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FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage Review

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The FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage has been designed to make the most of the space available in your home gym, combining features of a squat rack, power cage, and vertical knee raise station (VKR) in the one piece of equipment.

But the fact is strength training is a competitive industry, even between the companies that make the equipment. So how does the 620 BE compare to some of the bestselling power racks and cages from Titan Fitness, Valor Fitness, and the CrossFit rigs from Rogue Fitness?

In this review we’ll take a closer look at the strength training benefits of the FreeMotion 620, then compare its best features against other designs to help you find the best power cage for your home gym.

Squat cage design

FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage

An important part of any good workout routine is having an effective plan for working the muscles in your lower body.

Developing strength and size in your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and even hips will not only develop a more balanced and aesthetic physique, but also improve your strength in other exercises.

With front squats, back squats, and lunges being such popular exercise, it’s likely these should be your first choice when it comes to training your lower body at home.

The difficulty is that squats tend to put you in a fairly vulnerable position if you are lifting without a spotter.

This is why the FreeMotion 620 BE was designed, to bring an important element of safety to your home workouts.

In terms of safety features, the central cage provides two sets of ‘gun-rack’ style barbell supports, together with a pair of heavy duty safety rails.

These safety rails also feature a unique design in the way that the height can be adjusted. Rather than having to worry about locking pins and matching up height settings, they simply lift on and off the barbell support points.

Directly below these safety rails you’ll also find a bar built into the base of the main frame on each side.

With resistance bands being such a popular training tool in exercises such as the squat and bench press, these bars are what you can secure the bands to if you want to train using this advanced technique.

Another area that sets the FreeMotion 620 BE apart from similar power cages is in the design of the pull up bar.

FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage

FreeMotion 620 BE – Features Summary

  • Multi-grip pull-up station
  • Durable steel construction
  • Exercise chart
  • Adjustable bar holds
  • 4-post squat rack to isolate glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves
  • Adjustable safety tiers
  • 90-day parts and labor warranty
  • Removable vertical knee raise (VKR) station with cushioned arm and back rests
  • Integrated weight plate storage (weights not included)
  • Rip:60 trainer attachment for suspended rotation training (Rip:60 straps not included)

Ergonomic pull up handles

FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage

Where some lower priced designs simply offer a single straight connecting bar that joins the two sides of the frame, the FreeMotion 620 BE instead provides a much more effective option.

The top bar at the front of the cage has been custom made to suit both pull ups and suspension training packages.

Rather than providing you with a fixed bar, you can instead choose to lock each of the rotating handles at any one of 6 horizontal settings.

The closer settings are much better for chin ups, while the wide settings are better suited to the wide grip pull up.

Having handles that rotate as you pull yourself up also means that you place less stress on your wrists, due to the more natural range of motion.

Parallel bars and VKR Station

Another of the more unique design features offered by the FreeMotion 620 BE is the addition of the VKR station, complete with parallel bars.

Together with the ergonomic pull up handles, this effectively combines the benefits of a squat rack, power cage, and pull up tower in the same piece of equipment.

Not only does this save space in your home gym, but it also means you don’t have to spend potentially hundreds of dollars more by buying these items separately.

Weight plate storage

Although the FreeMotion 620 BE doesn’t offer the same high weight capacity as some of the cages by XMark Fitness, it’s still important to be able to store a wide selection of weight plates.

With 6 Olympic weight plate storage pegs to choose from, it’s much easier to find space for each different size. This makes it quicker to load the bar with the weight required for your next set.

Suspension packages and resistance bands

One of the more recent training techniques to gain popularity among commercial gyms is the use of suspension packages.

These are essentially sets of straps that can connect to a point that is usually near the top of the frame.

Using the handles attached to each end, this then lets you use your bodyweight to create the resistance for a wide range of upper and lower body exercises.

This is another unique feature of the main pull up bar, providing you with a central anchor point for attaching the suspension straps.

About FreeMotion Fitness

Founded in 1999, FreeMotion Fitness has spent more than 15 years developing fitness equipment designed to work every major muscle group, through both resistance and cardiovascular training.

With dozens of strength training machines being developed for their Epic Plate Loaded and FreeMotion Live Axis ranges, FreeMotion continue to be one of the industry leaders in innovation and high build quality.

Forming part of their free weights range, it’s clear that the same innovative design features and attention to detail has been carried into the creation of the FreeMotion 620 BE Power Cage.

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

Combining the options of free weight barbell exercises with resistance bands and advanced bodyweight training techniques, this is a power cage unlike any other currently available for home gyms.

When combined with a high quality adjustable bench, weight plate and barbell set, you have everything you need to put together a host of different workout routines to keep shocking your body to new strength and muscle gains.

To help get you started with your workouts as soon as possible, an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer has also been included.

Product weight: 298 lbs User weight capacity: 300 lb

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