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Ironmaster Super Bench Review

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With its unique and patented design, the Ironmaster Super Bench appears to have everything you could want from a weights bench. With 11 positions available, a removable and adjustable seat, and a range of optional attachments, this product article takes a look at the bench and its features in a bit more detail.

Design features

Ironmaster Super Bench

Whether you have used a weights bench at home or in a commercial gym, the chances are you would have used a fairly standard design with separate seat and back support positions, and maybe a selection of back support positions.

Although the Ironmaster Super Bench still provides all of these features, it does this through a quite unique design which allows a much wider range of positions, with 11 in total.

The seat position is also adjustable, and even completely removable if you prefer, for when you want to set the bench to a flat or decline position.

Although there is extra length in the main back support section compared to other benches, its 44 inch length does mean that this bench may not be the best option if you are particularly tall.

In terms of the angle adjustment, a simple locking pin attached to the central support section can easily be moved out of the way, allowing the padded back support to rotate through to your desired position before locking back into place.

Ironmaster Super Bench

Ironmaster Super Bench – Features Summary

  • Super heavy duty 1000lb rated
  • Quickly adjust to 11 angles from decline to upright
  • Optional attachments add even more versatility
  • Perfect for dumbbell, Smith machine, cage or rack use

Heavy duty frame

Ironmaster Super Bench

Aside from its unique adjustment design, what sets the Ironmaster Super Bench apart from similarly priced benches is its strength.

With a 1000lb strength rating, this is a bench that will provide more than enough support for a wide range of exercises, from dumbbell presses to incline presses in a smith machine or power cage.

While having this high strength rating is certainly a benefit, it’s only due to combining this with the excellent stability that you can take full advantage of it.

Rubber feet have been added to each of the corners to help compensate for any slight deviations in the floor that it’s resting on, with a low and wide frame helping to prevent any unwanted movement when working out.

Despite this heavy duty strength, the Ironmaster Super Bench remains surprisingly light at just 60 lbs, making it relatively easy to move around even without transport wheels.

Attachment options

IAs well as the standard bench, you can also buy a range of useful attachments, such as a leg developer

While the bench itself features the seat as a basic form of attachment, there are a number of other options which can be purchased separately to the main bench to extend the range of possible exercises.

In a similar way to how the seat can slide into one of the 3 slots underneath the bench, there is also a slot at the top of the bench where these attachments can slide into and lock securely into place.

Ironmaster Crunch Sit up Attachment – This attachment is excellent for if you include decline situps and crunches in your abs workouts.

With two sets of foam rollers to keep your lower body firmly in position, a handle has also been attached to make it easier to get into and out of position.

Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment – Whereas many benches will require quite a thick supporting bar to lock the bench at different positions, dips are actually possible with the Ironmaster Super Bench and this attachment due to the slim profile of the back support frame.

Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment – With the bench set to its most upright position the chin up attachment provides a variety of different grip positions to allow you to perform this effective back building exercise.

Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment – Although the Ironmaster Super Bench does offer a wide variety of exercises when combined with even a simple dumbbell set, there are still relatively few lower body exercise options.

This is common of most weights benches, but a solution is provided in the form of the leg developer attachment. This can be used for two of the most important isolation exercises for legs; leg extensions (targets quadriceps) and lying leg curls (targets hamstrings).

Review Overview

Overall Rating

4.5 / 5

In terms of its design, the Ironmaster Super Bench admittedly looks a lot different to the standard weights benches you might use at most commercial gyms.

But this difference in design brings with it a range of features that can really add much more variation to your workouts, with a wider range of exercises thanks to the optional attachments that are available.

The 11 lock out angles provide more than just you standard flat and incline options, allowing you to really isolate a particular portion of the muscle. If you find that the standard 45 degree angle puts too much stress on your shoulders, you can simply reduce the angle to 30 or even 20 degrees to find the optimum position for you.

A nice addition would have been a set of transport wheels to slide the bench under a squat rack or smith machine easier. However, weighing in at 60 lbs this doesn't represent a huge problem if you do want to move this bench around.

For anyone worried about complicated assembly, this bench ships pre-assembled except for the feet, so you can start lifting in just a few minutes.

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