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Precor Precision Series Treadmills (TRM)

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About the Precor Precision Series Treadmills

If you’re considering buying a new treadmill, it’s important to find the right balance between the features you’re actually going to use, the price, and how frequently you’re going to be using it in your workouts.

These are just a few of the factors that Precor have taken into consideration when designing the Precision series. Combining this with over 20 years of experience in the commercial fitness equipment industry, the Precor Precision and Energy series’ were created, specifically for home gym and light commercial environments.

Although we go into much more detail in our reviews, we did want to quickly highlight a couple of important benefits the two Precision treadmills have over the models in the Energy series.

Firstly, the running deck is reversible. This is something that’s missing with the Energy series machines, and can effectively double the life of the tread belt and running deck by allowing you to distribute your running much more evenly over the running surface.

Precor Treadmill Guide

Secondly, the warranty coverage is slightly more extensive with the Precision models. Although the coverage on the console, labor, and frame is identical, you get an additional 5 years on parts and wear items with the TRM 445 and 425 compared to those in the Energy series.

Do you have the space for a Precision Treadmill?

If you’ve already read our guide to Precor’s Energy Series EFX trainers, you might remember we included a scaled floor plan showing the difference in size between the Precision and Energy models.

Knowing the dimensions of any piece of fitness equipment before you decide which one to buy is always important, but even more so when it’s going to require a fixed amount of floor space.

That’s why, although the difference is a lot smaller than with their elliptical equipment, we’ve decided to include a quick size comparison between the various Energy and Precision series treadmills.

Precor Precision Series Treadmill Dimensions
There’s surprisingly little difference in the dimensions between the Energy and Precision Series treadmills

As you can see, there’s not a huge amount of difference, and what you save on length with the TRM 445 and TRM 425 models, you make up for in the extra width.

If you would like to see examples of how these two treadmills could integrate into your home environment, we’ve also included floor plans below, courtesy of Precor’s Icovia Space Planner.

In case you were thinking of upgrading to the latest model, Precor have actually kept the dimensions the same for their Precision and Energy series treadmills as they were on the earlier 2.3(x) and 2.2(x) designs.

Precision Series models

Precor TRM 445 Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 445

  • Speed Range: 0.5-12mph
  • Preset Workouts: 23
  • User IDs: 4
  • Incline Range: -2% to 15%
  • Feedback Metrics: 27
  • Preva Workout Tracking: Yes
  • Heart Rate: Touch and telemetry
  • Software Upgrade Capable: Yes
  • Running Surface: 56″L x 22″W
  • Custom Workouts: 16

As the most feature-packed treadmill in the Precision collection, the TRM 445 delivers a unique, personalized running experience via its hi-tech display console and ergonomic running deck design.

The console itself gives you access to every type of personal fitness technology you could ask for from a home treadmill, from integrated workout tracking with the Preva app integration, through to the ability to watch movies on your iPad while you run.

If you would like to find out more about how the interval training programs can adapt to your preferred style of running, and how personalized workouts can be delivered for the whole family, we recommend reading our full review, where we go into much more detail about the benefits you can expect from the TRM 445. Read the full review..

Sample floor plan: TRM 445 Treadmill

Floor plan of the TRM 445 Treadmill in a bedroom measuring 20'W x 12'D
Floor plan of the TRM 445 Treadmill in a bedroom measuring 20’W x 12’D
Precor TRM 425 Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 425

  • Speed Range: 0.5-12mph
  • Preset Workouts: 9
  • User IDs: 2
  • Incline Range: -2% to 15%
  • Feedback Metrics: 13
  • Preva Workout Tracking: No
  • Heart Rate: Touch and telemetry
  • Software Upgrade Capable: No
  • Running Surface: 56″L x 22″W
  • Custom Workouts: 0

Despite the step down in price from the TRM 445 model, the TRM 425 still features much of the same technology and design that has made the 445 model such a leader in its price range.

Despite being the earliest model in Precor’s Precision treadmill range, the warranty, running area dimensions, reversible running deck, and power of the motor are all identical to the model listed above.

In fact, there are even areas where the TRM 425 surpasses the 445 in terms of functions available. For example, you can set a maximum belt speed, maximum incline, cool down time, and even set a safety code to prevent accidental activation of the console, none of which is available on the TRM 445.

However, there are a number of other important comparisons to be made before deciding which model is best suited to your own home workouts. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive review of the technology and features, complete with much more detailed comparisons between the two models. Read the full review..

Sample floor plan: TRM 425 Treadmill

Floor plan of the TRM 425 Treadmill in a living room measuring 20'W x 13'D
Floor plan of the TRM 425 Treadmill in a living room measuring 20’W x 13’D

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