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Ironman Inversion Table Reviews – Comparisons and Buying Guide

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Ironman are recognized as being one of the biggest names in inversion table design, with a variety of collections providing everything from Infrared Therapy to ab workouts.

To help you decide which model is right for your own health goals and budget, we put together in-depth reviews of each of their designs.

For each of the Ironman inversion table reviews we’ve compared their model to a competitor’s at a similar price point.

Because Ironman’s tables span such a broad price range, this could be an affordable design from Body Max, or a premium inversion table from Teeter Hang Ups.

More information about each of Ironman’s collections is available below, together with a link to our review for each model.

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Ironman iControl inversion tables

The iControl system works in a similar way to the SmartGear system we saw on the LXT850 and ATIS tables, but with an increase in the number of locking positions.

SmartGear has 10 preset locking positions whereas iControl works around a disk braking system, meaning you can lock the table at any point on its rotation.

Weight capacity varies from 275 lbs up to 300 lbs, with each table supporting a user height range of between 4’10” and 6’6″.

The iControl inversion tables tend to be priced towards the middle of the range, and can usually be found for between $220 and $300, depending on the model.

iControl 400

Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
As the entry-level table in the iControl collection, the 400 model provides you with 1.5″ of foam cushioning in the back and head support.

The solid steel frame is strong enough to support up to 275 lbs, with a full 180-degree inversion range. There’s no tether strap to adjust, allowing you to lock the table at full inversion and perform a challenging ab workout.

To save space you can fold the table down to a footprint of 31″ (W) x 18″ (L). At 66 lbs it’s not the lightest inversion table we’ve reviewed, but is certainly much easier to transport than the ATIS 4000.

Although the price is marginally higher than their bestselling Gravity 4000 table, you do get the wider range of locking positions and integrated stretch bar for deeper stretching of your back muscles.

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iControl 500

Ironman iControl 500 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4 star review rating
Priced towards the middle of Ironman’s iControl collection, the 500 model includes the same innovative disk brake system as the earlier 400 design, but with a higher weight capacity.

Now supporting up to 285 lbs, you also benefit from a significant improvement in table bed cushioning, with 2.75″ of thick Air Tech padding.

Folded dimensions are identical to the iControl 400, at 82″ (H) x 31″ (W) x 18″ (L), with the frame following the same ‘Open Space’ design that makes it easier to mount and dismount the table.

You have the same range of locking positions as the 400 and 600 models, allowing you to combine your inversion therapy sessions with some core-strengthening ab workouts.

The extended ankle lock handle also reduces the distance you have to reach down to lock and release the ankle holders, resulting in less strain being placed on your lower back.

You can find more information about these features, a video of the table being used, and a comparison of how the iControl 500 measures up to the iControl 600 in our in-depth review.

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iControl 600

Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
The top-of-the-line iControl 600 offers the highest weight capacity of the collection, at 300 lbs.

Height range is the same as the 400 and 500 models, at 4’10” to 6’6″, with 2.75″ of Air Tech table bed cushioning keeping your back, neck, and head well supported throughout the movement.

The ‘Open Space’ frame and full loop safety handles are familiar features on the 600 model, but the big difference is in the ankle locking system.

Rather than a pull pin, you’re now looking at a Ratchet system, offering a quicker lock and release for the ankle holders.

A full 180-degree inversion range is available, with the disk brake locking system allowing complete freedom over where you choose to lock the table. At an upright position this makes it easier when mounting and dismounting, while at 180-degrees this allows for ab workouts and deeper muscle stretching.

Due to the differences in frame construction there’s a slight increase in frame weight to 71 lbs compared to the 500 model, but the folded and active dimensions remain the same.

You’ll find more information on each of the features built into the iControl 600, as well as a video of the table in use and a comparison with the iControl 400, in our in-depth review.

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Ironman ATIS inversion tables

With two models instead of three, the ATIS collection is slightly smaller than that of iControl, resulting greater contrast between the features of the two inversion tables.

There is at least one similarity though, in that they both use the same Smart Lock system to control the inversion angle, which is the same system used on the bestselling LXT850.

With 10 preset positions, you’re not getting quite the same range as with the iControl tables, but there is a standard 300 lb weight capacity across the collection.

In terms of price, you’re looking at a similar level to the iControl 600, ranging between $250 and $350 depending on the model.

Ironman ATIS 1000

Ironman ATIS 1000 Inversion Table

With the same ‘Open Space’ design as the iControl tables, the ATIS 1000 supports users up to 6’6″ in height, with a 300 lb capacity.

For the ankle holders, a ‘Scale Locking System’ is an improvement on the conventional locking pin design, but still not as easy to use as the ratchet release system (found on the ATIS 4000).

This is the only table in the ATIS collection that can be folded, with a 4-point base system and A-frame that can be pulled together to reduce the footprint.

In terms of cushioning, the ankle holders are ergonomically molded and padded to prevent discomfort in a similar way to the 4000 model, but with a lower density of cushioning on the table bed itself.

You’re not getting the same 2.5″ of foam that you get with the top-of-the-line model, but it’s still wide enough to provide ample support for your head, neck, and lumbar region.

For a more detailed look at the features, as well as a direct comparison with the ATIS 4000, you’ll want to check out our in-depth review.

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Ironman ATIS 4000

Ironman ATIS 4000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4 star review rating
Although the inversion rotation is still controlled by the SmartGear locking system, the ATIS 4000 features a number of important upgrades.

At 320 lbs, the weight capacity is one of the highest in the industry, with a range of height settings up to 6’6″.

The table bed cushioning is of a similar density to the padding used on the iControl tables, with 2/5″ of foam creating a comfortable platform for your upper body.

Because this isn’t an A-frame design, the stretch handles have now been moved to the base of the frame, allowing for deeper stretches for your back muscles and some assistance when returning to an upright position.

This is the only inversion table from Ironman that can’t be folded, so you’ll need enough space to permanently allocate to the ATIS 4000. This means 49″ (L) x 26″ (W) x 62″ (H).

For the ankle holders you really have everything you could want in an inversion table, with a quick-release ratchet system, extended handle, and ergonomically molded ankle comforters.

For a more detailed look at the features, assembly process, and to view the user manual, it’s worth taking a look at our in-depth review.

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Ironman IFT inversion tables

Together with their FIR 500 model, Ironman’s IFT collection represents some of the most affordable inversion tables with built-in infrared therapy.

Unlike the tables we’ve mentioned so far, the IFT 1000 and 4000 rely on a safety tether strap to control the inversion angle. This means you can’t lock the table in position as easily as with the iControl or ATIS tables.

Despite being made up of just two designs, there’s a big difference in the weight capacity, with the IFT 1000 limited to 275 lbs, but the IFT 4000 supporting up to 350 lbs.

You’ll find the usual differences between the density of the table bed cushioning, but the main feature that makes these tables so unique is the F.I.R. (Far Infrared Rays) technology.

While the inversion can be used to improve circulation, decompress the spine and provide relief for back pain, the heat from FIR helps to relax the muscles and decrease stress levels.

Heating either of the tables to the required temperature takes between 10 and 15 minutes, with a remote control available to switch between settings.

Ironman IFT1000

Ironman IFT1000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
The IFT1000 boasts a similar design to the Ironman Gravity 2000, with a choice of 3 starting positions, folding A-frame, rubber feet for additional stability, and full 180-degree inversion range.

Both tables also feature Ironman’s ‘Open Space’ frame for easier mounting / dismounting, and use a safety tether strap to control the inversion angle.

But the big difference is in the infrared therapy provided by the F.I.R. technology built into the IFT1000.

The temperature can be adjusted between 90 and 140 degrees F, using ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements. Building this system into the table doesn’t add much to the product weight, which weighs just 50 lbs fully assembled.

The footprint of the folded dimensions is also smaller than any of the tables in the iControl collection, making it a slightly more efficient option if you’re limited on space, measuring 80″ (H) x 25″ (W) x 17″ (L).

You’ll find more information on the design and safety features, how the FIR technology works, and assembly process in our product review. We’ve also included some important comparisons with the higher priced IFT 4000, and some inversion tables from Teeter Hang Ups.

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Ironman IFT4000

Ironman IFT4000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
With its 350 lb weight capacity, the Ironman IFT4000 is Ironman’s strongest infrared therapy inversion table.

Unfortunately it still takes 10-15 minutes for the carbon fiber heating elements to reach the target temperature of 90-140 degrees F.

However, the IFT4000 does feature a number of upgrades compared to the earlier IFT1000 model. This includes an increase in weight capacity, the addition of stretch handles, and improvements in the ankle holders.

Instead of relying on a short pull pin system, you now have an extended handle, ‘palm-activate’ ratchet system, for quick lock and release of the ankle comforters. This is similar to the system used on Ironman’s Gravity 3000 and 4000 models.

The back support cushioning has also been improved, with higher density foam and a wider table bed providing better support for your upper body.

Our full product review has more information on the features mentioned here, the benefits of infrared therapy, and the assembly process. You’ll also find a comparison with the IFT1000 model, and a video showing the IFT4000 being used.

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Ironman Gravity inversion tables

Gravity is Ironman’s most affordable collection of inversion tables, which also includes some of their bestsellers.

Each model is based around a folding A-frame, with full-length safety handles providing assistance when changing inversion angle.

The level of cushioning, weight capacity, and ankle holder system each vary between the four designs, but they all rely on a safety tether cord to limit the table bed rotation.

Unfortunately you’re missing the locking positions of the ATIS and iControl collections, and the infrared therapy of the IFT tables. But the Gravity collection has its own range of benefits.

These are some of the lightest and most compact inversion tables produced by Ironman, with the highest average weight capacity and the same 6’6″ height limit as their higher priced ATIS collection.

If you’re unsure of which Gravity model to buy, look out for differences in the weight capacity, table bed cushioning, and ankle holder system. These are just some of the features we use for comparisons in our product reviews.

Ironman Gravity 1000

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
Despite being their entry-level model, the Gravity 1000 still supports an impressive 300 lbs, with a full 180-degree inversion range.

The big difference between this and the later 3000 and 4000 models is the ankle locking system. On this model it’s spring loaded with a short handle, which isn’t ideal if you want to reduce the strain placed on your lower back.

In comparison, the 4000 model uses a ‘palm activated’ ratchet system for quick release of the ankle comforters using an extended length handle.

The Gravity 1000 gives you a choice of three starting positions, with a safety strap used to control the maximum inversion angle.

With over 600 reviews on Amazon alone, this is one of Ironman’s most popular inversion tables, despite the lack of cushioning in the back support.

You’ll find more information on the features, assembly process, warranty, and how to use the Gravity 1000 in our product review.

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Ironman Gravity 2000

Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
Some noticeable improvements here over the earlier Gravity 1000 model, such as the increase in table bed padding and the longer ‘T-Pull Pin’ used for the ankle release system.

Weight capacity remains the same at 300 lbs, with a full 180-degree inversion range and height support to 6’6″.

This model is actually 15 lbs heavier than the Gravity 1000, with a product weight of 65 lbs, which is partly due to the thicker table bed cushioning.

Folded dimensions remain the same, as does the warranty coverage and level of ankle cushioning.

The 2000 is actually the last model in the Gravity collection to be without Ironman’s ratchet ankle locking system, which is certainly worth bearing in mind.

For the minimal price difference (we’ve actually seen the 3000 model priced lower than the 2000 model on Amazon on occasion), you might be best opting for the Gravity 3000, which also offers their full 350 lb weight capacity and 2.5″ of foam padding in the back support.

Our product review provides more information on the folding options, design features, safety, and assembly process, as well as some background on the health benefits of inversion therapy.

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Ironman Gravity 3000

Ironman Gravity 3000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
From a value for money perspective, the Ironman Gravity 3000 may be your best option from this collection.

You’re getting the same 350 lb weight capacity and height support (to 6’6″) as the higher priced 4000 model, as well as the same density of back support cushioning (2.5″).

Compared to the earlier 2000 model there’s improvements across the board, with the addition of stretch handles, the ratchet release system for the ankle holders, and a wider table bed for increased support of your back, head, and neck.

As with the other Gravity inversion tables, the 3000 model can be folded, but won’t be freestanding. You’ll need to find a surface to lean it against unless you are happy to disassemble certain parts after each use.

You can find more information on the design and safety features, assembly process, and storage options in our comprehensive product review. We also make a number of comparisons between the Gravity 3000 and a number of other Ironman inversion tables.

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Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
The top-of-the-line inversion table in Ironman’s Gravity collection, the Gravity 4000 has a weight capacity of 350 lbs, inversion range of 180 degrees, and height support to 6’6″.

With over 1500 reviews on Amazon alone, this isn’t just one of Ironman’s bestsellers, it also represents one of the most sought after and popular inversion tables in the industry.

A ‘Palm Activated’ ratchet ankle locking system coupled with the extended handle makes it incredibly easy to lock and release the ankle comforters, placing minimal strain on your lower back.

Full-length safety handles and a tether strap help you to control and limit the angle of inversion, with ergonomically molded ankle holders holding your ankles securely in place without creating pinch points.

This is similar to the earlier 3000 model, but with Memory Foam used in the back support, and a removable lumbar pillow for additional lower back support.

Both models were tied for the position of best inversion table under $200 in our recent buying guide.

We also have an in-depth review if you’re looking for more information on the warranty, features, health benefits of inversion therapy, and the assembly process. This also includes comparisons with the earlier 1000 and 2000 models, as well as a video of the Gravity 4000 in action.

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