Beginner Calisthenics Program: Start Your Routine Today!

woman doing push up

When it comes to the complexities of bodyweight training, gaining that perfect balance is tough. That’s why adding a calisthenics workout plan to your weekly training session can elevate your exercise routine. While one-armed handstands and pull-ups are impressive, you might be wondering where do I begin? There are so many types of calisthenics exercises that it can be hard …

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Best Jump Rope for Beginners: Top 7 Skipping Ropes 2023

A good-quality jump rope is among the best pieces of equipment for fitness training. This is evident by the wide range of athletes that use it in their training regimens. Everyone from boxers, calisthenics disciples, and CrossFitters considers the jump rope to be a staple. Reasons for the jump rope’s popularity include its versatility and the many health benefits training …

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Calisthenics Benefits, Exercises & Workouts To Keep Fit

man doing plank

Although not always the trendy choice, calisthenics exercises are an important part of a strong workout routine. You might not realize it, but you may already be doing these exercises regularly. In this post, we will take a look at calisthenics benefits. And, we’ll help you to design the blueprint for the perfect full-body workout. You’ll get to know the …

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Calisthenics Diet: Best Meal Plans For A Lean Body

calisthenics diet meal plan plate

It’s easy to overlook your sports nutrition when beginning your calisthenics journey. The exercises themselves are so exciting and challenging that it’s tempting to focus solely on these. We feel it too! But, nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness for our health. Our post on starting calisthenics speaks about exercises that help with muscle gain and calisthenics workouts for …

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Calisthenics Shoulder Workout: Best Bodyweight Exercises

two people working out

A strong and flexible upper body will help you to succeed in various athletic sports, like boxing and CrossFit. Adding calisthenics shoulder workouts to your routine will increase your shoulder strength, stability, balance, and flexibility. If you’re trying to build muscular shoulders without equipment, then you’ll love this post. We’ll give you the low-down on calisthenics shoulder workouts and a …

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Breaking Down Calisthenics VS Weights

woman using using weights

In the world of fitness, many types of training are widely available. You’re not limited to performing only one category over a period of time. You can mix up your routine by adding different disciplines of training to your weekly routine. Calisthenics and weightlifting are very different styles of working out. Depending on your goals, one or both of these …

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Compound vs Isolation Exercises: Benefits, Types & Exercises

man and woman doing push ups

With the rise in popularity of fitness types like calisthenics and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), compound movements have come under the spotlight. The debate of compound vs isolation exercises has new life, and with it comes many questions. If you’re here because you’re not sure which type of exercise would better benefit you, you’re in the right place. In this …

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