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French Fitness FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press Review

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French Fitness FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press

We tackle the good and the bad of the French Fitness FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press, from the design features to the finer details of this product.

A cornerstone piece of equipment in the lifting world, the linear leg press yields serious results and some great workout variations. Let’s see how the French Fitness FFS measures up…

French Fitness FFS 45-Degree Linear Leg Press design features

There are certain features you need to look at to ensure you get a good-quality leg press. This is a big-ticket item so you want to make sure you get a product that’s right for you.

We’ll take a look at the French Fitness FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press design features below. Here is a summary of what this exercise machine offers right out of the box.


Frame of FFS

Durability and adhesion are two crucial elements of leg press machines. With the FFS, each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish that really seals the look. The coat contributes to the maximum adhesion and resilience offered by this equipment.

The French Fitness 45-Degree Linear Leg Press also offers a strong Q235 steel frame for added structural integrity. The rubber feet protect the base of the frame and prevent the machine from slipping.

This means you won’t get any scratches on the floor and you’ll have a secure, judder-free workout. 


Molded foam cushion padding

Since the weight is pushing you downward and backwards, you will want a machine with sufficient padding. Not just that, you want to be comfortable while performing the leg press. 

French Fitness gets it right. The brand designed their linear 45-degree leg press with molded foam cushions. You’ll appreciate the natural contours and support given by this almost-intuitive padding.

The pads also have plastic backers that add to the durability of the material and product.

Space and dimensions

This leg press machine model weighs 600 lbs with the dimensions 98” (L) x 61” (W) x 61” (H). The leg press foot platform is 26.5” wide and 18” high.

Compared to other products on the market, like the Body-Solid Leg Press, it does have a large footprint. If your home gym sits more on the compact side, you may want to consider other multi-purpose equipment for space-saving reasons.

If you have a more spacious garage gym, this is a good fit.

Weight capacity

Olympic weight plates are sold as add-ons with the FFS Leg Press. The highest weight set that can be bought is the Olympic Bumper Plate set. This set goes up to 470 lbs.

This is ideal for you if you are new to the lifting scene and/or appreciate a manageable weight load. There are other leg press machines on the market that can take a weight load of up to 1000 lbs.

There are varying opinions about what a good leg press weight is. Some believe that the average lifter can press around 268 lbs, whereas professionals can lift anywhere up to 1000 lbs. Without proper training, you shouldn’t start with weights more than 270 lbs.

Bear in mind that these guidelines would vary across vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree machines. Our suggestion would be to begin with a weight you think would be 50% of what you could potentially press. Then, work your way up.

In light of the above, the FFS proves to be a solid choice for beginner, decent, and good lifters.

French Fitness FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press vs regular linear leg press

FFS Foot Plate

Compared to the regular linear leg press, the incline versions take up less space as these are set on a 45-degree orientation and don’t use as much of the floor. The regular horizontal leg press sits at 90 degrees, meaning its footprint is larger.

French Fitness FFS – Features summary

  • 11 Gauge Steel
  • Q235 Steel Frame
  • Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish
  • Molded Foam Cushions
  • 65 x 114 x 3mm Flat Oval Steel Tube
  • Rubber Feet
  • Bearing Type: Linear Ball Bushing Bearings
  • Paint Color: Silver
  • Vinyl Color: Black

Muscles worked

Man's calves


The gluteal muscles are made up of the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

The leg press works these muscles, creating a firm, built look while helping to straighten your hips.

Shins and calves

Your shins and calves help to balance your legs and serve as the link between your feet and thighs.

If you really want to engage your calves, try this. End your leg press extension with a toe lift by flexing your feet upward to push the platform just a bit more.


Quads, or quadriceps, are the primary muscle group activated by the leg press machine.

The quads work to control the speed at which you bend your knees. Compound exercises are one of the best ways to increase both size and strength in your legs.

Compound types include:

  • Leg Presses
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts (stiff-legged)
  • Hack Squats

French Fitness 45-Degree Linear Leg Press – exercise options

The leg press machine may seem like it’s limited to one exercise, but there are several ways to perform that one exercise. And the different types work for different muscle groups.

Here is a selection of the different stances you can take and muscles you can activate while performing the exercise:

  • High-feet leg press – glutes and hamstrings
  • Low-feet leg press – quads
  • Wide-stance leg press – inner quads and abductors
  • Narrow-stance leg press – outer quads and abductors

Woman doing a leg press exercise


  • 10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Commercial)

Final thoughts on the FFS Silver 45-Degree Linear Leg Press

FFS Silver

Comfort and durability are two things we enjoyed about the French Fitness FFS. Although it may seem quite expensive for its weight capacity, it’s ideal for beginners to medium-level lifters.

Change up your stances to get the most out of this machine and your lower body workout.

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