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XMark XM-7626 Commercial Cable Machine Review

XMark XM-7626 Commercial Functional Trainer Cable Machine

The XMark XM-7626 Commercial Cable Machine is the flagship functional trainer available in the XMark Fitness range, offering dual 200 lb weight stacks and ergonomically designed pull up bars. This review looks at these features more closely, together with your workout options for upper and lower body training, and a quick comparison with a similarly priced competitor machine. This is …

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XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown and Low Row Cable

XMark XM-7618 Commercial Lat Pulldown

If you’re looking for a cable pulley system that provides both high and low pulleys, the XMark XM-7618 Lat Pulldown tower has been designed with a 400 lb weight capacity to set itself above your standard multi-gym systems. This review provides more detailed information on the design features and exercise options, to help you decide if this would be a …

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Powerline PCCO90X Cable Crossover Machine

Powerline PCC090X Cable Crossover Machine

Currently available at an entry level price point, the Powerline PCCO90X Cable Crossover Machine supports a full range of upper and lower body exercise options, without the need for bulky weight plate towers. In this review we take an in-depth look at the design, as well as the exercise options you can include in your workouts, and a quick summary …

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Body Solid GDCC200 Cable Cross Functional Trainer

Body Solid Cable Cross Functional Trainer

Created as the earliest model in their dual weight stack range of cable machines, the Body Solid GDCC200 Cable Cross Functional Trainer features a compact yet versatile frame design. This review takes a look at what makes this particular trainer stand out from similar home cable machines, as well as making comparisons with the higher priced GDCC210 in the same …

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