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Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack Review

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The Valor Athletics BD-7 power rack includes both high and low cable pulleys, for safely performing both isolation and compound exercises.

Our review takes an in-depth look at the features and workout options, in addition to customer feedback from sites such as Amazon. This is to help you decide if the BD-7 is the best power rack for your own home workouts.

Rack design

If you are building up a set of strength training equipment in your home gym, once you get beyond the standard dumbbells and barbell set you’ll probably need to start thinking about a power rack or smith machine.

One of the most highly rated designs is currently the Valor Athletics BD-7. The reason for its popularity is that it goes beyond the standard power rack design, providing a range of extra features and exercise options to include in your workouts.

One feature that you won’t see on most power racks is the pull up bar which has been integrated into the top of the frame. The texture of the bar has also been knurled at key points, to give your hands a better grip through those important last few reps in the set.

Safety features
One of the main reasons for buying the Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack over a standard walk-in squat rack is the added safety it provides.

If you are buying this rack to setup in your home gym, the chances you will usually be working out without a spotter.

This is why Valor Athletics have included a set of high quality safety rails, together with 2 sets of adjustable bar supports. These allow you to perform important mass building exercises including squats and bench presses without the fear of getting ‘pinned’ under the bar.

Bar supports are also supplied in a couple of different lengths. The shorter set is designed to hold the bar before you start the exercise, while the longer set is useful for catching the bar if you can’t quite complete the rep.

These supports are both reversible and adjustable through a range of 17 different height settings, ensuring that you can find the safest option for your height and exercise.

Although there are no weight plates or barbells supplied with the Valor Athletics BD-7, 4 weight plate storage pegs have been added to the sides of the frame.

The diameter of the pegs is 1 inch, meaning that they can support any standard sized weight plates you might currently have, as well as the full sized Olympic plates.

Valor Athletics BD-7 – Features Summary

  • 2″ x 2″ main frame
  • Four 8″ plate storage pegs
  • 4 solid steel chrome adjustable-weight bar supports
  • 2 solid steel squat safety bars
  • 17 variable positions for bar supports ranging in height from 1-68″
  • Max weight on lat pull: 250 lbs
  • Max weight for each bar holder: 500 lbs

High and low cable pulley system

With power racks being one of the larger items of weightlifting equipment you can add to your home gym, it’s important to make the best use of the space it takes up.

This is where it’s so beneficial to find a rack that also includes some form of cable pulley system to allow you to perform isolation exercises after the main compound movements.

While some power racks offer a lat pulldown as an additional attachment, this extra expense will often push the price to over $1,000. Fortunately the Valor Athletics BD-7 includes this as a standard part of the power rack.

Although the high cable pulley is usually shown with the lat pulldown attachment, the quick change cantilever clip allows you to use this with a range of different attachment options.

The low cable pulley also provides a range of exercise options, from seated rows to shrugs and bicep curls, the 250 lb weight limit will create enough resistance to work your muscles effectively.

Customer reviews

While it’s relatively easy to find reviews on treadmills and exercise bikes, when it comes to choosing a power rack, it’s often much more difficult.

However, due to the quality and popularity of the Valor Athletics BD-7, Amazon has dozens of reviews and more than 20 answered questions from people thinking about buying this particular rack.

Although we would recommend reading through as many reviews as possible to get a balanced impression of the BD-7, we’ve also summarised the most frequently mentioned positives and negatives and put them into a list below.


  • Assembly instructions are good quality and easy to follow
  • Solid and stable frame design, even when performing pull ups
  • Lat pulldown is a useful addition, and makes the rack even better value for money
  • Support bar to hold you in place when performing heavier lat pulldowns is a useful feature
  • Extra attachments available for performing even more exercises, including dips and dumbbell holders
  • Highly rated customer service


  • Not enough room for most weight benches inside the rack
  • Doesn’t have Olympic weight plate holders (Olympic adapter sleeves are available)
Valor Fitness Squat Rack Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

If you are thinking about buying a power rack but want something that provides more than just the frame, the Valor Athletics BD-7 Power Rack with its lat pulldown is an excellent option.

The solid design and range of bar support positions allows you to perform a wide range of both upper and lower body exercises without the need for a spotter.

Having both the high and low cable pulleys with such a high weight limit is also extremely useful for isolating individual muscles.

If you want to extend the rack functions still further, there is even a range of attachments that can be bought separately. This includes a set of dip handles which will save you having to spend more money on a separate dip and pull up tower.

Product dimensions: 84" (H) x 44" (W) x 53" (D) Product Weight: 135 Pounds

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