French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym System Review

French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym System

The French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym System is a multifunctional piece of gym equipment. While the hefty free weight machine may look like it takes up space, it offers a variety of exercise options to make up for it.

It can accommodate multiple users thanks to its three different stations. This means it caters for companionable, effective strength workouts.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the FL100’s design features, pros, and cons below.

Design features

If you’re going to invest in a free weight leverage gym system, you need to take a deeper look at the design features. You want to weigh the benefits of the machine against the price tag.

It usually comes down to personal preferences. What are the primary exercises you perform in your workouts? How much weight are you lifting? Are you a beginner or expert weightlifter?

We’ll take a look at the French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym System design features and offer some answers to your questions below.

Press station

The French Fitness FL100 has a press station feature. This station offers a weight bench with four seat adjustments and 13 back adjustments. It’s ideal for push movements and will improve your push-ups in no time at all.

With the bench, you have the option of sitting or lying on the bench. It can be moved between various positions such as decline, flat, and incline angles.

FL100 seat adjustments

This is a great benefit if you’re looking to target different muscle groups. You can engage the chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and core by altering your bench slope and/or types of exercises.

Pulldown station

The FL100 includes multiple grip handles and an upright bench. The combination of the press down and pulldown station means you get the best of both worlds with push and pull exercises.  

The pulldown’s bench also includes a leg developer and preacher curl attachment. You won’t miss out on leg day as you can easily create split session circuits on this one machine.

Hack squat and calf raise station

The hack squat and calf raise station features 6 adjustment levels. And, this station offers two great features that make it both user friendly and comfortable.

The angled shoulder pad aligns with the natural angle of your shoulder. The foot platform is also oversized with a non-slip surface that adds excellent support and grip during your workout.

This station is perfect for lower body workouts and the perks of stability, support, and user-friendliness make it a great addition to your home gym.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity is a huge factor when it comes to home gym equipment in general. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced athlete, you’re looking to achieve certain goals. These goals can be based on power gains, increased fitness and strength levels, or desired aesthetics.

The FL100 offers Olympic weight plates that are sold separately as an add-on. These weight plates vary between 190 to 470 lbs. And, you can choose between cast iron, bumper, and rubber grip Olympic weight sets.

Compared with the Body-Solid SBL460P4, the weight capacity offered by the FL100 weight sets is lower. The SBL460P4 can take between 600 and 800 lbs depending on the station.

This means that the FL100 does have a limit if you’re looking to lift at a more competitive level. However, it’s ideal for home use and beginners.

And, due to its advanced safety features, you can lift without the need for a spotter. A huge pro in our books.

Secure grip handles & rubber feet

You need to be confident that the equipment is safe to use. The FL100 has secure grip handles, which adds to the sturdiness and reliability of this workout machine.

The non-slip rubber feet also go a long way in preventing accidental injuries. You won’t need to worry about a rocking or wobbly machine thanks to these feet.

Frame & footprint

Frame dimensions FL100

The French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym is made from heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel and weighs in at 403 lbs. It’s designed to take the ferocity of even your toughest workouts.

Compared with other similar products on the market, the FL100 takes up a comparable amount of space. The dimensions are ‎107 x 104 x 83 inches. Since you get more exercises, movements, and variations, it delivers on the value vs space scale.

Multi-user & multi-station nature

The French Fitness FL100 free weight leverage gym system can accommodate three users at the same time. If you share a home gym with a fitness partner, this is a great feature.

The stations are positioned effectively for smooth exercise transitions. You can perform circuits and alternate stations with your partner effortlessly.

French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym- features summary

  • Press Station
  • Pulldown Station
  • Hack Squat and Calf Raise Station
  • Accommodates 3 Users at the Same Time
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Flat, Incline, and Decline Adjustable Bench
  • Secure Grip Handles and Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • 12-Gauge Steel
  • Rectangular Tube Size: 50mm x 80mm x 2.7mm
  • Column Tube Size: 80mm x 80mm x 2.7mm
  • Dimension: 110.5″L x 74.7″W x 90.2″H (2808mm x 1898mm x 2292mm)
  • Weight: 403lb (183kg)

Available add-ons, accessories & customisations

The Olympic weight plates are not included and are sold separately as an add-on. However, you can choose between a yellow/black or plain black colour for your gym system.

You can also pay for full assembly and installation as well as a mat for extra stability during your workout. You can pick between interlocking tile flooring (6 tiles) or rubber square gym flooring (6 tiles).

French Fitness FL100 Freeweight Leverage Gym System exercise options

The multi-purpose free weight system offers a diversity of exercises for your workout. You can enjoy full body sessions or split workouts with ease.

Exercises include:

  • Squat
  • Standing Calf Raise
  • Chest press
  • Incline chest press
  • Shoulder press
  • Bent over row
  • Standing Shrugs
  • Lat pulldown
  • Leg extension
  • Standing leg curl
  • Preacher bicep curl


  • 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Commercial)

Final thoughts on the French Fitness FL100 Gym System

Where the French Fitness FL100 lacks on weight capacity, it makes up for with its multi-station and user nature. It may not be the best fit for experienced lifters, but it’s ideal for beginners and athletes with more modest goals.

Other perks of the product include the extra support given by the rubber feet, heavy-duty frame, and other user-friendly features. The huge variety of exercises, reasonable footprint, and the elimination of the need for a spotter make this a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

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