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XMark XM-4417 FID Weights Bench Review

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The XMark XM-4417 FID Bench has been designed to provide more than the 6 incline, flat and decline positions, with the addition of a preacher curl attachment.

Despite the lack of a leg developer, this actually reduces the amount of space taken up by padded rollers and gives you more room to perform exercises on the bench.

In our review, we’ll take a look at the design features, exercise options, and a summary of the customer reviews. This will help you decide if the XM-4417 is the best adjustable weight bench for your home gym.

Design features

XMark XM-4417 FID Bench

When you workout at home, it’s always useful to find a product that manages to combine features from a few different pieces of equipment.

This not only helps to save on cost, but also leaves you with more space to add that extra bench, cardio machine, or dumbbell rack.

This is one of the main goals behind the design of the XMark XM-4417 FID bench.

Providing all the features of a high quality FID (Flat, incline, decline) bench, but with the addition of a preacher curl pad and bar support, this lets you choose some more isolation exercises to add to your bicep workouts.

While the XM-4417 certainly isn’t the only workout bench to offer this extra attachment, it does manage to do it in a way that won’t interfere with your normal bench exercises.

The large hand wheel attached to the front of the frame can be loosened to adjust the height of the preacher pad, or even remove it completely if you don’t need it for your current workout.

XMark XM-4417 FID Bench

XMark XM-4417 FID Bench – Features Summary

  • Flat, incline, decline (FID) weight bench with preacher curl station
  • 8 spring loaded pop pin adjustments from decline to full military upright position
  • 3 position preacher curl for customized biceps routine
  • Thick 2.5-inch high-density cushions and double stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl
  • 14-gauge, 2 by 2-inch steel construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty for residential use
  • Ergonomic 3 position adjustable seat
  • 3 position adjustable 4” contoured roller pads
  • Skid resistant rubber feet
  • Scratch resistant baked powder coat finish

Comparison with other XMark weights benches

If you like the sound of the various features so far, but think you might need a higher weight capacity or prefer more attachments, it’s always worth checking out some similar weights benches.

With such highly rated reviews and high quality frames, it makes sense to compare the XMark XM-4417 with a few of the other benches in the XMark Fitness range.

The 3 models shown below are available are a few of the benches available that provide something a bit different in terms of features, and are in a similar price range.

Weight capacity: 400 lb
75″ (L) x 27″ (W) x 49.5″ (H)
Seat settings: NA
Back support settings: 8
Attachments: Preacher curl pad, leg developer

Weight capacity: 500 lb
48″ (L) x 19.5″ (W) x 20.5″ (H)
Seat settings: NA
Back support settings: 1
Attachments: NA

Weight capacity: 1500 lbs
62.2″ (L) x 25.8″ (W) x 20.3″ (H)
Seat settings: 3
Back support settings: 7
Attachments: NA

Exercise options

One of the most surprising features of the XMark XM-4417 bench is how many sections can be adjusted to better suit your height and range of motion.

While the back support moves through 6 different positions on its own, you can also adjust the seat, height of the preacher curl pad, and height of the padded rollers, each of which has 3 height settings.

XMark XM-4417 FID Bench

Being able to adjust important sections of the bench in this way means you are better supported, and can position your body in the best way to maintain a natural range of motion in your exercises.

Although there are relatively few exercises that the XMark XM-4417 can be used for on its own, there are dozens of options available when combined with a simple free weights set.

Some of the most effective options are listed below, including several isolation exercises you can use with the preacher curl pad.

  • Biceps – Cambered preacher bar curl, single arm dumbbell preacher curl, incline dumbbell curls
  • Chest – Incline flys, decline press, flat dumbbell press
  • Back – Pullovers, dumbbell rows, seated shrugs
  • Legs – Elevated single leg split squats
  • Triceps – Overhead dumbbell extensions, tricep kickbacks, lying tricep extensions
  • Shoulders – Seated dumbbell press, side lateral raises, rear delt flys

Customer reviews

You'll find dozens of highly rated reviews for the XM-4417 on shopping sites such as Amazon

Whether you are thinking about buying this bench to achieve a short term fitness goal, or for supporting long-term strength gains, it’s important to make sure that what you’re paying for is worth the money.

While videos do an excellent job of showcasing the various features and benefits, it’s often impossible for them to show how the bench performs after many months or years of use.

This is where customer reviews are so useful, particularly those on marketplaces such as Amazon.

Not only do you get to read reviews from people who have bought and used the bench, but you can even get answers to any questions you might have before buying.

If you’ve looked at a weights bench by XMark Fitness before, you’ll be familiar with the high average rating, and the XMark XM-4417 is no exception.

You can find the full reviews on Amazon, but we’ve also provided a quick overview of the points that were most frequently mentioned by reviewers.


  • Secure spring-loaded pin locks the back support in position
  • Thick padding helps keep your back aligned and supported
  • Stable base design gives you confidence to lift the heavier weights
  • Large enough for taller users (6ft+)
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Wide range of positions
  • Separate contoured head and back support sections allow more freedom of movement in your shoulders
  • High quality paint finish


  • Preacher curl is provided as standard, rather than an option. If you prefer to build a bench up with specific attachments, it might be worth taking a look at the Ironmaster Super Bench.
  • Bar support for the preacher pad is quite narrow.This still supports cambered and straight bars well, but it’s best to load the weight up on the floor before getting the bar in position.
XMark Fitness Weights Bench Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

The XMark XM-4417 FID Bench provides a versatile and effective way of working out with free weights.

The eight spring loaded pop pin adjustments, allow you to quickly change from a decline to a full military position, helping to develop a more well-rounded and balanced physique.

Having the preacher curl is one of the features that sets it apart from benches like the XM-4414 and XM-7604, making it better suited to barbell as well as dumbbell workouts.

Overall this is a bench with a strong and stable design which supports a wide range of exercises, as well as being backed up by dozens of highly rated reviews and a limited lifetime warranty.

Total weight capacity: 500 lbs.
Assembled dimensions:
64" (L) x 22.5" (W) x 48.5" (H)

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