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PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate Review

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The history of whole-body vibration training dates back to the 1960’s. A german doctor was studying the effects of vibration on trunk movement. Even NASA has been said to incorporate vibration technology in their exercise equipment.

So how does the technology work? A vibration machine works by emitting energy in the form of vibration to your body. It’s categorized as a type of resistance training because the vibrations cause your muscles to contract and relax quickly.

There’s much scientific research to support that it helps with weight loss, increasing bone density, improving balance and more. But there’s also conflicting results. Read further for our in-depth review of one of the popular brands of vibration machines: the PowerFit Elite Vibration plate.

What to look for in a vibration plate?

Here’s some features and considerations to look at in a vibration plate for your home gym.

  • Dimensions – What’s the length, width and height of the platform? Will it fit in your space?
  • Weight – How much does it weigh? Is it easy to move around or store away? Are there wheels?
  • Weight Capacity – How much weight can it support? What if you’re using added weight?
  • Design – Is it a stand-up machine or a small plate? Are there handlebars? Would you need assistance while using the machine?
  • Frequency – What’s the range of vibrations per second?
  • Amplitude – What’s the magnitude of the vibrations?
  • Settings – Are there manual or automatic controls? Are there any preset programs?
  • Safety – Are there handlebars? Is there an emergency stop button? Does the surface have grip?
  • Accessories – Is there any extra equipment included?
  • Warranty – Is the coverage included or does it need to be purchased separately?
  • Price – Is it worth the price?

PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate

PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate – Summary

  • Oscillating vibration platform & resistance bands included
  • Easy to use remote control
  • User-friendly workout guide and healthy eating plan
  • Three standing positions for [1] running, [2] jogging or [3] walking
  • Variable speed control from 1-99
  • Standard Version: 21″ x 13″ x 4.5″. Weight Limit 220 Lbs
  • XL Version: 24″ x 15″ x 4.7″. Weight Limit 330 LBS

Features of the Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate

After doing some background research on other brands of vibration machines, the Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate is already standing out from the crowd. This is because they have 2 models.

Powerfit Elite has made 2 different sizes of plates: a standard and large size. The standard size measures 21″L X 13″W X 4.5″H, while the large size is 24″L X 15″W X 4.7″H. Still, they are both very compact machines.

The smaller size weighs 18.6 lbs and the large size weighs 30.4 lbs. The larger unit has a handle and transport wheels underneath, so that it can easily be moved or stored anywhere.

Since there are 2 size options for the plates, they also have two different maximum weight capacities. The standard size can support 220 lbs and the large size can hold 330 lbs. So, if you do want to use dumbbells or other weights while exercising on the plate, you can always get the bigger size.

Using the PowerFit Elite vibration plate with resistance bands

The PowerFit Elite vibration plate is not a stand-up machine. However, if you’re an older individual, if you have problems balancing, have injuries or a disability, the larger size platform may be more comfortable to use. It may make you feel safer having a bigger area to stand on.

Unfortunately, the PowerFit company doesn’t specify the frequency or the amplitude ranges of their vibration plates. With that said, they do have a speed setting which ranges from 1-99. The speed setting allows you to work at different levels of frequency and amplitude.

This vibration plate has manual and automatic controls. In the manual mode you can adjust the time and the speed. In the automatic mode, there are 3 levels of preset programs: beginners, intermediate and advanced. For each program, there’s a set speed and time limit.

On the PowerFit control panel, there’s a stop button to end the exercise. But, there are no handlebars to lean on. The surface of the platform has an anti-slip cover and the bottom of the plate has rubber bases to prevent it from moving around.

Even though the machine doesn’t come with handlebars for stability, it does come with resistance bands. The elastic exercise bands come with both models and attach to anchors at the back of the unit. They can be used in the manual and automatic modes. If you buy the PowerFit Elite vibration plate on Amazon, you get a remote, a workout guide and a healthy eating plan. But, on the company’s website, the package includes a free waist trainer as well.

The warranty that comes with the vibration machine is a 60-day money back guarantee. You basically have 60 days from when you receive your unit to contact customer service and return it or have it replaced. You must pay the cost for returning the product.

Finally, is the PowerFit Elite price worth it? Before buying the machine, you should figure out if you’ll get some use out of it. On the website, for both sizes, you can get a 30-day trial for $14.95USD plus $19.99 for packaging and handling. After the trial, the small plate is 4 payments of $49.99USD and the large size payments are $59.99USD. You can choose to pay the total amount after trial for the small and large plates, which is $199.96USD and $239.96USD respectively.

Reviews of the PowerFit Elite Vibration Plate 5/5
Not surprisingly, there are only 5 star reviews on the company’s website. And it’s made up of only 3 reviews. The customers detail how much weight they lost and how the machine tones their muscles. 4.5/5 (2,400+ Reviews)
The reviews on Amazon are unbiased. The positive reviewers talk about how it’s easy to lift, that it strengthens their muscles, how easy it is to workout from home and how good it makes your body feel. The negative reviewers are mostly from consumers who question the technology and are skeptical of the company’s claims. Others say that the machine broke or stopped working and that the plug often comes out.

If you’re willing to pay $200USD and up for the PowerFit elite vibration plate, we say to go for it. But, try not to have high expectations. Many scientific studies show that people see some results when using other forms of exercise methods with a healthy diet in conjunction with using vibration plates. We think your money would be better spent on other budget-friendly home exercise equipment. Check out the rest of our website to learn more!

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