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XMark Captain’s Chair with Dip Stand & Push-Up Station

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XMark Vertical Knee Raise

The XMark Captain’s Chair with Dip Stand & Push-Up Station has been designed with a range of subtle features that allow you to benefit from more effective upper body workouts, using only your body weight.

This is a commercial vertical knee raise multi-functional workout station. If there is one piece of workout equipment that you need in your home gym, the XMark dip station is it.

The rest of this article will take a deeper look at all the features, exercises, reviews, and pros and cons of the XMark Captain’s Chair dip station.

XMark Captain’s Chair Design Features

XMark Captain's Chair Design Features

Although they are incredibly popular among home gyms, pull-up towers are often too tall to fit in many rooms. If this is the case for you, many of the same benefits of a power tower can be found in the XMark XM-4437 dip station & push-up station.

A combination of a power tower and a dip stand, the XM-4437 knee raise dip station includes a variety of design features that provide a useful selection of upper-body exercise options.

There are many XM-4437.2 features to get excited about. Along with the standard parallel dip bars, you also have the cushioned back and arm supports for leg raises, push-up handles, and a set of padded foam rollers.

Each of the 3 sets of handles has also been specially coated to provide a more comfortable grip.

Although the base frame is slightly longer than designs that offer just the dip bars, this does help to create a much more stable platform from which to perform your workouts.

XMark XM-4437 – Features Summary

XMark XM-4437 – Features Summary

  • Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • Heavy duty steel mainframe construction
  • 5-position adjustable sit-up ankle pads with large 4″ contoured roller pads
  • Push-up handles with rubber grips
  • Dip handles with rubber grips
  • Dip handles are ergonomically spaced at 21.5″ from center to center
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips for vertical knee raise
  • Extra thick 2.5″ Hi-density cushions
  • Double-stitched, tear resistant vinyl cushions
  • Tough skid resistant rubber feet help protect your floors against damage
  • Comfortable arm support cushions
  • Scratch-resistant powder coat finish

Training Your Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders on the Xmark Dip Stand

Training Your Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders on

Despite the lack of a pull-up bar, you will still be able to perform exercises that increase strength and muscle tone in your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

At the same time, you can build up a high density sweat workout, making the XMark knee raise machine a solid choice for your home gym.

The parallel bars are spaced 21.5″ apart, the ideal distance for ensuring you place the workload on your muscles, without stressing your elbow joints or rotator cuffs.

This is also the reason behind the space between the push-up bars. Although push-ups are certainly an exercise you can perform with your hands flat on the floor, the extra height allows you to get a better stretch through your chest for more effective muscle stimulation.

Both the push-ups and dips are excellent mass building exercises. If you find your bodyweight isn’t providing enough of a challenge, weight plates attached to a dip belt can be an excellent way to increase the intensity.

The high quality frame and commercial gym-quality cushions will make sure that this machine can handle any level of workout.

Strengthen and Tone Your Abs on the Xmark Dip Stand

Strengthen and Tone Your Abs on the Xmark Dip Stand

An important part of developing a well-balanced physique is creating a strong core. The XMark Chaptain’s Chair XM-4437 has been designed with this in mind, providing you with thick support cushions to protect your lower back and forearms during the exercise.

The great thing about being able to perform the leg raises is the ability to customize the exercise to suit your current strength level.

If you are just starting your first fitness program, knee raises are probably an easier option to start with.

Once you start to build up strength in your abs and obliques, you can then switch over to more advanced techniques. This includes leg raises, and adding a twist into the exercise, such as with ‘windscreen wipers‘.

While leg raises will work your entire abdominal wall, they do tend to focus more on your lower abs due to the range of motion.

For targetting your upper abs and obliques, the XMark Captain’s Chair with Dip Stand & Push-Up Station also features a set of adjustable padded rollers.

Using a simple selector pin, you can adjust the angle of the ankle pads through 5 different positions, until you find one that’s most comfortable for your style of training.

Customer Reviews

If you’re still not sure if this would be the best addition to your own home gym, one way to find out about the quality from a collection of people who already own and use it is through customer reviews.

Amazon currently has a large collection of reviews for most XMark Fitness equipment, including the XMark XM-4437.

As you may already know, we always recommend reading through these reviews in full before making any final buying decision.

But for anyone who just wants a quick summary of the positive and negative points to be mentioned by reviewers, we’ve also provided the following lists of pros and cons:


  • Very solid and sturdy frame design
  • Handles are comfortable to grip
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 350 lb weight capacity is much stronger than similar dip stations
  • Exercise options help to develop strength in many of the major upper-body muscle groups


  • End caps on the foot pads are not held on particularly well and can slip off occasionally (fixed with a small application of glue).

XMark Vertical Knee Raise with Dip Station Review Summary

Overall Review Rating

5 / 5

Designed to be a more compact version of the XM-4434 pull up tower, the XMark XM-4437 still provides one of the strongest frames from which to perform a range of upper body exercises.

To backup the highly rated reviews and impressive build quality, XMark are also currently offering a lifetime in-home warranty.

Simple, but most of all, effective, the XM-4437 vertical knee raise enables an impressive list of exercises packed into one product.

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