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Teeter Inversion Table Reviews – Comparisons and Buying Guide

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Teeter Inversion Table Reviews

The inversion table industry is currently dominated by two main brands – Ironman, and Teeter.

In the past, Ironman have specialized in more affordable designs that do the basics very well. Some tables even offer more advanced features, such as infrared therapy and multiple locking positions.

This is in contrast to Teeter, who have built a reputation on premium inversion therapy equipment. This includes manual inversion tables, but also motorized and doorway inversion devices.

But with the recent release of their 700ia model, are Teeter looking to become a more prominent name in a market where Ironman have traditionally been so dominant?

Listed below is a brief guide to each Teeter inversion table, with links to their own in-depth review.

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Teeter 700ia

Teeter 700ia Inversion Table

Despite being one of their most affordably priced inversion tables, the Teeter Hang Ups 700ia still retains many of the features seen on higher priced designs.

A FitFlex Bed is used in place of the ComforTrak support built into models like the EP-560 and EP960, which helps lower the cost while still providing many of the pressure-reducing benefits.

Additional support is available through the Decompression Arch (provided), which can be placed under your lower back, while added comfort can be found in the removable soft foam head pillow.

The footprint once folded is slightly larger than that of Ironman’s iControl tables, but the big difference here is the 700ia can be stored in a freestanding position, whereas the Ironman designs cannot.

The 300 lb weight capacity isn’t quite as impressive as the 350 lb limits we’ve seen on some of the Ironman tables, but taking into account the features above, the 700ia still represents serious competition.

You’ll find more information on the features, accessory options, assembly, folding, and cushioning in our unbiased product review.

Teeter Contour L5 Ltd

Teeter Contour L5 Ltd Inversion Table

Switching from their most affordable design to their top-of-the-line model, the Teeter Contour L5 features everything you could want from an inversion table. That is, with the possible exception of multiple locking positions.

The Contour L5 features an extended handle for locking and releasing the ratchet ankle lock system, with Ergo-Embrace Cups that have been molded to provide added cushioning and reduce discomfort when inverted.

A Flex Technology™ Bed allows for greater freedom of movement than the FitFlex Bed of the 700ia, with a precision balanced design that’s compatible with a variety of accessories.

The weight capacity doesn’t vary at all across Teeter’s manual inversion tables, so despite the difference in price, the Contour L5 still has a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.

The height range is wider than most Ironman inversion tables, supporting users from 4’8″ through to 6’6″, with a folding design that’s freestanding for easier storage.

Compatible accessories include a Decompression Arch, Vibration Cushion, and Acupressure Nodes.

We’ve only listed a few of the design features here.

For a full list and more information on the ones above, as well as detailed information on accessory options, you won’t want to miss our in-depth review.

Teeter NXT-S

Teeter NXT-S Inversion Table

As the only model in Teeter’s ComforTrak series to offer padded support handles, also represents the most affordable design of this collection.

ComforTrak relates to the design of the table bed, which combines slots with Grip-and-Stretch handhold positions to create a deeper stretch for your back muscles, and compatibility with their accessories.

This is one of the benefits of replacing the traditional foam padding with a surface that flexes with you during movement.

The slots allow you to place Acupressure Nodes of varying sizes at positions where you need extra pressure applied to your back muscles to relieve stress and tension.

The NXT-S also offers the same 300 lbs weight capacity and 4’8″ to 6’6″ height capacity that’s standard across their inversion tables.

Our comprehensive product review covers each design feature in more detail, as well as providing comparisons with similarly priced inversion tables.

Teeter EP-560 Sport / Ltd

Teeter EP-560 Sport / Ltd Inversion Table

The Teeter EP-560 is available in two different versions – Ltd, and Sport.

The most noticeable difference with the Sport edition is the EZ-Traction handles, which have been built in to the pivot point to create a wider range of stretching options at partial inversion.

The Sport edition also includes Teeter’s EZ-Up Gravity Boots, an accessory with a list price of over $100 when bought separately. Their compatibility with a straight bar means you can use them for inversion sessions at the gym as well as at home.

The Ltd edition of the EP-560 features the same basic frame design, folded dimensions, weight capacity, and height capacity, with a curve in the base bar that allows for deeper stretching at full inversion.

Being part of the ComforTrak range means you have the same handholds and slot positions as for the NXT-S model, creating a customizable inversion experience that applies pressure and traction where you need it most.

You’ll find more information about the features mentioned above, as well as comparisons with other Teeter inversion tables in our EP-560 product review.

Teeter EP-860 Ltd

Teeter Inversion Table: EP-860 Ltd

Another of the inversion tables from Teeter’s ComforTrak series, the EP-860 is the earliest model in the collection to offer extra-long Stretch Max™ Handles.

This is a major upgrade over the EP-560 as it supports a range of enhanced stretching options and makes it easier for anyone that’s new to inversion therapy to return to an upright position.

Although you’re relying on a tether strap rather than a locking system to change the maximum inversion angle, the EZ-Angle™ Tether has been marked at angles of 20, 40 and 60 degrees, to switch between pre-determined angles more quickly.

With a product weight of 62 lbs it’s only slightly heavier than the earlier EP-560 and 700ia models, with a compact folded footprint measuring 28.8″ (W) x 20″ (L).

Being part of the ComforTrak series means the EP-860 Ltd is also compatible with a range of accessory options, including the EZ-Up Gravity Boots, Vibration Cushion, and Acupressure Nodes.

For more information on the warranty coverage, maintenance, design features, comfort, and accessories, it’s worth reading through our in-depth review.

Teeter EP-950

Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table

The EP-950 joins their Contour L5 model in being part of Teeter’s Flex Technology Series, with similar EZ-Stretch Traction handles to the bestselling EP-560 Sport.

The EZ-Angle Tether features a number of clearly marked inversion angles, at 20, 40, and 60 degrees, but can also be used to limit the inversion rotation to any angle between upright and 180 degrees.

In comparison to the ComforTrak inversion tables we’ve already mentioned, the big difference with the EP-950 is the EZ-Reach Ankle System.

Upgraded to include triple-lock security and with an extended handle, this is a system that’s much easier to lock and release than designs that rely on a spring loaded pin.

Despite not having the same slots as the ComforTrak beds, the EP-950 is still compatible with Acupressure Nodes for pinpoint massage of tense back muscles during inversion.

The information above is a brief summary of the features available, which we look at in more detail in our product review. This is where we also make comparisons between the EP-950 and other Teeter inversion tables, to make sure you’re choosing the model that’s most cost efficient for your current back health program.

Teeter EP-960 Ltd

Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table

The EP-960 Ltd is a combination of the triple-lock EZ-Reach Ankle System from the EP-950, EZ-Stretch Traction Handles from the EP-560 Sport, and Grip-and-Stretch Handholds that come as a standard feature on Teeter’s ComforTrak inversion tables.

You also have the EZ-Angle Tether strap with clearly marked inversion angles of 20, 40, and 60 degrees.

Weight capacity is Teeter’s standard 300 lbs, but if you’re looking for something closer to 350 lbs it’s worth looking at the ATIS 4000 or Gravity 4000 from Ironman.

Compared to the tables we’ve listed above, there’s no big difference in the footprint once folded, or in the height capacity.

Accessories that are compatible with ComforTrak are compatible with the EP-960 Ltd, which includes Acupressure Nodes and Teeter’s Better Back Vibration Cushion.

You can find more information on each of the design features, as well as the warranty, assembly process, and health benefits of inversion therapy, in our unbiased product review.

Teeter EP-970 Ltd

Teeter EP-970 Ltd Inversion Table

An inversion table that’s surprisingly similar to the earlier EP-960 Ltd model, the EP-970 has all the same features, with the exception of the ankle lock system.

Now with an extended handle instead of the lever, this makes it slightly easier to lock and release the ankle comforters.

However, the difference isn’t as noticeable as upgrading from the short pin of the 700ia, and for us, isn’t enough to make this table stand out above the EP-960.

Weight capacity remains competitive at 300 lbs, with the full length Stretch Max™ Handles combining with EZ-Stretch™ Traction Handles to offer a wide range of grip positions for deeper muscle stretching and more effective decompression.

Although infrared therapy doesn’t feature in either the ComforTrak or Flex Technology collections, the EP-970 Ltd is compatible with Teeter’s Vibrating Cushion with Heated Neck Pillow for more relaxing inversion therapy.

Corner feet and a wide base help to improve stability while at the same time providing protection for flooring without increasing the footprint once folded.

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