Pregnancy and Weight Lifting: How Much Can I Lift While Pregnant?

Pregnancy and Weight Lifting- How Much Can I Lift While Pregnant

Congratulations mama, you’re growing a tiny human! For many of us, even at pre-pregnancy we were getting our bodies ready for a baby and focusing on healthy eating and exercise. Now, you want to continue or start weight lifting and need to know, how much can I lift while pregnant? Of course, while we’ve done our best research, we recommend …

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Breaking Down Calisthenics VS Weights

woman using using weights

In the world of fitness, many types of training are widely available. You’re not limited to performing only one category over a period of time. You can mix up your routine by adding different disciplines of training to your weekly routine. Calisthenics and weightlifting are very different styles of working out. Depending on your goals, one or both of these …

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