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10 Dip Bar Exercises for Any Level

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10 Dip Bar Exercises for Any Level

Dip bar exercises can help you build upper body strength, muscle mass, and gain flexibility. From beginners to advanced athletes, everyone can benefit from these bodyweight exercises.

Dip bars are incredibly versatile, targeting a range of muscles for full-body weight workouts. The equipment for such exercises is inexpensive and much easier to use than traditional free weights. Plus, they’re a great alternative to heavy lifting or complex home gym equipment.

So, whether you’re familiar with the dip bar or just getting started, this guide will introduce you to 10 top dip bar exercises, including the dip bar bicep curl and dip bar inverted row.

Stay with us as we explore each one, offering key tips on starting positions and targeted muscles. Also, remember to check out 9 of our best dip bars for 2023. Now, let’s dive in!

The Basics of Dip Bars

The Basics of Dip Bars

Whether you’re doing push-ups, dips, or the challenging dip bar bicep curl, you’re getting a great workout. However, we’ll be talking about dip bar exercises and their amazing benefits.

So, what exactly is a dip bar? At its core, a dip bar is a simple but versatile piece of fitness equipment. It consists of two parallel bars that are typically adjustable in height and distance. This structure allows for various exercises, making dip bars a popular choice for home gyms.

Dip bars allow you to leverage your body weight to build muscle mass and strength. Exercises on dip bars involve lifting and lowering your body by leveraging your muscle mass.

These movements target your upper body muscles, building bicep muscles, lower chest muscles, and core muscles too.

Much like anything else, the key to getting the most from your dip bar workouts is technique. Proper starting position and controlled motion are crucial. So, as we dive into the top dip bar exercises, we’ll provide tips to help you get it right. Let’s get started!

10 Top Dip Bar Exercises

Top Dip Bar Exercises

1. Dip Bar Knee Raises

These are traditional dip bar exercises that use a heightened dip station for building muscle mass. These are great for strengthening core muscles and hip flexor muscles. 

Start by grasping the dip bars with your hands shoulder-width apart. Begin in the starting position with arms straight and legs hanging. Slowly lift your knees towards your chest, then lower them back down in a controlled motion.

2. Dip Bar Leg Raises

Dip Bar Leg Raises

These bar exercises are similar to knee raises but require more core muscles and strength. Begin in the same starting position but instead of bending the knees, keep your legs straight and raise them parallel to the ceiling. 

Hold briefly, then slowly lower the legs until you’re in a standing position again (still hanging in the air, though), and repeat. 

The repetition of the movement (lifting and lowering the legs) adds a cardio component to the exercise.

3. Dip Bar Push Ups

Dip Bar Push Ups

This variation on traditional floor push-ups can help build upper body strength. Start with your hands on the dip bars, feet on the ground with your heels touching the floor, and body in a straight line. 

Lower your body by bending your arms, then push upward back to the starting position. Control your elbows and don’t forget to breathe in and out as you’re performing the bar exercises. This will help you sustain your pace.

4. Body Row Using Dip Bars

Body Row Using Dip Bars

This is a dip bar pull exercise that targets the back and biceps muscles. Start by positioning yourself under the dip bar, facing upwards. Grab the bar with your hands and pull your chest up towards it, then slowly lower yourself back down.

Keep your legs bent to sustain your body as you work the upper part. Remember to keep breathing as you work out and to really pull on the arm muscles, instead of moving your neck upwards and backward. 

The motion is more of a “row,” like rowing a boat, which involves pulling your whole body up towards the bar. The emphasis here is on pulling your chest up to the bar, which engages your back muscles more than in the bicep curl.

5. Tricep Dips on Dip Bars

Tricep Dips on Dip Bars

This classic exercise is perfect for building muscle mass in your triceps. You’ve probably seen everyone try this dip bar workout out at least once in your lifetime.

Start by holding onto the dip bars, arms locked out, and feet crossed in the back to help you get a better grip and suspend your body as you work the upper part. Lift your body until you’re in the air, then lower the movement until your arms form a 90-degree angle. Then push back up to the start and repeat as many times as your routine suggests. 

6. L-Sits on Dip Bars

L-Sits on Dip Bars

This exercise is a bit more advanced and difficult to perform, but it really works your core muscles. Begin in a normal standing position, hands on the dip bars. Lift your feet off the ground, and extend your legs out in front of you to form an ‘L’ shape. Hold this position as long as possible. 

That’s it, that’s the exercise. Once you lower, repeat, and perform it at a certain pace, it can turn into the dip bar leg raise. Therefore, the key is to hold it, as the isometric hold of the ‘L’ position increases muscular endurance.

7. Dip Bar Bicep Curls

This is a challenging but rewarding exercise for your bicep muscles. Position yourself under the dip bar, grab it with your hands, then pull your body up towards the bar, focusing on using your biceps to do the pulling.

The key here is the “curling” motion you do with your arms as you’re pulling the entire body up, similar to how you would curl a dumbbell.

8. Inverted Shoulder Press on Dip Bars

This is an advanced exercise focusing on your shoulder muscles. Start by positioning yourself between the bars and elevate your body into a ‘pike’ position, with your hips above your shoulders and legs hanging straight down. 

Bend your elbows, lower your head towards the ground, then push back up using your shoulder and arm muscles, all while keeping your body steady. 

This exercise demands controlled movement and upper body strength. As it’s complex, beginners should first master other dip bar exercises.

9. Russian Dips

Russian dips are a more complex version of traditional dips. They require more body control and strength, as well as a wider range of motion. Therefore, if you’re behind with your stretching exercises, you should start now if you want to add them in your dip bar workout.

Start in a normal dip position, with your arms locked and your body suspended above the bars. Lower your body down, then lean back and allow your elbows to rest on the bars. Push upward, straightening your arms, and bringing your body back to the starting position. 

This exercise is one of the best dip bars exercises, as it’s a great way to build upper body strength and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

10. Front or Back Levers Using Dip Bars

Front or Back Levers Using Dip Bars

Levers are popular dip bar movements that require core muscles and upper body strength. For a front lever, you’ll start in a pull-up position, then extend your body horizontally, holding a straight line from head to toe. 

The back lever is similar, but you’ll face upwards instead of downwards. Both exercises are challenging and require a static hold position to engage the same muscles as pull-ups and dips but with a unique twist. This means that you have to hold the position, rather than repeating a movement pattern.

Benefits Of Using Dip Bars In Body Weight Exercises

Benefits Of Using Dip Bars In Body Weight Exercises

From pull-ups to bar dips and many odd-named exercises, this simple equipment offers a variety of dip bar movements to build a strong upper body. Plus, bodyweight training is more affordable, less complicated, and overall faster to perform.

In fact, here are all the major benefits of bodyweight training with dip bars:

  • You can target multiple muscle groups.
  • You can burn body fat and increase muscle mass.
  • You don’t have to buy expensive equipment to train the upper body.
  • You save space with dip bars. They’re a great addition to any small space home gym.
  • There is a lot of variety in exercises if you know how to use them.

Moreover, doing bodyweight exercises can add cardio to your workout routine and help you lose weight more effectively than weight lifting. Core exercises like dip bar knee raises or L-sits with legs extended can improve balance and stability.

Wrap-Up: Dip Bars Are Great, But There Are Many Other Things to Try Out

Wrap-Up Dip Bars Are Great, But There Are Many Other Things to Try Out

Dip bar exercises offer plenty of benefits for building upper body strength and muscle mass. Plus, this versatile equipment is cheap, effective, and great for any fitness level. So, go ahead and try out these exercises and start building your biceps, triceps, back, and core muscles like never before. 

Start your dip bar workout routines today and experience the variety, convenience, and results they provide.

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