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Body Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press & Hack Squat Review

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The Body Solid GLPH1100 is a leg press and hack squat machine that provides complete support and safety when performing hack squats, leg presses, and even calf presses.

But how does this compare to other leg press machines, like the Yukon Fitness HLS 2000?

In our review we’ll guide you through the key design and safety features, in addition to the lower body workout options and customer feedback. This is to ensure you only buy the best leg press machine for your budget.

Design features

Together with squats and stiff legged deadlifts, the leg press is among the top 3 strength and mass building exercises you can perform for your lower body.

Although the Body Solid GLPH1100 takes up a little more space than standard squat racks due to its length, the width has been kept as slim as possible to help make up for this.

Compared to squats and stiff legged deadlifts, leg presses usually require a much higher level of resistance to train your quads and hamstrings to failure.

With more weight on the sled, this makes it important to check the range of safety features available to prevent possible injury.

Safety features

Before you even start your set in the leg press, the angle of the back support can be adjusted to prevent any discomfort when lowering the weight towards your upper body.

Aside from the back support adjustment, the 2 main safety features are the design of the sled and the rotating handrail on either side of the tracks.

A bar attached to the base of the weight sled frame prevents it from moving below a certain position, while the side rails hold the weight securely in place until you are ready to workout.

You can then press against the footplate, rotate the rails towards you and begin your set.

Body Solid GLPH1100 – Features Summary

  • Body-Solid’s Exclusive Lifetime, In-Home Warranty Provides 100% Coverage for Every Part, Including Normal Wear Items
  • Quad Track Roller System Operates Smoothly and Distributes Weight Evenly
  • Both Back Pads Utilize a Quick Flip-and-Lock Mechanism
  • Extra Heavy-Duty 2″ x 4″ 11-Gauge Steel Mainframe Minimizes Torsional Flex for Maximum Strength and Stability
  • Capacity of 1,000 lbs

Hack squats and calf raises

As well as providing additional support for the leg press, this also adjusts the angle of the footplate for when you choose to use the Body Solid GLPH1100 for hack squats.

Switching between the two exercises is extremely quick and simple. The back support can be lifted out of the way using a pivot point near the head section, with the sled footplate folded away to form a back support for your hack squats.

As well as the folded out (seen in the photo) and folded away positions (for hack squats), the footplate attached to the main sled can also be set at a 45 degree angle for including calf presses in your workouts.

Customer reviews

As with any piece of fitness or weightlifting equipment, it can be difficult to find a useful range of customer reviews.

Amazon was where we found the most reviews in one place, as well as the highest number of machines in stock. From each company that stocked the Body Solid GLPH1100, they also offered free shipping.

After reading through each of the reviews, we found the following pros and cons were the points most relevant to the actual quality of the product and its ease of assembly.


  • High quality construction
  • Quick and simple to switch between the leg press and hack squat options
  • Excellent protection for lower back compared to standard free weight back squats
  • Smaller footprint than similar machines
  • Works all lower body muscles effectively, including calves, quads, and hamstrings


  • Assembly instructions are a little unclear which can add to the assembly time
  • To make full use of the 800 lb+ weight limit, 100 lb weight plates need to be purchased to have space to fit 4 on each weight plate peg
Leg Press Machine Buying Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

If you aren't sure whether to spend money on a new squat rack or the Body Solid GLPH1100, it's worth thinking about the type of workout you are most likely to be using.

While free weight barbell squats are considered better for developing lower body strength and building up stabilizer muscles, this hack squat and leg press machine provides much more safety, and protection for your lower back.

The contoured padding adds extra support to your lumbar region during hack squats, with the adjustable back support putting you in the perfect position for the leg press.

A similar product and price to the XMark XM-7616, but with many more reviews to back up its quality and ease of use.

Product dimensions: 83" (L) x 56" (H) x 56" (W) Product weight: 300 lbs

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