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Best Stretching Machine Reviews and Comparisons 2024

Best Stretching Machine Reviews and Comparisons 2023

To find the best stretching machine on the market, you must consider the best way to stretch your muscles. Regular stretching exercises are great, but don’t always enable you to get that deep muscle stretch that’s so effective for boosting flexibility. But before you buy a stretching machine, there’s a lot to consider. What are … Read more

Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Despite the differences in price, the Precor RBK 615 Recumbent Bike from the Assurance Series offers many of the same high quality features as the later RBK 835 model from the Experience series. This includes the low profile step-through design, low level of maintenance, and a ventilated seat back for a cool, cushioned cycling workout. … Read more

Precor UBK 615 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Precor UBK 615 Commercial Series Upright Bike

The Precor UBK 615 features alongside the UBK 815 and UBK 835 models as part of the company’s latest generation of commercial fitness equipment that’s now available for the home. In this review we take a look at what you can expect from the display console and preset workout programs, as well as the optional … Read more

Precor RBK 835 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Precor RBK 835 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Precor RBK 835 Recumbent bike is the top-of-the-line design in Precor’s Experience series. It features alongside the company’s top models of EFX crosstrainer, AMT, UBK upright bike, treadmill, and climber. In our review we take a closer look at the ergonomic design features, transport options, assembly process, warranty coverage, workout programs, and the P30 … Read more

Precor UBK 835 Upright Exercise Bike Review

Precor UBK 835 Upright Exercise Bike

Part of the Experience Series 830 Line, the Precor UBK 835 Upright Bike offers a wide variety of preset training programs, configuration options, and ergonomic build design that promotes more efficient and effective workouts. In this review we take an in-depth look at what it means to be part of the Experience series, fitness goals … Read more

Precor Treadmill Reviews

Precor Treadmills

If you’re considering buying a new treadmill for your home gym, Precor is a name that you will probably become familiar with fairly quickly. A history of award-winning design and innovation With one of the largest collections of light-commercial home treadmills of any fitness equipment company, it’s no surprise that each year they’re recognised by … Read more

Precor Energy Series Treadmills (TRM)

Precor Energy Series Treadmills

About the Precor Energy Series Treadmills Precor’s Energy Series of treadmills has recently been released alongside their industry leading Precision range, and a new line of EFX crosstrainers that form part of the same collections. Despite being a step down from the Precision treadmills in terms of price, there’s still a wide range of features … Read more

Precor Precision Series Treadmills (TRM)

Precor Precision Series Treadmills

About the Precor Precision Series Treadmills If you’re considering buying a new treadmill, it’s important to find the right balance between the features you’re actually going to use, the price, and how frequently you’re going to be using it in your workouts. These are just a few of the factors that Precor have taken into … Read more

Precor Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Precor Elliptical Crosstrainers

As one of the leading home and commercial fitness equipment companies in the world, Precor continue to push the boundaries of innovation and effective ergonomic motion with their world class collections of elliptical trainers. World Class Design Across 5 Collections Unlike many similar companies, Precor have a tendency to release entire collections at once, with … Read more

Precor UBK Upright Exercise Bike Collection

Precor UBK Upright Exercise Bikes

About the Precor UBK Exercise Bikes With an attractive design and compact footprint, any one of Precor’s UBK exercise bikes would make the ideal partner to a treadmill or elliptical trainer from their Precision or Energy series. Alternatively, the club-quality construction and KOPS (Knee Over Pedal Spindle) ensures that your pedal motion remains efficient and … Read more

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