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9 Best CrossFit Shorts For Men

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Best CrossFit Shorts For Men

Fitness apparel has taken the world by storm. In fact, these days many of us prefer to wear our gym clothes most of the time, including at home, on weekends as well as to and from the gym. Hence, the demand for comfortable fitness apparel, and well-designed CrossFit shorts for men has increased because we want to have gear that works 100% of the time and are fit for purpose. 

A quality pair of shorts will let you focus more on your training and less on those readjustments. While a well-designed pair of CrossFit shorts ensure you can max out your effort without your gear holding you back. The good thing is that the market has so many options to choose from. But not all of them are worth your attention. 

So, to save you time sifting through all the choices, we’ve developed this list of the 9 best CrossFit shorts and a detailed buying guide

Read on to make your box time worth it. 

Why Do You Need the Best CrossFit Shorts?

best crossfit shorts usa home gym

CrossFit involves a wide range of power-packed workouts that require strength, speed and agility. Therefore, your workout apparel has to match the intensity of your workout. So, you can’t wear your baggy basketball shorts to your local box, as anything oversized can hinder your performance and just get in the way. 

Fortunately, CrossFit apparel has come a long way to better meet those explosive exercises and movements. Whether you are doing climbs, lifts or sprints, a quality pair of CrossFit shorts will stay relatively fit your body without any need for readjustments during your workout. 

Apart from that, there are various other factors that you need to consider. Some designs come with various moisture-wicking traits, different waistbands, compression-liners and even waist loops for hanging your shirt or towel from, plus a range of other options. 

Of the 23 styles of shorts we reviewed for this buying guide, we most liked the modern-day CrossFit shorts that come with a wide range of deeper pockets, so you can keep your mobile phone to track your activity. Different lengths are available in these shorts, from below knees to upper thigh. Therefore, you can choose the right option based on your preferences.

If you’re investing in the right CrossFit apparel, make sure you’ve got the right equipment too. Check out our guide to the best CrossFit knee sleeves.

Top 9 Best CrossFit Shorts for Home Gyms

top 9 best crossfit shorts for home gyms usa home gym

But finding the best CrossFit shorts for maximum comfort isn’t that easy. There are so many brands and varieties that choosing a pair can get more overwhelming than a buying a pair of shorts should be.

For this article, we interviewed 7 of our closest gym bros who said the main features of CrossFit shorts for men they care about were:

  • fabric quality – what type of hand feel do you like?
  • waistband – what type of thickness & tightness are you comfortable in?
  • number and size of pockets – do you want to keep your phone on you during workouts?
  • brand – don’t pretend you’re Eckhart Tolle; if you think one brand is superior, then go for that

Plus, they considered budget and the intensity of the workouts they do most frequently. With that in mind, we have done the hard work for you and have come up with our list of the best CrossFit shorts that work well for different budgets and unique preferences

Our top recommendation is the list of the top 9 best CrossFit shorts. We’ll review them in detail below.

Rating: 4.6
Under Armour Raid Crossfit Shorts
  • Suitability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Poly-Elastane Blend
  • Waistband: Elastic and Laced
  • Price: $

The best CrossFit shorts for men available today is the Under Armour Raid. These shorts come with a 10-inch length and are an excellent option for CrossFit and other exercises. 

One of the gym bros at our local has the ‘chestnut red’ pair of Under Armour Raids, and it’s one of the classiest pair of gym shorts I’ve seen. They look easy to move in, with super light fabric. The length is above the knee, so if you are on the modest side, this could be a great style for you.

We were impressed that these shorts are available in different colors, and you can choose from different size options ranging from extra small to 4X large.

  • Different color and size options are available.
  • These shorts are true to size; you can order your usual size.
  • Made of quality polyester and elastane blend for maximum durability.
  • Equipped with moisture-wicking properties.
  • Features 4-way stretch functionality.

One of the best features of this pair of shorts is the unique design that stretches in four directions. It means these shorts will not affect your performance, irrespective of the exercises you do. 

You will be in a better position to make your movements, and that’s what we loved about these shorts. You will feel more relaxed because these shorts have moisture-wicking properties. 

They will wick away any sweat from your body, allowing you to perform your movements and reducing slippage comfortably. The durable construction of these shorts features polyester and elastane. It’s the perfect combination to help you remain more relaxed during your workout. These are by far the best men’s CrossFit shorts on the market. 

Rating: 4.4
Rogue Black Ops Shorts
  • Suitability: Weightlifting
  • Material: Poly-Spandex Blend
  • Waistband: Elastic
  • Price: $

Rogue presents its own Black Ops CrossFit shorts, a top choice if you want a shorter length. These shorts come with a 6.5-inch length and are suitable for heavy lower-body workouts, including weightlifting, for maximum breathability.

These shorts are available in different colors and designs, and you can choose from five different sizes ranging from small to 2X large. There’s a side stash pocket that comes with a zipper. 

  • 4-way stretch fabric that is durable and stretchy.
  • The elastic waistband features venting for better breathability.
  • There is a side pocket with a solid zipper.
  • Very comfortable to clean and maintain.
  • True-to-fit sizing is available.

These shorts are excellent for high-intensity powerlifting as they come with shorter lengths. They are made of a durable fabric blend of polyester and spandex. 

Therefore, these shorts are excellent for high-stretch movements, and we were very impressed. Moreover, this pair comes with side pockets and zippers so you can use your smartphone or any other device to stay connected. 

These shorts are available in different sizes and color options and have a mesh venting system. So, breathability is top-notch with these shorts. 

Rating: 4.5
Devops Crossfit Shorts
  • Suitability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Poly-Spandex Blend
  • Waistband: Elastic And Laced
  • Price: $

These loose-fit CrossFit shorts for men are ideal if you prefer wearing shorts that are not too tight. It means these shorts are excellent for a wide range of movements. 

They fit comfortably, and different color and design options are available too. You can pick the right size according to your preferences. 

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Available in different sizes and color options.
  • Comfortable fitting offers a wide range of motion.
  • The fabric comes with UPF 50+ UV protection.
  • Quick-drying materials keep you sweat-free during your exercises.

One of the best pair of shorts you can use for your CrossFit workouts is the ones by DevOps because these shorts come with UV protection. It means that they are suitable for you to use inside the box but outside of it as well. 

You can use them for a wide range of activities and sports. Wear them on the beach or in your gym. Wear them while playing basketball or badminton. You can even wear them as your loungewear. Such is the comfort level that these shorts offer, and that’s what got us.

DevOps shorts have side pockets to place your gadgets and personal belongings. The quick-drying fabric that these shorts feature doesn’t stay wet. You won’t have to deal with sticky itchiness during your exercises. 

Rating: 4.4
G Gradual Crossfit Shorts
  • Usability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Poly-Spandex Blend
  • Waistband: Elastic and Laced
  • Price: $

These CrossFit shorts for men are highly versatile as you can use them not only for your gym but for casual wear as well. Available in different colors and sizes, the poly-spandex blend of these shorts makes them ideal for any activity or even during your downtime. 

The shorts feature mesh to ensure high breathability and keep you dry during the action. The best part is that these shorts are lightweight, which will hinder your movements during your activity. 

  • Quality materials featuring polyester and spandex.
  • Elastic with drawstring closures stay in place no matter what.
  • Two side pockets with zippers that you can use to place your belongings.
  • Versatile design that is suitable for your gym apparel as well as your loungewear.
  • Wide range of colors and sizes available.

These shorts are made of a blended fabric featuring spandex and polyester and are durable. Therefore, they are ideal for wearing and performing high-intensity movements in the box. 

You can wear these shorts as your loungewear and even wear them while participating in outdoor activities. 

There are a couple of side pockets that these shorts have, and they come with zippers so you can keep your personal belongings with you all the time. 

Rating: 4.5
Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Shorts
  • Usability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Poly-Spandex Blend
  • Waistband: Laced/Drawstring
  • Price: $

Here’s another pair of shorts with a spandex and polyester blend; they are durable. They fit nicely and are excellent for a wide range of CrossFit exercises. 

Different sizes and color options are available, so you can pick the right one based on your needs. These shorts come with a drawstring closure, so they’re adjustable and will last past weight loss and muscle gain.

  • Made of polyester and spandex blend for maximum durability.
  • Highly breathable design for a comfortable fit.
  • Two side pockets with quality YKK zippers.
  • Flatlock stitching for maximum impact performance.

They are good for their reliable fit, making them an excellent option for the box and a wide range of other activities. 

We were impressed that they are quite durable and can easily handle various exercises. Different designs are available to choose from, so you can feel comfortable without compromising your style. 

Rating: 4.3
Wangdo Workout Shorts
  • Usability: Powerlifting
  • Material: Polyester
  • Waistband: Elastic And Drawstring
  • Price: $

These shorts are excellent for heavy lifting, running, and other outdoor activities. 

These highly breathable polyester shorts have a wide range of colors and sizes. You can wash and comfortably clean and maintain them no matter how dirty they get.

  • Highly breathable fabric ensures easy maintenance.
  • Lightweight and quick to dry.
  • Durable fabric and stitching for heavy workouts.
  • Features two side pockets with zippers.

These shorts are comfortable to wear and suitable for high-intensity power workouts. They come in different colors and sizes, keeping you nice and relaxed during workouts. 

The CrossFit shorts for men come with an elastic waistband for better fitting and a drawstring to further ensure that they stay where you want them to during your workouts, which made us more comfortable during our trials. 

Rating: 4.4
Nike Crossfit Shorts
  • Usability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Polyester
  • Waistband: Elastic
  • Price: $

Nike doesn’t need any introduction as it is highly regarded for its high-quality products; similar is the case with these shorts. These shorts are made of 100 percent polyester and are easy to maintain and clean. 

Highly breathable, these shorts fit nicely and are suitable for a wide range of activities and exercises, whether inside the box or outdoors. 

  • 100 percent polyester ensures durability and comfort.
  • The flexing fabric stretches well for a wide variety of movements.
  • The elastic waistband is comfortable to fit and stays in place.
  • There are extra-large pockets on both sides.

We loved that these shorts come with an elastic waistband because they fit well. Those extra-deep pockets are pretty cool. They would have been even better if they had zippers. 

Rating: 4.4
Broken Lightweight Crossfit Shorts
  • Usability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Bodybuilding and Weightlifting
  • Waistband: Laced
  • Price: $

There are ten different color options and five sizes available, ranging from small to 2X large. The shorts are made of spandex and polyester, and you won’t have to worry about any tearing. 

These shorts work best for bodybuilding and weightlifting because they come in shorter lengths. Therefore, your knees will be more comfortable during such exercises. 

  • Spandex and polyester blend for top-notch durability.
  • Features drawstring closure for comfortable fitting.
  • You won’t have to worry about any friction during your movements.
  • Double pocket design with zippers.

They are shorter in length, and they work well for bodybuilding and weightlifting. However, you can perform many other activities with them. 

Besides that, these shorts fit comfortably and provide enough coverage for you, so you don’t have to keep adjusting them. 

Rating: 4.7
New Balance Accelerate Crossfit Short
  • Usability: All-Purpose
  • Material: Polyester
  • Waistband: Elastic/Pull-On
  • Price: $

They are cool and comfortable; they will work fine if you sweat a lot. We loved the polyester quality on these shorts as it ensures comfortable movement, and you won’t have to deal with friction. 

We were highly impressed with the quick-drying technology of these shorts that can wick moisture away with ease. You won’t have to deal with any itchiness caused by your sweat and can focus entirely on your workout. 

  • Pull-on closures ensure easy wearing.
  • Durable polyester constructions that go on and on.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Extremely lightweight design and feel.

Being 100 percent polyester, these shorts are long-lasting, and we loved the fact that these shorts can handle stretches well. 

Moreover, the quick-drying technology means your sweat won’t remain in the shorts for too long, so you won’t have to worry about any odors. 

Types of CrossFit Shorts

the ideal shorts for Homegym workouts

CrossFit shorts for men can be broadly classified into different categories. The primary two categories are based on fabric and based on length. When we talk about other CrossFit shorts based on fabric or length, you will notice that many options are available. 

Based on Fabric

Different manufacturers use different types of fabrics and blend to make their shorts. Some of them use cotton that is suitable for high breathability. There is a cotton variant that has more moisture-wicking properties. 

Polyester is another widely used fabric for these CrossFit shorts, and it is an excellent option for its elastic nature. Poly-dry or microfiber is another ideal option for these explosive workouts thanks to its lightweight and quick-drying properties. 

Spandex is another flexible fabric that ensures a wide range of mobility. Apart from that, nylon is another option used vastly due to its durable construction. Moreover, some manufacturers use bamboo for its hypoallergenic nature and suitability for sensitive skins. 

Merino wool is another good choice for wearing during the colder months. Another option is polypropylene which is highly regarded for its waterproof nature and flexibility. 

Based on Length

You can categorize different CrossFit shorts based on their lengths. Thanks to the variety available, these CrossFit shorts range from super short to longer than knees. 

These different lengths serve different purposes. You need to remember that you should wear shorts that don’t hinder your workouts. 

There are different lengths available. Some of them come with 9-inch or 10-inch inseams. Some shorts that are more geared toward running come with a 6-inch inseam

Shorts with shorter lengths are excellent for their breathability. Furthermore, you can go for lighter fabrics to improve overall breathability. It all depends upon the workouts you do.  

Best CrossFit Shorts Benefits

Crossfit Shorts Benefits

Going for a specialized pair of shorts when hitting the gym might seem overkill, but it’s not. There are various benefits of wearing CrossFit shorts instead of just any pair before you go to the box. 

Here we list some of the benefits these CrossFit shorts offer you when preparing for those explosive moves. 

Built to Take on Hammering

The best CrossFit shorts take a lot of tolls. They are made of durable fabrics and seaming to ensure you can continue wearing them day in and day out during your box workouts.

These shorts are ideal for any explosive workout while keeping you comfortable. So, the best CrossFit workout shorts are durable across the board. 

Another essential bit of kit for your CrossFit workouts is a quality pair of grips. If your last pair look sad and saggy, check out our updated CrossFit grips guide.

Highly Breathable

Of course, you get extremely sweaty during those intense movements that you have to go through during your HIIT. 

Hence, you need a high-quality pair of highly breathable shorts to remain comfortable while doing your movements and taking rests. 

Quality Stretching for Comfort

The aggressive movements you must make during your exercises require comfortable clothes. The fabric stretches shouldn’t hinder you during your speedy movements, as they can directly affect your workout performance. 

A quality pair of shorts ensure that your apparel doesn’t halt your performance. For that, you need to look for a pair of shorts that stretches as you make different body movements without putting too much strain on your skin and muscles. 

Carrying Your Fitness Gear or Devices

These days, CrossFit shorts come with different pockets that you can use to place your fitness trackers and phones with you during your workout times. 

You can easily carry all your devices with you, and they will remain tightly secured to your body so that you can reach them anytime you need them. 

Best Crossfit Exercise Options

The good thing about these CrossFit shorts is that you can use them for any workout. They work best when you are going for lower body exercises. 

You need to be as comfortable as possible during your movements and only look for apparel that keeps you that way. There is a long list of CrossFit exercises that you can do with your CrossFit shorts on. 

Whether doing any upper-body exercises or going for those lower-body high-intensity movements, these shorts will keep you as comfortable as possible while providing maximum coverage according to your preferences.


Of course, pull-ups are an upper-body CrossFit workout. The lower part of your body, especially your lower back and your knees, sees some action when you perform these movements.

Therefore, wearing a quality pair of CrossFit shorts will keep you comfortable while doing these exercises and when you are done.

You won’t have to readjust multiple times and feel uncomfortable in any other way as the shorts will nicely stay in place as you make the rapid motion.

Bench Press

Like pull-ups, the bench press is another upper-body workout geared toward your shoulder and chest muscles.

You will feel more relaxed when you notice that you won’t have to reposition your shorts each time you finish your workout. Your shorts need to fit nicely and offer useful coverage so you can focus more on your workout and nothing else.

Squat-Based Workouts

All squat-based workouts at the box require more stretching. Your knees and thighs see a lot more activity during these body movements.

In such a scenario, you need to wear suitable shorts to handle those stretches well and not go out of place with each stretch you make. Otherwise, you will have to do a lot of stretching.


Another very frequent favorite exercise of CrossFit enthusiasts is the staircase. This exercise requires you to do single-leg hops and then frog jumps while being fast on your feet.

At the top, you will do sit-ups, air squats, and pushups and then jog your way back down. As you can see, the whole body sees the action here, especially your lower body.

Your shorts need to be secure in their place so you don’t have to adjust after each jump. This is where a quality pair of CrossFit shorts come into play.

Barbell barbarian

Here’s another workout that involves a hang, a squat, and a deadlift. All these movements involve your lower body. With the increase in intensity, you will be able to get more out of your workout.

Performance on barbells will be affected if you keep readjusting your shorts as per your comfort level. Your shorts need to be tightly in place for this workout, so you need a quality pair to choose from.

Best Crossfit Shorts Buying Guide

Crossfit Shorts Buying Guide

You need to consider a few aspects when going for the best CrossFit shorts. There are various factors to remember to ensure you choose a pair that meets all your needs. 

Fabric Quality

One of the most important features of a pair of CrossFit shorts is the fabric. You can’t just go for any fabric in this regard

You must consider going for a quality fabric that is more durable and can handle all the fast-paced, high-intensity movement you will make during your session at the box. 


CrossFit workouts are intense and bound to make you sweaty even if you don’t sweat that much. 

Therefore, wearing a pair of shorts with moisture-wicking properties will ensure you can perform better while maintaining a tighter grip on your gym equipment

You will feel much more relaxed when your shorts are wicking your sweat, eliminating any chances of slipping during your exercises. 


The length of your shorts has a vital role to play. Based on your exercises, you need to wear shorts that keep you comfortable and allow maximum coverage per your needs. 

Exercises involving deadlifts require your knees to move freely, so a smaller length of shorts will do. 


You must consider how tightly fit your pair of shorts should be. Some people prefer fitted shorts, while others prefer slightly looser shorts. Tighter shorts keep you in better positions, while loose ones are more comfortable. 

Added Features

Some shorts come with more pockets, while others come with elastic or laced waistbands. Some shorts have an additional waist look where you can hang your towel or shirt. 

These are all added features; you can consider them if you want. For example, if you don’t like carrying your devices during workouts, you don’t need a pair of shorts with pockets. 

But if you do, it’s better to consider a pair with different pockets to place your accessories and items without impeding your workout performance. 

Best Crossfit Shorts Summary

Crossfit gym bro with rope, ready to smash it

The best CrossFit shorts on the market for men are hands down the Under Armour Raid CrossFit Shorts. These shorts are stretchy and comfortable, and they minimize friction. They are great for all types of workouts and are highly breathable. These shorts are available in different colors and sizes and they look great IRL primarily because of their fit, fabric and cut.

Make sure you choose the right pair of shorts based on the type of activity you will mostly be doing at the box. This way, you can pick the right pair to keep you comfortable during workouts. 

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