XMark XM-7616 Commercial Leg Press Hack Squat

The XMark XM-7616 Commercial Leg Press Hack Squat machine has been designed for use in both home and light commercial environments, with its 1,000 lb weight limit and range of foot plate settings.

But how does this compare to other top rated leg press machines, like the Body Solid GLPH1100?

This review looks at the XM-7616 in more detail, including the different design features and how leg presses and hack squats can produce strength and size gains safely.

Design features

If you are fortunate enough to have the space for a leg press machine, there are a few designs that also incorporate a hack squat option to help make the best use of this space.

The XMark XM-7616 is one such machine, constructed using 11 gauge steel and XMark’s years of experience in fitness product design to create its high weight limit of 1,000 lbs.

One of the great benefits of this machine, aside from the high weight limit, is that it allows you to lift this heavy weight without any risk of getting stuck under the bar as can happen with squats.

This added element of safety helps to give you the confidence to lift a higher weight for increased reps, which can be key for reaching your full strength and size potential.

Switching the weight out of its locked position to start your set couldn’t be easier, with rails extending the full length of the track. This lets you load the weight onto your legs or shoulders, then fold the rails towards you and start your reps.

In terms of adjusting the XMark XM-7616 to better suit your own height and preferred range of motion, both the seat and leg press plate are fully adjustable.

The back support, seat, and shoulder pads are also all well cushioned, to ensure your lower body workouts are comfortable as well as effective.

XMark XM-7616 Leg Press – Features Summary

  • Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • Commercial rated 11 gauge 2″ x 3″ and 2″ x 2″ steel construction with a weight capacity of 1000 lbs
  • Padded dual shoulder braces, back pad, and padded head rest
  • 4 settings on back rests and footboards
  • Convenient safety locks engage quickly
  • Tear-resistant, double stitched Duraguard vinyl
  • Durable skid resistant feet are permanently secured to protect floors
  • Ultra-thick 3″ Duracraft cushions
  • Ideal for commercial, light institutional and in-home use
  • Baked on scratch resistant powder coat finish

Benefits of leg presses

With legs being such a strong group of muscles, they often require a heavier weight load to be moved than any of the upper body exercises, such as bicep curls and even bench presses.

While back squats are traditionally thought of as the most effective exercise for overall strength and size gains, for many people they put the body through an unnatural range of motion that can risk damage to the hip and knee joints over time.

In contrast, the leg press allows a fixed range of motion that protects the lower back and knees much more effectively, while still allowing you to move a weight heavy enough to trigger strength and muscle gains.

Hack squats and calf presses

As well as leg presses, the XMark XM-7616 has been designed to allow both hack squats and calf raises to be added to your lower body workouts.

The smaller foot plate below the shoulder pads can be adjusted through 4 different positions with the use of a simple locking pin. This creates a range of angles to target specific sections of your calves, hamstrings, and quads.

As well as allowing you to find the ideal range of motion for the exercise, this also creates a greater range of foot placement options, to shape and develop your muscles the way you want to.

This is also possible thanks to the extended length of the hack squat platform, which can be used by removing the main back support pad.

While standard barbell back squats can put a lot of strain on your lower back, the smooth motion of the hack squat sled and padded lumbar support also makes this an excellent machine for protecting your lower back and knee joints.

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Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

The XMark XM-7616 Commercial Leg Press Hack Squat has been ergonomically designed to make what is already a very safe machine even safer.

By providing the different position settings for both the large and small foot plates, this lets you find a position that best suits your height and natural pressing motion.

This not only protects your lower back, but actually allows you to move more weight as a result.

Backed by the XMark lifetime in-home warranty, the strength and stability of the frame with its skid resistant feet and scratch resistant finish will look great and provide effective workouts for years to come.

Product dimensions: 86.5" (L) x 36.5" (W) Weight limit: 1,000 lbs