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XMark XM-7620 Commercial Power Cage with Dip Station

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Marking a significant upgrade over the XM-4430, the XMark XM-7620 Commercial Power Cage offers a much wider range of exercise options.

In this power cage review, we wanted to take a look at the design in more detail, including the various improvements and new features that can help make your home workouts more effective.

Design features

XMark XM-7620 Commercial Power Cage with Dip Station

Perhaps best known for their range of high-strength weights benches, XMark Fitness also have a much larger collection of fitness and strength training equipment that includes everything from dumbbell racks to power cages.

Similar to the weights benches, it’s also the high weight capacity (850 lb) that sets the XMark XM-7620 apart from similar racks in the price range of between $800 and $1000.

Rather than relying on the single straight bar for chin ups and pull ups, XMark have now added a much more ergonomically designed set of pull up handles.

With their combination of angles making them ideal for a variety of grip positions, these are a much more effective way of performing some of the most popular back exercises.

Whether you are looking for a cage that multiple people use at the same time, or just prefer having more space to do dips, having the set of parallel bars on a separate side to the pull up bars gives you much more freedom of movement.

With the parallel bars attached to one of the safety rails, this also means that you can adjust their height to better suit your body type and preferred style of training.

The only real negative is that the bar supports at the front of the frame can’t be moved independently of the safety rails.

This means that to adjust the lower set of bar supports at the front of the power cage requires the entire safety bar to be lowered from inside the cage.

Starting at 20″ height, these bar catches and safety spotter adjustment holes are spaced 2-inches apart for maximum user control.

XMark XM-7620 Commercial Power Cage with Dip Station

XMark XM-7620 – Features Summary

  • Backed by a LIFETIME in-home warranty
  • 2 pairs outside front U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
  • 1 pair inside front U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
  • 1 pair inside back U-shaped bar catches with pull-pin adjustments
  • 2 safety spotter bars with pull-pin adjustments
  • Safety spotters starting at 20″ above ground
  • Split pull-up handles for narrow parallel, narrow and wide grip pull-ups
  • Ergonomically spaced removable tricep dip bars with rubber grips
  • 48″ wide walk-in design
  • For use with 7 ft. Olympic weight bar
  • 850 lb. load capacity
  • Optional XMark Power Cage Lat Pulldown and Low Row Attachment XM-7621 (Not included)
  • Baked on scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ commercial grade construction

Upgrade options

XMark XM-7620 Commercial Power Cage with Dip Station

An important option to consider before buying any power cage is whether or not there are any upgrade options.

In the case of the XMark XM-7620, this comes in the form of a lat pulldown and low cable row attachment.

Providing a much wider range of isolation exercises than using a barbell on its own, this lets you shape and grow your muscles to create your ideal physique.

With the high cable best suited to lat pulldowns and tricep extensions, the low cable can add much more variety to your training.

From bicep curls and side lateral raises to shrugs and low cable rows, this is an attachment that can lead to much quicker fitness gains than using the cage on its own.

Customer reviews


  • Double-boxed packaging helps to prevent any damage prior to delivery
  • Dip and pull up bars come as standard
  • Additional cable machine upgrade option extends the range of exercises available
  • High weight capacity
  • Large selection of safety rail heights to choose from
  • Ergonomically designed handles make it comfortable to perform dips, chin ups, and pull ups


  • With the lowest safety rail and bar catch setting set at 20″, this may not be enough for exercises such as rack pulls
  • Dip station can counter balance the weight of the frame without some weight plates racked on the opposite side of the frame
  • Lat pulldown attaches through the base of the cage, which does put a slight restriction on the amount of space inside

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

Aside from the high weight capacity and workout options, this is a power cage that represents excellent value for money, backed up by high average ratings in customer reviews submitted to online shopping sites.

Even with the optional lat pulldown attachment setup, there's still plenty of room to slide an adjustable FID workout bench between the safety rails to perform flat, incline, and decline bench presses.

Due to the width of the frame, the XMark XM-7620 is best suited to a full length 7ft Olympic barbell.

If you do happen to be on a tighter budget and don't mind sacrificing the pull up and dip handles, the BD-7 cage by Valor Athletics also offers a similar attachment option and cage features for closer to $550.

Weight capacity: 850 lb Product dimensions: 83" (H) x 48.5" (W) x 61" (L)

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