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Rogue Reverse Hyper | Rogue Reverse Hyper Review | A Smart Investment?

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RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Review

Made in the USA, the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is the perfect home gym hyper extension equipment for back rehab exercises and all-round strengthening. It is designed by Rogue Fitness, one of the leading manufacturers of strength and conditioning equipment.

Well-built, comfortable, and easy to use, the Rogue RH-2 was designed to meet the needs of a wide-range of athletes at all stages of fitness. This is what makes it one of the most versatile additions to your home gym rogue workout equipment.

It is also one of the few reverse hypers on the market that’s endorsed by Louie Simmons, the creator of the reverse hyper machine.

Let’s take a look at Rogue’s best-selling reverse hyper to help you assess whether it’s the right fit for your home gym needs.

Tip: If you’re recovering from injury and want to keep your cardio up, also consider buying a Rogue Echo Bike.

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Design Features

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Design Features

A reverse hyper machine is a big investment for the home gym, so in our review we were looking for a quality build and loads of user-friendly features.

Let’s see what we found out about the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper.


The Rogue hyperextension machine features a heavy-duty steel construction along with a frame that’s made in the US, like the popular and well known Monster Utility Bench 2.0.

This machine comes in traditional matte black with a powder coat finish that helps keep the frame resistant to scratching and chipping. It also extends it’s durability, ensuring your investment will last two decades or more. 

The Rogue Reverse Hyper features 2×3” legs, a swing arm and a 2×2” base made of durable steel tubing. We liked that it’s swing arm isn’t too thick and kept out of the way of our hip flexor motion. The reverse hyper machine’s frame can easily support 300-400 lb powerlifters while allowing an exceptional level of motion control.

At 335 lb, even Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson can’t break the Rogue Reverse Hyper

Importantly for some, the handles on this reverse hyperextension machine are not adjustable. However, they do feature multiple hand-holds. In our trial, we liked that the design accommodated for variation in user height, so both shorter and taller people can easily use the hyper machine. We also liked that the solid round steel handles feature rubber grips that kept our hands comfortable during the hyper reverse exercises.

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Leg Features

The legs also come with two welded-on steps to help make it easier getting on and off the reverse hyper machine. However, the steps do not have protective rubber covering to prevent slips like some other competitor products.

Two additions to the frame of the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper include the Spud Inc Hyper Strap and OSO Mighty Axle Collars to keep the plates and your feet in place.

Foot Print

A total footprint of 52 1/2″ x 40″ makes the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper a large fixture for your home gym.

This reverse hyper machine is also quite heavy and won’t be easy to transport or store away. If space is any issue, consider a reverse hyper in foldable designs, such as the Rogue Scout Westside Reverse Hyper.

3 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper


This solid 206 lbs beast is a steady reverse hyper machine that comes with protective rubber feet.

Not only do the rubber feet keep the floor in your home gym protected, but they also prevent the reverse hyper machine from moving when in use, ensuring stability and safety.


A thick 3-inch foam pad with a cornered-style edge on the top ensures your hips stay protected. It is covered in double machine stitched vinyl that prevents your body from coming into contact with the steel parts.

The pads are also wide enough to help ensure comfort for all types of lifters.

Ease of Assembly

The best part about ordering the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is it ships pre-assembled.

You can get started with your reverse hyper workout as soon as you attach the protective rubber feet.

Ease of Assembly


The RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is the mid-range offering from Rogue. You can also find a cheaper Rogue Reverse Hyper Extension alternative.

The Rogue Donkey is their top-tier offering, its a reverse hyper machine plus glute-ham developer in one. If you’ve already got a rig set-up, Rogue also offers a range of mounted foldable reverse hypers.

Looking for an alternative at a cheaper price point? Consider getting a Roman Chair for home hyperextension workouts at a fraction of the cost.

Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity of 700 lbs, you can easily increase the load on this reverse hyper when you want to get some lower back Rogue workouts.

Its plate storage post has useable storage length of 10.5 inches.

If you’re looking for a higher weight capacity, the Rogue Z Hyper’s 700+ lbs limit is a good upgrade.

Weight Capacity

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper – Features Summary

  • Steel build
  • 206 lbs weight
  • 700 lbs weight capacity
  • 10.5″ useable storage length
  • 52 1/2″ x 40″ footprint
  • Welded steps
  • Removable rubber feet
  • 3″ cornered-edge foam padding
  • 1″ diameter multi-hold handles
  • 6″ rubber grips
  • Bolt-together design

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper – Available Attachments

You can add a compatible reverse hyper roller attachment to your Reverse Hyper Rogue.

The attachment helps lock your feet in place as you work out on the Rogue Fitness Reverse Hyper. It has a quick-release design that allows easier transitioning between the roller and strap attachments.

The reverse hyper strap attachment targets the glutes and hamstrings, while the roller attachment focuses on the hips, glutes, hamstrings, spinal erectors, and tractions on your back.

The Rogue Reverse Hyper attachment is a must-have if you’re interested in strengthening your lower back or recovering faster. But not all users might find it useful.

The attachment is available in a similar matte black finish to complement the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper.

6 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Exercise Options

A reverse hyperextension machine provides the perfect workout for strengthening the posterior chain muscles without putting too much pressure on the spine. It is a common form of treatment used in rehab clinics and physical therapies.

The main muscles that are exerted during a reverse hyper extension are the erector spinae, hamstrings, and glutes.

Tip: If you are unsure about the price of a full blown reverse hyper, but need glute and hamstring strengthening and toning, consider buying a GHD Machine, overall a lower cost but super effective alternative.

A Rogue Reverse Hyper machine works at spinal decompression, which helps take the pressure off the neural elements of the spine and gives you relief from back pain. It also increases blood circulation to the spine and helps reposition dislocated spines.

Another benefit of reverse hyper extension exercises is the boost they provide in athletic performance by reducing fatigue and discomfort. It also keeps the ankle, knee, and hip joints healthy while reducing injury-associated risks. It also helps improve posture.

Here are some exercises we recommend you try with your RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper:

  • Reverse hyper extension
  • Single leg reverse hyper
  • Pull up
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Side back row
  • Incline
  • Single-arm rows
  • Weighted back extensions
  • Single-leg reverse cycler
  • Pendulum donkey kick
  • Standing donkey kick
  • Pendulum good morning
  • Terminal knee extension (TKEs)
  • Bent leg reverse hyper
  • Face pulls
  • Isometric hold
  • Cable pull-throughs
  • Romanian deadlift
  • Lying hyper triceps extension
  • Rows
  • Pendulum quadruped hip extension
  • Superman
  • Standing bent leg hip extension
  • Standing single-leg curl

Customer Reviews

With a workout practice like reverse hyper tension, it is important to test products firsthand. But we understand why that may not be possible for everyone.

The next best option is to look for other users’ experiences. To make your task simpler, we went through numerous reverse hyper community reviews and curated a list of some of the most relevant and common ones.

Here are some of the pros and cons we found out from buyers of the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper.


Let’s go over some of the positive features of the Rogue Reverse Hyper that a majority of buyers agree upon.

Strong Build

With a 206 lb body and heavy-duty steel construction, the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper’s strong build is a major benefit for customers. Buyers also love the simple design of this Rogue Reverse Hyper machine.


Buyers with slipped discs and serious powerlifters have both found the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper to be an effective solution for their problems.


Another feature buyers love about the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is its durability and long-lasting finish. The rogue exercise equipment doesn’t show signs of wear and tear even after 10 long years of use.

Bolt-Together Design

If you have enough doorway space to bring and set up the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper into your home gym, the bolt-together design is a treat.

Make sure to check the dimensions of your space and entryway before ordering one.

8 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper


Despite all the great benefits of the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper, some buyers did find a few drawbacks with this product.

Large and Heavy

The biggest drawback of the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper, after its price, is the size and footprint of the Rogue Reverse Hyper machine.

It takes up too much space and is too heavy for transport or storage. You’ll need a spacious home gym to store the Rogue Reverse Hyper machine, which isn’t possible for most home gym owners.

Roller Attachment Not Included

While the reverse hyper attachment is available as an add-on, paying an extra fee of $270 for it seems like a bad deal. Especially when it can help improve the quality of the reverse hyper extension training.


Although the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper isn’t as expensive as most of the competitor reverse hyper machines from some other competitors, it is still a huge investment.

The costs also add up quickly if you get the roller attachments or need to pay high shipping fees.

9 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

Pros & Cons Summary

  • Made in the US
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Rubber grip handles
  • Rubber feet for stability
  • Ergonomic 3” foam padding
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Compatible with all increments of bumper and steel plates
  • Expensive
  • Roller attachment isn’t included
  • Large and heavy

Common Reverse Hyperextension Mistakes to Avoid

Since the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is so versatile and popular among both beginners and serious powerlifters, mistakes when using it are common.

Here are a few precautions you should take to avoid mistakes when performing the hyper reverse exercise.

10 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

Maintain a Neutral Spine Position

The first step to doing any form of hyper reverse exercise is keeping the spine in a natural position. Do not add too many weights on the first attempt or put your spine under stress.

Don’t Overextend

For starters, ensure your back is level with your thighs.

To avoid overextending, be aware of where the pressure is building up in your posterior muscles. If you feel pressure in your glutes, you’re doing fine. If the pressure starts exerting on your lower back, you are doing the reverse hyper extension wrong.

Limit the Reps

It might seem easier to perform the hyper reverse exercise at first. Make sure you don’t go overboard.

Start with 8-10 repetitions.

Keep Your Movements Smooth

Using sudden jerks to lift the legs can cause stress and injury to the body. Make sure your lifts are smooth, slow, and easy for you to perform.

Consult a Doctor

If you have a serious medical condition or pre-existing spinal issues, make sure to consult a doctor first.

A lower back hyperextension machine is generally safe, but when used improperly, it can damage your spine and body. Stop hypers immediately if you experience pain or discomfort.

11 - RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper

Review Overview


The RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is the best reverse hyper machine for physical therapy and posterior muscles strengthening requirements. And since it’s endorsed by Louie Simmons, there are few worries about the product’s usability.

It has mid-range pricing but delivers top-tier functionality. Its 700 lb loadable weight capacity is enough to practice some heavy weightlifting exercise variations.

The RH-2 reverse hyperextension machine will fulfill the requirements of both beginners and serious powerlifters or athletes. It also supports a wider range of reverse hyper workout variations than you’d expect.

The foam padding is thick and has an ergonomic design that keeps your hips protected and comfortable. The rubber grip handles are also comfortable and suitable for different users.

Its durable build and powder coat finish will last a long time without much wear and tear.

The rubber feet keep your floor protected from scratches, but they don’t make the reverse hyper machine more portable. Although its heavy weight also does not support easy portability.

After the weight, the bolt-together design could be your next big problem. While the design reduces the need for assembly, it also makes the reverse hyper machine hard to get through narrow entryways or doorways.

Overall, the RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper is a smart investment for its price range and versatile usage benefits. If the size and portability are not deal-breakers, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Product dimensions: 52.5" (L) x 40" (W) x 44.5" (H) Weight capacity: 700 lbs”


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