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9 Best CrossFit Shorts For Men

best crossfit shorts for men

Fitness apparel has taken the world by storm. In fact, these days many of us prefer to wear our gym clothes most of the time, including at home, on weekends as well as to and from the gym. Hence, the demand for comfortable fitness apparel, and well-designed CrossFit shorts for men has increased because we want to have gear that …

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7 Best CrossFit Grips To Boost Your Workouts

Best Crossfit Exercise Options

Don’t lie, you know a CrossFitter body when you see one. Yes, haters say it’s some kind of cult. But who can deny that CrossFit results in awesome toned abdominal muscles, arms and legs. Plus that “do or die attitude” that enhances your performance overall. But… its critical in this intense style activity that you’ve got the right technique, and the …

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11 Best Knee Sleeves For Crossfit For Maximum Compression & Comfort

Rogue 7MM Knee Sleeves for CrossFit

CrossFit is a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout combining high-intensity cardio with full-body functional movements. But these workouts can be stressful for your knee joints and lead to specific knee issues in the long run. As a result, most CrossFitters invest in a pair of knee sleeves for CrossFit. Knee sleeves are a popular piece of equipment among CrossFit athletes, …

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5 Best Gym Gloves 2023 | Workout, Full Finger Gloves & More

Man gripping bar with gym gloves

It is important to keep your hands protected while you work out as these are two of our most important tools. And not only for working out, but in our everyday lives, too. Fortunately, gym gloves exist, providing our hands with all the protection needed for a high-intensity training session. Workout gloves work as a protective layer, keeping the skin …

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