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MapMyRide Detailed User Guide

How To Use MapMyRide: An In-Depth Review and Guide

Create a goal

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase your endurance, or simply improve your overall health, you’re going to want to set some goals.

By setting and achieving realistic goals in both the short and long term, you’ll achieve higher levels of motivation that act as encouragement for achieving future targets.

When we first wrote our guide to MapMyWalk there were only four goal setting options available, with the calorie and weight focussed goals still in development.

MapMyRide makes it easy to keep track of both short and long term goals

Unfortunately nearly six months on and they’re still also shown as ‘Coming Soon’ on MapMyRide. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as they’re released, but for now here’s our guide to the other four goals.

4 fitness and health goals

  • 1. Work Out More

    Although this may sound like it’s related to resistance training, the steps are perfectly relatable to cycling as well.

    Creating this goal is a three step process:
    Step 1: Select the total number of workouts
    Step 2: Select the goal length. This is the period of time during which you want to complete the number of workouts chosen in step 1
    Step 3: Give your goal a name. A default is automatically created based on your selections in the previous two steps (e.g. 10 workouts in 4 weeks), but you can also create your own

  • 2. Go Farther

    Similar to the goal above, Go Farther is less concerned about frequency and more about reaching a set distance. Default options start at 50 miles, but if you’re new to cycling you can start with just 1 mile using the custom setting.

    This is also a three step process:
    Step 1: Choose your target distance
    Step 2: Select a target duration for reaching this distance. This can range from 1 week all the way up to a year, depending on whether it is a short or medium-term goal.
    Step 3: Assign your goal a name. Default names are usually good enough, but you may also want to include the end date.

  • 3. Increase My Pace

    This can be a particularly important goal to have if you’re racing competitively or as part of a club.

    Similar to the MapMyWalk app, this looks to measure the time taken to cycle one mile. Default options are from 2 to 5 minutes, but you’re probably going to want to make use of the custom option for more gradual but consistent improvements.

    Step 1: Select your total minutes per mile
    Step 2: Select a target duration for reaching this pace. Similar to the distance setting goal. ‘Go Farther’, this can be anything from 1 to 52 weeks.
    Step 3: Assign your goal a name.

  • 4. Walk More

    This is the only goal that feels like it should be unique to the MapMyWalk version of the app. It’s not really a goal unique to cycling, and isn’t something that could be measured or achieved unless you logged walking in your workouts on a regular basis.

    Ideally we would like to see ‘Walk’ as an option, like it is with the other goals, but with ‘Bike Ride’ as a default.

    Perhaps setting a target for exploring a certain number of new cycle routes by a specific date. Although it’s not strictly improving your fitness on its own, having a target to explore new parts of your city can bring many of its own benefits.

For MapMyRide the activity for each of these goals defaults to ‘Bike Ride’, compared to the default of ‘Walk’ for MapMyWalk. If you’re already used to creating goals with another of the MapMyFitness apps, the goal setting process should feel very familiar.

Viewing your goal progress
Active and past goals can be viewed from the ‘My Goals’ screen. This gives you a clear overview of current goal progress and what you’ve achieved so far.

Using the target duration for each of the goals above, MapMyRide is able to provide a countdown of how long you have left to achieve the goal, as well as displaying your progress as a percentage.

MapMyRide currently supports 4 types of fitness goal
MapMyFitness are looking to expand their goal types to include Calorie Burning and Weight Loss across their full range of apps

If you have many different types of short and long term goals running at the same time, this lets you prioritize any that you might be falling behind on.