Dip Stations

French Fitness Shasta Assisted Chin Dip Review | Military Grade

French Fitness Shasta Assisted Chin Dip

An assisted chin dip machine is an excellent fit for you if your goal is to hone upper body functional strength through chin dips, chin ups, and pull ups. You’ll build bigger biceps and forearms. You’ll also receive the extra benefits of increased grip strength, a combination of push and pull movements, improved overall fitness, and increased body strength. Assisted …

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower / Dip Station Review

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Currently one of the highest rated and most popular items of home fitness equipment, the Stamina 1690 Power Tower is a low cost, free standing workout station that’s perfect for push ups, chin ups, dips, sit ups, and much more. But is it just the low price that makes this such a bestselling power tower? That’s what we wanted to …

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XMark XM-4437 Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station

XMark XM4437 Dip Station

The XMark XM-4437 Dip Station has been designed with a range of subtle features that allow you to benefit from more effective upper body workouts, using only your bodyweight. Design features Although they are incredibly popular among home gyms, pull up towers are often too tall to fit in many rooms. If this is the case for you, many of …

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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower provides a stable and comfortable way to perform dips, push ups, pull ups, and more, without the need for any permanent fixings or specific doorway width. This product article takes a look at this popular tower in more detail, including design features, exercise options, and customer reviews. Design features Check the price Despite all …

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XMark XM-4434 Power Tower Review

XMark XM4434 Power Tower

The XMark XM-4434 Power Tower provides an effective and stable way of performing effective upper body exercises without the need for a multi gym, including pull ups, dips, and leg raises. This product article looks at the tower in more detail, including the various exercise options, customer reviews, and a comparison with similar designs. Design features If you are looking …

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Bowflex BodyTower Review

Bowflex Body Tower

The Bowflex BodyTower combines all of the benefits of a standard pull up and dip tower, with unique EZ-Adjust horizontal bars that create more exercise options and allow you to adjust the intensity of your workouts. Design features Even with the advancements in modern commercial multi gyms, bodyweight exercises remain one of the most effective ways to build a stronger, …

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Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand Review

Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand features a space saving design that’s ideal for a range of upper body exercises, including dips and bodyweight pull ups. Design features While standard pull up and dip stations certainly have their benefits, their height will often need to be over 7ft to allow a full range of motion on the pull ups. If …

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XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull-up Station

XMark Fitness Power Tower with Pull Up Station

The XMark Fitness Power Tower has been designed to provide a stable base from which to perform a variety of upper body exercises, from dips and pull ups to situps and leg raises. Back exercises As with any Power Tower, one of the main reasons for buying this for your own home gym is the addition of the pull-up bar. …

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