Elliptical Trainers

ProForm Elliptical Trainer Reviews

ProForm 1310 E Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Elliptical Trainers provide a balance of features and affordability, with most of their machines available for under $1000. ProForm and NordicTrack are two of the brands owned by Icon Health and Fitness, which is why you’ll often notice similarities in features, entertainment options, and console design. So how do you decide on the best ProForm elliptical for your fitness …

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Schwinn Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Schwinn Fitness Equipment

Specialists in home and commercial fitness equipment, Schwinn have been producing award winning bikes for over 100 years. But in recent years they’ve also expanded their product line to include indoor exercise bikes (upright and recumbent), treadmills, and elliptical trainers. Schwinn also introduced their own innovative line of Airdyne bikes in 1978, which have since proven incredibly popular for high …

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Bowflex Max Trainer M3 Review

Bowflex Max Trainer M3

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3 is the entry level version of the M5, which includes the same high intensity MAX Interval program, despite costing $600 less. After years of research and development, the Max Trainer is a multi-award winning combination of elliptical and stairclimber, with the compact footprint of an upright bike. But with such a noticeable price difference, which …

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Bowflex Max Trainer M5 Review

Bowflex M5 Max Trainer Elliptical Machine

The Bowflex Max Trainer M5 is an upgrade of the earlier M3 model, combining a stepping motion, resistance settings, and upper body muscle activation to burn more calories in a shorter time. The entire design is based on creating a shorter and more efficient workout experience, by utilising upper and lower body muscle groups during high intensity interval programs. But …

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Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus Elliptical Review

Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus Elliptical

The Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus is the top-of-the-line elliptical in their Jupiter CardioSure collection. Despite being available at the same price as their entry level CardioCore elliptical (Pompano), the Jupiter Plus has a number of important upgrades, including a steeper incline (35% instead of 15%) and a variable stride length (18″ fixed stride on the Pompano). But what upgrades can …

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Yowza Fitness Jupiter Pilot Elliptical Review

Yowza Fitness Jupiter Pilot Elliptical

The Yowza Fitness Jupiter Pilot elliptical is their most economical design, where workout quality has been favored over entertainment options to develop one of the most versatile entry level ellipticals available. But how does this compare to the later Jupiter or Jupiter Plus models of the same collection, or even the top-of-the-line Navarre ellipticals that feature a similar CardioSure™ design? …

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Sole Fitness Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness elliptical trainers provide a more affordable home fitness experience than most of the ellipticals from Precor, but are still designed with a high overall build quality that’s earned them thousands of positive reviews online. The power adjustable stride length varies between 20″ and 22″ on each machine, with a backlit LCD console used to clearly display all of …

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Yowza Fitness Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Yowza Fitness

Yowza Fitness elliptical trainers are split across three main categories: CardioCore, CardioCore Seated (also known as EVO), and CardioSure. Yowza Fitness are a company with a lot of unique design features, which is why they’re able to offer such steep incline gradients and long stride paths. They also offer a variety of entertainment options to make your workouts more enjoyable …

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NordicTrack SE7i SpaceSaver Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical

The NordicTrack SE7i SpaceSaver Elliptical is the most affordable model in the collection, with a price that puts it between the E 8.9 and E 11.9 from their ‘E’ series. However, the SE7i differs from their ‘E’ series and Elite elliptical trainers in the sense that it uses a rear drive stride system, creating a shallower range of motion with …

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NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer Reviews

NordicTrack Logo

If you’ve used an elliptical at your local gym, it’s likely to be either a front or rear drive machine. Although NordicTrack’s Elliptical Trainers include both of these types, you can also choose from a wide range of center drive designs that offer a longer stride length and greater variation in the stride path. NordicTrack ellipticals also offer a variety …

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NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical

The NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical is the top model in a collection that also includes the 12.9 and entry level 10.7 machines. So how does NordicTrack’s top-of-the-line front drive elliptical compare to their center drive FreeStride Trainers? In this review we’ll be comparing the Elite 16.9 with other ellipticals in the collection, as well as their center drive machines, and …

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NordicTrack E 8.7 Front Driven Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack SE 8.7 Elliptical Trainer

The NordicTrack E 8.7 Front Driven Elliptical represents one of their mid-range models in a collection that also includes the entry level E 5.7, and top-of-the-line E 14.5. Generally considered their most affordable elliptical collection, the ‘E’ series specializes in providing challenging workouts without the entertainment features of their ‘Elite’ range. This helps cut down on the cost, but does …

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NordicTrack E 11.7 Front Drive Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack E 11.7 Elliptical

The NordicTrack E 11.7 Front Drive Elliptical is one of the top machines in a collection that also includes the mid-range E 8.7 and top-of-the-line E 14.5. Despite just missing out on features like a full colour, web-enabled console, the E 11.7 still has a lot to offer, including 32 workout apps and iFit compatibility. In this elliptical review we’ll …

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NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer Review

NordicTrack FreeStride FS9i

The NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer is an upgrade over the earlier FS7i model, with a longer stride path, larger console, and heavier flywheel amongst the improvements. Although it’s not the only machine of its type on the market, it’s certainly one of the most affordable, which is why we want to find out how it compares to equipment like the …

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NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer Review

NordicTrack FreeStride FS7i

The NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer is one of two models in the center drive series of FreeStride Trainers from NordicTrack. Although it’s the most affordable model in the collection, you’re essentially getting the benefits of a stepper, treadmill, and elliptical all in the one machine. But NordicTrack aren’t the only company to offer this kind of variable stride technology, and …

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