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XMark XM-4419 FID Weight Bench Review

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The XMark FID Flat Incline Decline bench provides a wide range of back support positions and useful attachments to provide an effective base for a variety of exercises, while still being available at a competitive price.

This article looks at the bench in more detail, including the design, workout options, comparisons with other benches, and a summary of pros and cons from the customer reviews.

Design features

XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

Knowing which weights bench to choose for your own home gym can be a difficult decision to make. Usually coming down to the best combination of price and features, it really depends on your own personal training style as to which bench will suit you best.

Usually priced around $329 but often available for a discounted price on Amazon, the XMark FID XM-4419 provides the widest range of exercise options in the entire XMark bench range.

Even if you choose to remove the preacher curl pad and leg developer, you are still left with a very comfortable and highly versatile weights bench.

The high quality frame, back support, and seat result in a total weight capacity of 400 lb, which should be more than enough for most exercise programs.

If you don’t think this will be sufficient to support your workouts, which may be more tailored towards strength, bodybuilding or powerlifting, then the XMark XM-7604 may be more suitable.

Although not providing the same range of exercise options, this does offer substantially more strength, with a weight capacity of 1500 lbs.

Whether you are performing decline situps or incline bench press, just as important as strength is stability. This is why the front base of the frame curves outwards with enough width to prevent any unwanted movement in the bench. The rubber caps on these base sections also help to stop the bench from sliding on or damaging your floors.

With 8 possible positions, the XMark FID XM-4419 bench creates the perfect base from which to perform a range of both upper and lower body exercises, which we’ll now cover in more detail.

XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

XMark FID XM-4419 Weight Bench – Features Summary

  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • 8 pop-pin adjustments from decline to military press position
  • 4 vertical preacher curl adjustment
  • Removable integrated preacher curl bar
  • Dual leg developer for leg curls and extensions
  • Preacher curl bar/ leg developer for use with standard or Olympic plate weights
  • Olympic adaptor included
  • Extra thick 2.5″ Hi-density cushions
  • Double stitched, sweat and tear resistant Duraguard Vinyl
  • Oversized 4″ contoured knee and ankle pads
  • Horseshoe shaped base for stability
  • Skid resistant rubber feet
  • Scratch resistant baked powder coat finish

Upper body workouts

XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

One of the main benefits of buying a weights bench that provides so many positions is the extra range of exercise options that it creates.

Whereas dumbbells can be used for a workout all on their own, the XMark FID XM-4419 is designed to be compatible with a variety of other weightlifting equipment, from dumbbells to smith machines.

Whether you are just starting a new fitness program or have been training for many years, one of the most effective uses for a weights bench is supporting dumbbell workouts.

We’ve listed a few of the exercise options that are possible by combining this weights bench with a simple dumbbell set, although there are many more possibilities if you were to combine it with a power cage or even smith machine.

Dumbbell exercise options:

  • Preacher curl
  • Incline dumbbell curls
  • Seated concentration curls
  • Seated shoulder press
  • Decline dumbbell press
  • Incline pec fly

  • Pullovers
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Lying tricep extensions
  • Kickbacks
  • Side lateral raises
  • Seated rear delt flys

Lower body workouts

XMark FID Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

Just as important as having an effective upper body workout program is being able to train your lower body, including quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Although there is no walk in squat rack like you get with the Marcy Diamond MD 857, the XMark FID XM-4419 still provides some effective lower body isolation exercises.

The leg developer attachment includes two sets of padded leg rollers, designed to cushion your ankles as you position your feet behind them. This allows you to perform either leg extensions or leg curls, depending on if you are training your quads or hamstrings.

While seated calf raises are possible by resting your toes on a block and a dumbbell on your knee for resistance, if squats and calf raises are important to your training then it might be worth combining this bench with a good quality smith machine.

Customer reviews

If you’re still not sure if this is the best choice of bench for you, one of the best ways to decide is by reading through customer reviews from other people who have bought and used this in their own workouts.

Amazon currently has an excellent range of more than 50 highly rated reviews, with the majority of these being rated 4 or even a full 5 stars.

Listed below is a quick summary of the pros and cons we found by reading through these reviews:


  • Quick and easy to convert to different positions
  • Sturdy frame
  • Suitable for taller users (over 6′ 3″)
  • Preacher pad easily removed if needed
  • Variable seat angles provide excellent support for exercises at incline settings
  • Excellent bench for this price range


  • Assembly instructions, although detailed, are difficult to follow in places
  • Gap between the seat and back support when in a flat position is larger than some benches
  • Foam rollers not adjustable
XMark Fitness Weights Bench Guide

Review Overview

Overall Rating

4.5 / 5

Backed by a lifetime in-home warranty, XMark FID Weight Bench with Leg Extension and Preacher Curl XM-4419 will effectively build and strengthen your body in flat, incline, and decline positions.

Having the 8 adjustment options allows you to work your entire upper body, including your biceps, triceps, abs, and shoulders, while the leg developer allows you to isolate lower body muscle groups effectively.

Whether you are looking for a bench to expand your dumbbell workout options, or even to combine with a squat rack for barbell exercises, the XM-4419 is a popular and highly regarded choice.

Product dimensions:
75" (L) x 27" (W) x 49.5" (H) Product weight: 80 lbs Total weight capacity: 400 lbs

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