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French Fitness FFS Adjustable Pulley Review

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French Fitness FFS Dual Adjustable Pulley   

The French Fitness FFS Adjustable Pulley has a weight stack with a 2:1 resistance level. The stack offers 110 lbs per side (220 lbs in total).

These specifications make it suitable for a user of any fitness level. Whether you are just starting out or have experience lifting weights, this machine would make a good addition to your home gym.

The adjustable pulley allows for high-speed flexible movement that makes working out a dream. The easily adjustable features allow you to choose from a variety of strength training exercises that improve balance, increase strength and conditioning, and level up your flexibility.

Adjustable pulley machine

Design features

When buying an adjustable pulley station, you’ll want to take into account some crucial factors. Firstly, how durable are the cables and do they afford smooth movements? Can these be adjusted?

You’ll also want to look at the grips and how these are positioned. Will they offer you a variety of different exercise options and muscle targeting?

And, take a look at the weight stacks and resistance ratio. Make sure you’re familiar with what the ratio means for your workout and if it offers enough resistance for your needs.

We’ll take a look at how the French Fitness FFS pulley machine compares against these criteria.

Nylon-coated cable

The nylon-coated cable meets U.S. military specifications. This is a positive because when you purchase a large piece of home gym equipment, you want a guarantee that it’s structurally sound. Durability should always be near the top of your list when weighing up what to buy.

Close up of pulley machine parts

Cables have an advantage over free weights because they allow for more fluid movement. The FFS Dual Adjustable Pulley offers ultra-smooth movement. Which can lead to a lower risk of injury as you don’t push/pull against gravity in the same way as you do with free weights.


Different grips on Dual Adjustable Pulley Machine

The FFS grips are fitted with retained aluminum collars. This makes for convenient, comfortable hand grips while helping to prevent slipping during your workout. Similar to the nylon-coated cables, the hand grips are a long-lasting durable choice thanks to their urethane composite.

You’ll enjoy the different positions of the hand grips on this machine. From the cables to the top chin up and pull up bars, you have a selection of grips and handles from which to perform exercises.

Resistance ratio

When researching dual adjustable pulley machines, you’ll see that most manufacturers tend to mention ratio. This is because different cable machine designs affect the resistance felt or the weight handled.

For example, if the weight stack on the cable machine is 2 x 200 lbs and a device has a 2:1 ratio, this would mean you would feel that you’re lifting about 100 lbs per side. A 1:1 ratio would mean you’d feel like you’re lifting about 200 lbs per side.

The French Fitness FFS Silver Adjustable Pulley has a ratio of 2:1. This is standard for the general product range.

One benefit of the 2:1 ratio is that the cable would travel two feet for every foot the weight load/stack moves upward. This means the cables move faster and farther.

Weight capacity

Compared to some of the other devices on the market with a 210 lb stack (2), the French Fitness FFS Silver Adjustable Pulley is not the smallest. But, tt also doesn’t tower above the rest making it a reasonable fit for a home or garage gym.

Weight Stack - French Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley

French Fitness FFS Adjustable Pulley – Features summary

  • 11-gauge steel
  • Nylon-coated cable
  • Fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys feature sealed bearings
  • Grips retained with aluminium collars
  • Hand grips are a durable urethane composite
  • 2:1 pulley ratio
  • 2 x 220 lb stack
  • Machine weight: 670 lbs

French Fitness dual adjustable pulley exercise options

Woman using dual adjustable pulley

The ideal product for all-round upper and lower body workouts. There are very few muscle groups you will miss, which makes it worth the product’s price point. You can look forward to increased strength, power, and flexibility with just this one machine.

The French Fitness FFS Adjustable Pulleyis a one-size-fits-all.  Purchase it with the attachments to get an even fuller array of workouts. Here’s a list of the compatible exercises.

  • Alternating chest press
  • Kneeling pulldown
  • Reverse cable crossover
  • Reverse fly
  • Floor seated row
  • Side bend
  • Rotational row single leg
  • Woodchopper
  • Anti-rotation
  • Cross-over lat raise
  • Lateral raise
  • External rotation
  • Shoulder press
  • Hip abduction
  • Lunge
  • Hip flexion
  • Kneeling superman
  • Pull-up
  • Chest press with bar
  • Curved arm dropdown

Available attachments

If you want to get as much function out of this machine as possible, you can order additional attachments. This means you’ll get the rewards of a full circuit of gym machines from just one station.

Available cable and machine attachments include:

  • Weight bench
  • Multi-purpose bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Crunch harness
  • Straight bar
  • Lat bar
  • Pressdown bar
  • Curl bar
  • Seated row/chin bar
  • Stirrup handle
  • Triceps rope
  • Triceps strap

French Fitness also offers a free item when you order. You can choose one accessory from a range of items that have a value of up to around $50.


French Fitness stays true to form. The brand offers its usual 10-year parts, 1-year labour warranty (commercial).

Customer reviews

Woman using hand grips on cable machine

You’ll struggle to find reviews about this specific product online. However, it’s fascinating to look at the pros and cons of the product range in general. This gives the best indication about how this will suit you and your home environment.


The adjustable pulley machine is an asset to any at-home gym. It’s easy to use and reviewers praise its capabilities.


The machine is versatile. Users openly praise the number of exercises that can be performed using this single product.

This one machine combines the functions of multiple gym stations, without the need for a circuit or an insanely large space. A win for home gyms everywhere.

Levels of difficulty

The machine’s different grips and adjustable weight stacks makes each session a challenge. You can go from beginner to pro using just one piece of equipment.

French Fitness FFS Silver Pulley Machine


When looking for decent home equipment, it’s important to see the whole picture. Here are a few concerns that users have about adjustable pulley machines across the board.


Assembly can be complex. A number of users highlight how difficult the setup is for these products. Luckily, in the case of the French Fitness FFS, you can request full assembly and installation (at a fee).

Weight capacity

Some of the smaller versions don’t have enough weight capacity for serious athletes. You’ll need to take a look at what’s out there and make a decision on what your goals are and the weight you would need.

Review overview

Side profile silver French Fitness Dual Adjustable Pulley

While the French Fitness FFS Silver Adjustable Pulley system is not the most well-known product on the market, it holds its own. We predict it will grow in reputation as the brand gains more exposure.

The cable machine supports a full range of upper and lower body exercises. And, thanks to the durable grips, solid build, and nylon cables, it’s a product with industry-standard safety features.

If you’re looking for a machine that looks sleek and does more with less, this is a good option for your home or garage gym. Just make sure the weight offering matches up with your fitness level and goals.

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 44″ x 62″ x 93″ (1120 x 1570 x 2360 mm)

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