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6 Best Rogue Fitness Barbell 2023: Olympic Weightlifting Bars & More

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Man's hand on knurling on barbell

One of the most popular additions to a home gym is a barbell, especially for avid weightlifters. However, you don’t want to buy a run-of-the-mill bar as you need something that will last.

Of all the brands on the market, you can’t go wrong with the best Rogue Fitness Barbell — and for more than the fact that they’re a household name. The famous fitness brand has long been providing commercial and home gyms with incredible equipment, including trustworthy and durable barbells.

This brand has a vast range of barbells available, but it can be intimidating paying a lot for something you aren’t too sure is right for you. That’s why we’ve tested and rounded up a select few to help you decide which Rogue training bar to buy.

Tip: For a great setup, consider buying a Rogue Monster Bench to support you while you press your way to your fitness goals.

Different Types of Rogue Fitness Barbells

Person ready to deadlift

Rogue bars come in a diverse range of offerings that cater to various weightlifting needs. How do these barbells differ, and what benefits do they provide? We answer that and, more below – with a focus on Olympic and powerlifting barbells.

Olympic barbells

Olympic bars are made with Olympians in mind and are most distinct in that they have a good level of whip. The knurling is also smoother as the grip isn’t as important considering that Olympic lifting depends on quick movements.

Olympic bars are perfect for CrossFit as well as exercises like the clean and jerk.

Powerlifting barbells

On the other hand, powerlifting bars tend to be stiffer than other barbells as they usually hold the most weight. They also offer minimal whip and have narrower knurl marks compared to Olympic bars to assist with grip.

Deadlift bars

Another barbell popular on the market is a deadlift bar, which has an incredibly high whip to help you lift it off the ground quickly. Compared to other bars, they usually come with aggressive knurling for improved grip.

Benefits of Barbell Exercises

Here are some benefits associated with barbells.

Work the whole body

Barbell exercises are great for working muscles like pecs, traps, and quads without switching from one machine to the other. To take whole-body workouts to another level, consider getting a Rogue Echo Bike too.

Improved athletic performance

Even if you aren’t an avid weightlifter, barbell exercises often lead to improved athletic performance as found in this study.

Simple to learn and use

Compared to other exercises out there, learning how to use barbells is easy thanks to their simplicity.

Best Rogue Fitness Barbell Buying Guide

Barbell on floor

While you’re guaranteed quality regardless of which Rogue weight bar you buy, it’s always a good idea to check out a buying guide. This will help you choose the correct Rogue Fitness barbell for your fitness needs.

Tensile strength (PSI)

Tensile strength refers to how much weight a barbell can hold before it fractures. Therefore, it also points to durability. Measured in pounds per square inch, tensile strength can be found between 92,000 and 220,000 PSI.

Using this figure, you can deduct how long the barbell will last. Anything above 150,000 PSI is considered decent and the best bars have over 180,000 tensile strength.

Knurling position

Knurling is the cross-hatched etching found on a barbell that’s important for grip and can be rough or smooth. Some bars may even come with no knurling at all.

The position of the knurling is one of the most critical factors, as the position caters to different lifting needs and preferences. If you’ll be focusing on Olympic lifting, you’ll prefer a knurl that reaches the sleeves. If you frequently squat heavy weights, go for a center knurl that will grip your back for support.

Knurl mark positioning is important as this dictates where you’ll have your hands. Knurl marks positioned closer together are perfect for powerlifting, while those that are further apart are perfect for Olympic weightlifting.

Barbell whip

Regardless of which Rogue bar you get, you’re guaranteed either a lot or very little whip. While not measured or explicitly stated by manufacturers like Rogue, the diameter of the barbell can be a good indicator. The thinner the bar, the more whip it has.

Barbell whip is most beneficial if you’re lifting weights and need the help from the momentum to get them up. However, a whip isn’t appreciated when doing exercises like bench presses as the bar will feel a little unstable.

Finish type

While not affecting performance, the finish type is important for preventing rust. If you want a bar that will stay in pristine condition for a long time, opt for a stainless steel finish that is corrosion-resistant.

6 Best Rogue Fitness Barbells

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of our top picks for the best Rogue weightlifting bars.

Rogue Ohio Bar Cerakote

Rogue Ohio Bar Cerakote
  • Type: Multipurpose
  • PSI: 190,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and dual knurl marks
  • Price: $$$

This Rogue Ohio Bar is often considered the brand’s leading barbell and for good reason.

During testing, we found that this bar offered enough whip for Olympic weightlifting and sufficient stiffness for powerlifting. We appreciated the inclusion of dual knurl marks which added to the versatility, although we would’ve loved center knurling too.

While only time can tell, we expect the versatile barbell to last long due to its strong 190,000 PSI. It’s also coated in Cerakote, popular for use in guns to prevent corrosion.

If those specs aren’t enough to convince you, the Rogue bar has a lifetime warranty for bending not caused by negligent use.

Another cool touch with the Rogue Ohio bar is the fact that you have several color options. We especially loved the blue and black color combo.

Rogue Echo Bar 2.0

Rogue Echo Bar 2.0
  • Type: Olympic lifting
  • PSI: 190,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and Olympic knurl marks
  • Price: $$

The 190,000 PSI Echo Bar 2.0 is the perfect addition if you’re set on showcasing a winning lift at the Olympics. Compared to the Rogue Ohio Bar Cerakote, this Rogue Olympic bar has an incredible whip and knurling that extends to the sleeves. Just beware that it doesn’t come with a center knurl.

While the tensile strength is impressive, the zinc finish and 1-year warranty left us unconfident. Especially when you consider that some barbells have lifetime warranties.

Still, we found this to be a great bar, especially at this price point. It is sure to provide incredible muscle gains without taking much from your pocket.

Rogue Bella Bar 2.0 – Stainless Steel

Rogue Bella Bar Product
  • Type: Multipurpose
  • PSI: 200,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and dual knurl marks
  • Price: $$$

When it comes to a Rogue women’s barbell, there’s none better than the Rogue Bella Bar 2.0. It has a bar weight of only 15kg.

We enjoyed how smooth the knurl felt and the stainless steel construction contributes to durability. If you aren’t a fan of that material, you can opt for the more affordable E-Coat and black zinc finishes.

Thanks to its dual knurl marks, we found that the bar can be used for various purposes. However, squats were slightly more difficult without the center knurling.

Despite its multipurpose usability, we believe the thin barbell to be most suitable for CrossFit and Olympic lifting, as it has a good whip. Without this knowledge, you can be easily caught off-guard if you try powerlifting this bar.

Rogue Ohio Power Bar – Stainless Steel

Rogue Ohio Power Bar Product Pic
  • Type: Powerlifting
  • PSI: 200,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and powerlifting knurl marks
  • Price: $$$

With practically no whip, a stainless steel frame, and sleeve-long knurling with the appropriate marking, this bar is perfect for heavy powerlifting.

We also found that it had possibly the most aggressive knurling we’ve come across. While this is preferred for some people, we did struggle with mild pain as we don’t have the most calloused hands.

We also appreciated the center knurling that provided a bit of back grip while doing squats. Another positive with this bar is the 200,000 PSI that guarantees durability.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rogue also threw in a lifetime warranty that gave us increased confidence in the thick barbell.

Rogue 10KG Junior Bar

Rogue Barbell junior
  • Type: Multipurpose
  • PSI: 190,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and dual knurl marks
  • Price: $

Don’t let the name fool you; this Rogue Fitness barbell is great. This barbell is really thin and short. However, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in versatility.

Everything about this bar is beginner-friendly, including the price. It is the perfect introduction to the best Rogue Fitness barbells and provides great practice for safely learning all techniques.

The standard knurling meant it has a great grip but we didn’t feel too much pain. Also, the dual knurl marks help prepare users for both Olympic lifting and powerlifting.

During testing, one of the main disappointments was the zinc finishing. While it felt durable, it simply doesn’t hold up to other finishes.

Still, the 190,000 tensile strength and lightweight construction proved to be a great introductory bar and can be used by people who want to enter the world of lifting.

Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar – Cerakote

Rogue Ohio Deadlift bar close up
  • Type: Powerlifting
  • PSI: 190,000
  • Knurling: Extends to sleeve and powerlifting knurl marks
  • Price: $$$

If you’re all-in on reaping the benefits of deadlifting, then you have to get this Rogue deadlift barbell. We found that this had the greatest amount of whip compared to all other Rogue bars we tested.

This allowed us to attach and lift incredibly large weight plates without too much of an issue. All thanks to the support provided by the whip.

The knurling is aggressive and features narrow powerlifting knurl marks which assisted with grip. However, this hurts versatility as the whip and lack of central knurling meant squats were harder to do.

Still, that shouldn’t stop anyone from purchasing this incredible barbell as it offers plenty, including Cerakote coating, a 190,000 PSI, and a lifetime warranty.

Best Rogue Fitness Barbell Summary

Person gripping a barbell with heavy weights

Thanks to their affordability, a plethora of exercise options, and variations, these above-mentioned best Rogue Fitness barbells are perfect additions to your household. The famous fitness brand has these devices by the boatload—you just have to choose one that works for you.

Want to deadlift your way to strong muscles? Grab the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar. Want to give your best performance as an Olympian? Grab the Ohio Cerakote. Or, if you’re setting your eyes on heavy lifting, let the Ohio Power Bar lift you to your goals.

Whatever your goal, we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your Rogue lifting bar choices. Time for you to make the investment and add your favorite to your home gym.

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