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NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack has manufactured many generations of fitness machines and their incline trainers are no different. Currently, they’re promoting their x22i and x32i equipment. The incline trainer is a next level treadmill with endless advantages. But, which one should you choose? Take a look at our NordicTrack x11i review to see if it stands out from … Read more

NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack has an upstanding reputation for high-quality exercise equipment. If you’ve been to fitness centres or gyms, chances are a lot of the machines are manufactured by NordicTrack. Having said that, their commercial incline trainers have already impressed the masses. New York magazine, Trail Runner, PCMag and Men’s Health all agree the NordicTrack x22i incline … Read more

NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill Review

NordicTrack is a leading brand name in the fitness industry and is owned by the largest exercise equipment manufacturer, ICON Health and Fitness. Since 1975, NordicTrack has been pumping out successful exercise equipment for both home and commercial use. Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into one of NordicTrack’s best-selling treadmills. Read our in-depth … Read more

Best Treadmill Desk Reviews and Comparisons 2023 | Buying Guide

Treadmil Reviews and Comparisons Guide

If you’re worried about spending too much time sitting in front of your computer, a treadmill desk or under-desk treadmill could be the perfect solution.It’s a well known fact that sitting for long periods of time is damaging to your health, but with an increasing number of office jobs, it’s often difficult to avoid. With … Read more

NordicTrack Incline Trainer Reviews

NordicTrack Logo

NordicTrack Incline Trainers combine the benefits of a stairclimber and treadmill in the one machine, resulting in greater workout variation and increased stimulation of lower body muscle groups. All of NordicTrack’s machines offer a 40% incline, with some offering a slight decline to shift more of the work onto your quads and calves. They also … Read more

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Upright Bike Review

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Upright Bike

The NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro upright bike is the top model in a collection that also includes the GX 4.4 Pro and entry level GX 2.7. As with NordicTrack’s top elliptical trainers and treadmills, this means a significant upgrade to the console and entertainment features, as well as an increase in onboard workouts and resistance … Read more

NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Upright Bike Review

NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro Upright Bike

The NordicTrack GX 4.4 Pro features 28 onboard workouts and 22 resistance levels, making it one of the top models in their upright bike collection. So which features have been upgraded since the entry level GX 2.7, and what are you missing out on by choosing this bike over the top-of-the-line GX 4.6 Pro? In … Read more

NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer Reviews

NordicTrack Logo

If you’ve used an elliptical at your local gym, it’s likely to be either a front or rear drive machine. Although NordicTrack’s Elliptical Trainers include both of these types, you can also choose from a wide range of center drive designs that offer a longer stride length and greater variation in the stride path. NordicTrack … Read more

NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer Review

NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer

The NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer represents one of their more affordable, mid-range designs in a collection that also includes the X11i and top-of-the-line X15i. But can the motor really maintain the same high belt speed as a standard home treadmill once you reach the steeper angles, and do you have a wide enough choice of … Read more

NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical

The NordicTrack Elite 16.9 Elliptical is the top model in a collection that also includes the 12.9 and entry level 10.7 machines. So how does NordicTrack’s top-of-the-line front drive elliptical compare to their center drive FreeStride Trainers? In this review we’ll be comparing the Elite 16.9 with other ellipticals in the collection, as well as … Read more

NordicTrack E 8.7 Front Driven Elliptical Machine Review

NordicTrack SE 8.7 Elliptical Trainer

The NordicTrack E 8.7 Front Driven Elliptical represents one of their mid-range models in a collection that also includes the entry level E 5.7, and top-of-the-line E 14.5. Generally considered their most affordable elliptical collection, the ‘E’ series specializes in providing challenging workouts without the entertainment features of their ‘Elite’ range. This helps cut down … Read more

NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer Review

NordicTrack FreeStride FS9i

The NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer is an upgrade over the earlier FS7i model, with a longer stride path, larger console, and heavier flywheel amongst the improvements. Although it’s not the only machine of its type on the market, it’s certainly one of the most affordable, which is why we want to find out how it … Read more

NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer Review

NordicTrack FreeStride FS7i

The NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer is one of two models in the center drive series of FreeStride Trainers from NordicTrack. Although it’s the most affordable model in the collection, you’re essentially getting the benefits of a stepper, treadmill, and elliptical all in the one machine. But NordicTrack aren’t the only company to offer this kind … Read more

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