

For this reason, you may want to find a liquid chalk that comes in a smaller bottle. This way, it will easily fit in your bag without taking up too much space.

7 Best Liquid Chalk Reviewed

Wondering where to buy liquid chalk and what the best options on the market are? Here are our top picks sold online.

Rating: 4.5
Liquid Grip

● Type: Powerlifting
● Drying time: 20-30 seconds
● Size: 1.5 Fl Oz (45 ml) or 8 Oz (236 ml)
● Price: $

If you’re looking for affordable liquid chalk, then Liquid Grip is a good option. We found this to be one of the best deals on the market. The product is available in two sizes, namely 1.5 ounces and 8 ounces. You can also purchase these as a package.

● Invisible
● 100% biodegradable
● Single application
● Washes off easily with soap and water

A common problem with liquid chalks is that you often have to reapply between lifts. However, with Liquid Grip, this is no longer a worry. We found that one small application provides excellent grip – and grip that can last an entire lifting session.

Another feature that we love is that it is invisible liquid chalk. So, you won’t spend your lifting sessions tarnishing the gym floors and training clothes. We were also happy to know that the product is completely natural and 100% biodegradable.

Rating: 4.5
Fire Team Fit Liquid Weightlifting Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, climbing, gymnastics
● Dry time: 10 seconds
● Size: 1.7 Oz (50 ml), 8.5 Oz (250 ml)
● Price: $

The Fire Team Fit liquid chalk is one of our favorite options for weightlifting. As it features a sweat-resistant formula, the chalk will last longer on your hands between applications. This way, you’ll have a superior grip when performing your workouts – be it powerlifting, cross-training, gymnastics, calisthenics, or climbing.

● Sweat-resistant
● Single application
● Quick-drying
● Washes off easily with soap and water

The Fire Fit liquid chalk is a convenient alternative to traditional chalk balls or blocks. Because of its unique sweat-resistant formula, we found that it makes little to no mess. This way, you can keep your workout space and gym gear clean. It also washes off quickly with soap and water.

We liked that the liquid chalk can last through an entire workout session. We did not have to apply chalk constantly as we would with traditional block chalks. The solution is also quick to dry, creating a sticky base layer on your hands.

From testing, we also found that the chalk provides adequate grip. As such, you can safely perform a range of exercises, whether it be with dumbbells, gymnastic rings, or other gear.

The Fire Fit liquid chalk comes in two sizes – a 1.7-ounce single bottle and a larger 8.5-ounce bottle. We liked the smaller bottles as they fit easily into a gym bag. This way, we always had chalk on hand when working out.

Rating: 4.5
NOVU Fitness Liquid Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, climbing, gymnastics
● Dry time: 10 seconds
● Size: 1.7 Oz (50 ml)
● Price: $

NOVU Fitness is a brand founded by two fitness advocates. One of them is a lover of climbing, and the other is a gym addict. The result of these two passions is a range of premium training products, which includes the brand’s own liquid chalk.

The liquid chalk is custom-made in London and is designed to provide athletes and climbers with superior grip. This way, you can challenge yourself further with each activity or exercise.

● Versatile use
● Single application
● Quick-drying
● Washes off easily with soap and water

The NUVO Fitness liquid chalk is among the best options on the market for weightlifters and climbers. From testing, we found the chalk to be very reliable. It provided us with a great grip and reduced the sweat on our hands while we worked out.

We liked that the solution ensured minimal mess, unlike old-fashioned chalk bags and blocks. We also found that a single application of the liquid chalk sees you through an entire workout. All you have to do is squeeze a small blob into your palm, rub your hands together, and wait a few seconds for it to dry.

Following the workout, the layer of chalk washed off easily without creating any dust or staining our gear. Overall, the NOVU Fitness liquid chalk is a good option for gym-goers seeking something more budget-friendly.

Rating: 4.8
Spider Chalk Liquid Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, climbing, gymnastics
● Dry time: 20 seconds
● Size: 2 Oz (60 ml) and 8 Oz (240 ml)
● Price: $

If you’re looking for good-quality products, check out Spider Chalk. This brand uses laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, creating the driest chalk on the market. With this product, you’re guaranteed dry, sweat-free hands and a strong grip throughout your workout sessions.

● Quick-drying
● Long-lasting
● Anti-bacterial
● Sweat-resistant

Spider Chalk is an antibacterial liquid chalk formulated by top chemists using eight ingredients. This shows as we found the chalk to be notably drier when compared to competing products. Most liquid chalks are known to use three ingredients, namely alcohol, chalk, and resin.

We also liked that the dry chalk lasted a long time. The chalk is said to feature two non-toxic bonding agents, so it’s no wonder the one application lasted the entire workout. This is much better than having to walk to and from the chalk bucket throughout each session. The chalk is also fine for those with sensitive skin.

It also creates less of a mess. As such, we found it to be suitable for just about any training environment, including hotel, commercial, CrossFit, and rock climbing gyms.

Rating: 4.5
SPORTMEDIQ Pro Grade Liquid Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, climbing, gymnastics
● 20-45 seconds
● Size: 8.5 Oz (250 ml)
● Price: $$

The Sportmediq liquid hand chalk is made from safe, high-quality materials and will ensure that you have a firm and secure grip. So whether you’re using a barbell, dip bar, or rock climbing wall, this product is sure to have you covered. This premium gripping chalk is also easy to use and is suited to just about any athlete or outdoor explorer.

● Quick-drying
● Versatile use
● Sweat-resistant
● Lasts for hours

This premium grip chalk by Sportmediq is top-grade, and we can attest to this as we could feel the difference when using it in our workouts. The chalk provides excellent grip on a variety of different surfaces. Whether it was a pull-up bar or rock formation, it certainly did the job.

Another thing that we love is that the chalk creates no mess. Often with regular chalk, you will end up with dust everywhere. With this Sportmediq product, you and your fellow gym-goers will be much happier with a cleaner workout space.

The product is also incredibly easy to use. We only used a couple of drops, which air-dried in seconds. The grippy layer on our hands then saw us through an entire session, with little need for reapplication.

Rating: 4.7
Black Widow Spider Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, crossfit
● Dry time: 20 seconds
● Size: 4 Oz (120 ml)
● Price: $$

Like the Spider Chalk liquid chalk, the Black Widow is a premium gripping chalk designed for CrossFit athletes and weightlifters. The solution is made from a specialized formula that includes the brand’s new Grip-Lock Technology.

This is composed of several bonding agents, tackifiers, and magnesium carbonate. The result is a safe and effective liquid chalk that can handle the most high-intensity and sweatiest workouts.

● Quick-drying
● Made by top chemists
● Sweat-resistant
● Lasts for 60 minutes

Like the Spider Chalk, Black Widow’s formula features eight ingredients, many of which are absent in competing products. The unique properties of this lab-grade formula were evident, as we found the liquid chalk to be one of the most effective.

For starters, we found that the liquid chalk was quick to dry. It instantly created a grippy layer on our hands. We then took it through an intense workout comprising weightlifting and bodyweight exercises. Following a 60-minute session, we noticed that the chalk maintained its grip instead of wearing off.

It’s safe to say that a single application will see you through an entire workout. And with enough solution for 100 applications, this product is sure to last you for quite some time. Additionally, the formula ensures that the product won’t evaporate even after months in your gym bag.

Rating: 4.5
Friction Labs Secret Stuff Liquid Chalk

● Type: Weightlifting, gymnastics
● Dry time: 30 seconds
● Size: 2.5 Oz (75 ml)
● Price: $$

Friction Labs is a brand founded by athletes who acknowledged the big difference quality chalk makes in one’s workouts. Whether you’re doing rock climbing, CrossFit training, or holding a racquet, a better grip can greatly enhance your performance. As such, the brand created their “Secret Stuff” liquid chalk – a product that we tested and loved.

● Quick-drying
● Odor and dust-free
● Long-lasting
● Alcohol-free

The Friction Labs Secret Stuff is among the best liquid chalks we found on the market. The product features high-quality non-toxic ingredients, resulting in chalk that is both effective and safe for your skin.

One thing we liked about this product is that it comes in a pocket-size 2.5-ounce bottle. As such, it could easily fit into our gym bag, taking up little to no space.

In the little bottle is enough chalk for 100 applications. And since a single drop is sufficient for nearly an entire workout session, the bottle is sure to last you a long time. Though this product has a relatively higher price tag, it is certainly worth it.

Another great feature that we noticed is that this liquid chalk is completely free of odor and dust. So if you’re looking to work out without the scent and sight of dusty chalk everywhere, this is the product for you.

Liquid Chalk Exercise Options

man about to deadlift

Liquid chalk is suited to a variety of exercises and sports. Pretty much any movement that can benefit from a better grip. This includes everything from weightlifting or powerlifting to other sports like climbing and calisthenics.

For weightlifting and calisthenics, the liquid chalk will ensure you have a more secure grip on the barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, parallette bar, pull-up bar, or other gym equipment. This way, you can perform various movements and target various muscles without the worry of your grip giving out.

For rock climbers, liquid chalk is a must. With a grippy layer of chalk on your hands, you’ll be able to climb safer and for longer periods of time.

For more on how you can use liquid chalk, here is a checklist of exercises and sports you can try:

● Pull up
● Deadlift
● Barbell row
● Bench press
● Power cleans and snatches
● Rock climbing
● Parkour
● Gymnastics training
● Calisthenics
● Crossfit

Best Liquid Chalk Summary

Liquid chalk is a useful workout accessory, especially if you’re performing movements that are demanding on your grip. When moving heavy loads, it is common for our grip to give out before our muscles. However, your grip will no longer be a limiting factor with liquid chalk.

In this article, we highlighted some of the best options from various liquid chalk brands. Each of the products mentioned on this list is quick-drying, long-lasting, and extra-grippy. So with just a drop, you’re sure to get the most out of every workout session.

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