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NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill Review

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NordicTrack is a leading brand name in the fitness industry and is owned by the largest exercise equipment manufacturer, ICON Health and Fitness. Since 1975, NordicTrack has been pumping out successful exercise equipment for both home and commercial use.

Today we’ll be taking a deep dive into one of NordicTrack’s best-selling treadmills. Read our in-depth NordicTrack T6.5s review to learn if this treadmill is the right one for you.

What to look for in a treadmill for your home?

We’ve supplied you with information before on choosing the perfect treadmill for your place but let’s have a refresher.

  • Dimensions:
    Figure out where in your home you would like to use your treadmill and measure the area. If you’d like to store away your equipment, you may be more interested in folding treadmills. Don’t forget to check the size of the running surface. Individuals with longer strides may need more length but on average, 20″ x 55″ is enough area for most.
  • Motor:
    The power of the motor is measured in horsepower and the stronger the better. If you’re a bigger individual, you’ll need a machine with enough power to support your weight while exercising. Most high-quality treadmills have a range of 2.5-3.0 CHP which is sufficient for running.
  • Weight:
    Lighter treadmills are made of low-quality materials and they don’t last very long. A durable treadmill usually weighs more. The weight of a folding treadmill is also important to know in case you or others would like to move it around when it’s not in use.
  • Weight Capacity:
    Again, if you’re taller, you may need a higher weight capacity. Double-check how much weight the treadmill can hold in order to feel safe while you exercise.
  • Features:
    Ensure that the treadmill has all the extras that you need. These may include a large speed and incline range, wheels, screens and sound systems, electrical outlets, holders and memberships.
  • Warranty:
    We always urge consumers to check the fine print. If you’re putting your savings into your exercise equipment, you’ll need good coverage if something goes wrong.
  • Budget:
    Be realistic about how much use you’ll get out of your treadmill and you’ll be able to determine how much money you’re willing to spend on it. Remember, cheaper treadmills are usually not built to last.

NordicTrack T6.5s Treadmill Specifications

The NordicTrack T6.5s has a footprint of 67.5″ L x 35.75″ W x 73″ H. But, it’s considered compact because of its SpaceSaver folding design. With NordicTrack’s EasyLift Assist hydraulic technology and roller wheels, the treadmill can be opened and closed swiftly.

Once assembled, the treadmill weighs 203 lbs and can hold a maximum of 300 lbs of weight. For a folding treadmill, it’s sturdy enough for most users. Although, the motor power is on the low end of the average range for treadmills. Because of this, it may not be a long-lasting piece of equipment.

The running surface measures 22″ x 55″ which is comparable to other compact treadmills. If you’re taller than 6’2″, you may need more length. The deck features their FlexSelect technology which provides an adjustable and comfortable running surface. Basically, you can adjust the firmness of the deck which makes it easier on your joints.

The NordicTrack T6.5S treadmills has an adjustable 10 degree incline range and speed range of 0-10mph. The OneTouch controls allows you to quickly change between different speeds and incline. The extra features include a 5” backlit display, bluetooth enabled dual 2″ speakers, iPod compatibility, 20 built-in workout programs, handlebar heart rate monitor sensors, 2 water bottle holders and a device holder. Although, we don’t really see the point of having iPod compatibility these days.

The iFit membership with NordicTrack equipment is an excellent perk to add to your treadmill purchase. Before committing to a plan, you can get a 30-day trial to test it out. The iFit membership can be streamed on any device and you can add up to 4 other users. After the trial period, the yearly individual plan is $180/year, a yearly family plan is $396/year and a monthly family plan is $39/month.

Not only does the membership give you access to interactive personal training but you can also access over 16,000 virtual on-demand workouts and destination workouts around the world. The library has workouts of all kinds including running, walking, cycling, cross-training, rowing, strength and yoga. There’s even a virtual leaderboard where you connect with other iFit users and friends and compete for the number one spot.

The best part about participating in the iFit classes is that the settings for your treadmill will be remotely adjusted for each workout and your progress stats are saved on your profile. But, if you’re not comfortable with the incline or speed settings, you can always override it. That way you can get in the zone and focus 100% while you break a sweat.

The warranty for this particular model is 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the parts and 1 year for labor. For the amount of money you would be investing into the NordicTrack T6.5s treadmill, it’s enough coverage.

Is the NordicTrack T6.5s treadmill worth it?

The NordicTrack T6.5s is priced at $699 USD on the company’s website, which doesn’t include the cost of the iFit membership. If you’re looking for an economical treadmill with basic speed and incline settings, we say to go for it.

The NordicTrack T6.5s treadmill is an affordable option for a compact treadmill with some neat features and it still provides an intense cardio workout. However, if you want a treadmill with more challenging settings, we would suggest looking at others. NordicTrack has a wide variety of compact treadmills to fit each person’s budget and fitness needs.

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