Zacurate 500DL Pro Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Review

The Zacurate 500DL Oximeter measures SpO2, pulse strength, and pulse rate in less than 10 seconds. It also benefits from a 40-hour battery life, and over 3,500 highly rated reviews on Amazon.

Accurately monitoring your blood oxygen levels using pulse oximetry can be useful for a range of physical activities, such as hiking or cycling.

But how accurate is the Zacurate 500DL Oximeter, and is it worth buying?

In this review, we’ll guide you through the design features, customer feedback, warranty coverage, and how to achieve the most accurate readings.

We’ve also included comparisons with similar devices, to help you decide if this is the best finger pulse oximeter for you.

Design Features

Zacurate 500DL Pro Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

As one of the most affordable oximeters from Zacurate, the 500DL is lacking several important features you’ll find on the 500D.

The most significant difference is that you can’t rotate the screen. With the 500D you can switch between 6 different screen layouts, but the 500DL is fixed to face the user.

There’s also no plethysmograph, which can be useful for detecting how stable your pulse rate is before taking a reading. This helps to improve accuracy and protect against fluctuating results.

One final comparison worth making is with the audible alarms. The 500DL doesn’t have them, while the 500D does. This allows you to set an alarm for when your Sp02 or pulse rate exceed upper or lower limits, which you can configure yourself.

Although you get a lanyard to attach the oximeter to, there’s no carry case to protect it while you’re travelling or when it’s not being used.

Most companies provide you with a carry case, but Zacurate seem reluctant to include one with their oximeters. You can always purchase a case separately from a company such as Devon Medical, for around $5.

Is the Zacurate 500DL Suitable for Children?

Unfortunately not. While you could try and use it on the thumb or toe, the clip is generally too loose to provide accurate, consistent readings.

If you need an oximeter to check the Sp02 of your child, we recommend the Zacurate Children Oximeter.

How is it Powered?

The Zacurate 500DL is powered by 2 x AAA batteries. This is the same as most of the top oximeters on the market.

Zacurate supply you with a set of batteries, but to enjoy the expected 30-hour battery life, we recommend using a new set. High-capacity rechargeable AAA batteries shouldn’t cost much more than $10-$12 for a pack of 8, which could save you money over time compared to alkaline.

Some devices offer different charging methods, such as USB, while others require no batteries at all. The Aupalla Oximeter, for example, connects directly to your phone for power and can display results on-screen.

However, connectivity for such devices is unreliable, and the readings fluctuate too much for us to recommend them in their current design.

Zacurate 500DL Pro Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Zacurate 500DL – Product Summary

  • Accurately determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation), pulse rate and pulse strength in 10 seconds
  • Finger chamber with SMART Spring System. Accommodates wide range of finger sizes
  • Constructed with a high quality medical grade silicone finger chamber
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free
  • Snap-off battery cover allows you to place and remove batteries hassle-free
  • Uses red LED light that can be easily seen in the dark
  • Large LED display for easy viewing
  • 40-hour battery life
  • Supplied with 2 AAA batteries and a protective silicon cover
  • 12 months warranty and USA based technical phone support
  • SpO2 Range: 0% – 100%.
  • SpO2 Resolution: +/- 1%.
  • Pulse Rate Range: 30-240 bpm.
  • Pulse Rate Resolution: +/- 1 bpm.

Accuracy and Ease of Use

Click here to view the Zacurate 500DL Pro Series User Manual

Tips for Accurate Pulse Oximetry

The most common reasons customers gave for lower review ratings on Amazon relate to accuracy.

That’s why we’ve added a quick guide for how to achieve the most accurate Sp02 and pulse readings with the Zacurate 500DL:

  1. Ensure batteries are installed correctly
  2. Open the clamp
  3. Insert finger into the clip, with your fingernail facing upwards towards the screen
  4. Ensure your fingertip is directly in between the LED light source and LED sensor
  5. Release the clamp
  6. Press the button on front of the device once
  7. Keep finger and body still while the oximeter is taking its readings

What Should You Avoid?

Poor blood circulation can cause inaccurate or results. Warm your hands and fingers before taking the reading to increase blood flow.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also advised against wearing nail varnish or allowing bright light to enter the sensor. The color from nail varnish can absorb light from the oximeter and interfere with detection of oxygenated haemoglobin.

Certain medical conditions can also affect the accuracy of pulse oximetry. If you have hypotension, anaemia, tachycardia, hypothermia, or bradycardia, we recommend seeking advice from your physician.

A recent scientific study has shown that the highest Sp02 tends to be in the middle finger of the right hand. Conversely, the lowest is in the middle finger of the left hand, which is why we recommend using the same finger each time.


  • 1 year

Who Are Zacurate?

Zacurate is a brand of pulse oximeters marketed by Med Shop & Beyond, alongside two Acc U Rate devices – the Acc U Rate 430DL and the Acc U Rate 500DL.

Med Shop & Beyond have several authorised dealers, through which they sell their pulse oximeters. Make sure to only buy from one of the following authorized dealers if you want a valid warranty:, Med Shop & Beyond, Evamedical, or Beyond Med Shop.

The main contact address for Med Shop is in Stafford, Texas, and many of the Zacurate oximeters have thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. This is due, in-part, to the excellent customer support.

What Do Other Reviews Say?

Our own oximeter reviews provide you with in-depth information and comparisons between the best devices.

But it’s also useful to check the feedback from as many people as possible, as not everyone has the same experience.

How easy was it to take a reading? Was customer service helpful and easy to contact? Were the readings accurate, and how comfortable was the fingertip grip?

The problem is, the best oximeters have thousands of reviews, and finding the most valuable information can be time consuming.

That’s why we did the leg work for you.

Listed below you’ll find a summary of the pros and cons for the Zacurate 500DL Oximeter, based on direct customer feedback.


  • Helped people with pneumonia, COPD, and asthma to check their oxygen saturation levels
  • User manual is very comprehensive, with detailed explanations of how it works and how to get the most accurate readings
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Customers comparing the accuracy to hospital monitoring systems found the Zacurate 500DL to be within 1-2%
  • Lanyard makes it convenient to carry the device while travelling, or hang on the wall while you workout
  • Device arrives with batteries already inserted and ready to use
  • Silicone cover provides useful protection against dust and damage, but can quickly be removed if required
  • Well-packaged to help prevent damage prior to delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accurate readings are provided in just a few seconds


  • Designed for someone taking their own Sp02 and pulse readings. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the screen orientation can’t be changed. If a rotating screen is something you need, we recommend the Zacurate 500D
  • Some customers experienced less accurate readings when using the device on their children. This was due to the small finger size, which is what the Zacurate Children Oximeter is designed for
Oximeter Buying Guide

Zacurate 500DL Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

So, is the Zacurate 500DL Oximeter worth buying?

There's no doubting its popularity, with thousands of highly rated reviews on Amazon. But if you want top-of-the-line, why not buy the 500D model?

The 500DL doesn't have a plethysmograph and the display is fixed. In contrast, the 500D has a pleth waveform, rotating display, and 10 additional hours of battery life (40 vs. 30 hours).

Both devices are made by the same company, so you've still got the same excellent customer service and a full 12 month warranty.

At the time of writing this review, the price difference between the two oximeters was $3, with the 500DL being the cheaper of the two.

The Zacurate 500D also features an auditory alarm system, which alerts you when your Sp02 or pulse rate exceed upper and lower limits.

So, although the 500DL is still one of the best oximeters on the market, in our opinion, the extra features packed into the 500D make it much better value for money.

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