Calisthenics Leg Workout: A Leg Day You Won’t Forget

woman preparing for calisthenics leg workout

A calisthenics leg workout can activate several lower body muscle groups. Depending on the types of legs exercises you perform, you may also work your core and upper body as an unexpected side effect. Your lower body is responsible for carrying your bodyweight. It’s the major driver of movements like walking, running, and jumping. This is why leg development needs …

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How To Start Calisthenics: Quick Beginner’s Guide

performing calisthenics plank

Before you start calisthenics training, you may want to get a grasp of the discipline’s basics. Read our previous post on the basics of calisthenics – it will help you to lay the groundwork before you begin. You’ve probably seen a ton of posts about calisthenics and bodyweight training. With so much out there, you might struggle with figuring out …

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Types of Calisthenics: Styles & Exercises

woman doing calisthenics sit ups

Calisthenics is bodyweight training, with a focus on strength. This might sound boring to you, but trust us, it isn’t. There’s a huge variety of exercises and types of calisthenics for you to explore. From flashy and street calisthenics to one-handed pushups and muscle-ups, you’ll have a blast trying out new exercises and types as you progress. Let’s get into …

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Basic Calisthenics For Beginners

man and woman squatting

Basic calisthenics uses a person’s whole bodyweight with minimal or no equipment at all. This form of exercise focuses more on strength training. Luckily, the exercises are not as challenging to perform as the word “calisthenics” is to say. Chances are that you already include some calisthenics exercises in your workout routine. Think along the lines of squats, pushups, pullups, …

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6 Best Parallettes For 2023: Calisthenics Bars For Beginners

Man using parallettes

Parallettes have their roots in gymnastics as they were initially designed to recreate the feel of the parallel bars. Today, parallettes are commonly used by strength and advanced calisthenics athletes as it supports an array of dynamic bodyweight exercises. Exercises range from basic pushups and dips to more advanced movements like planches, swing-throughs, and handstands. In addition to suiting several …

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411 On Calisthenics Ab Workouts

calisthenic ab workouts

One of the main results of calisthenic ab workouts is their ability to increase your core and overall body strength. Improving your strength has many benefits, like decreasing your abdominal fat, creating a lean look, and enhancing your heart health and blood sugar level management. Let’s dig deeper into the world of calisthenics ab workouts. We’ll look at the benefits, …

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3 Best Gymnastic Rings 2023: Build Upper Body Strength (Home)

Featured image showing gymnastic rings

Whether you’re an aspiring gymnast or someone looking to build muscle at home without weights, gymnastic rings are a perfect place to start. In the past, gymnastic rings were mostly seen used by gymnasts in the Olympics. However, this piece of workout gear later became popular as CrossFit and calisthenics equipment. It is also highly versatile as it is suited …

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5 Best Weighted Vests 2023: For Running, Calisthenics & More

Man running in Rogue Fitness Vest

Image credit: Rogue Fitness Adding weight to your frame when engaging in different exercises is a great way to build strength and endurance. For some individuals, bodyweight exercises may not be challenging enough to yield significant results. Weighted vests are a great way to pack on a couple of extra pounds, without having to eat tons of junk food. These …

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