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Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table Review

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The Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table is an upgraded version of the 400 model, and the top-of-the-line design in the iControl range.

In this review we’re going to make some important comparisons with other locking inversion tables from Ironman, as well as some of the premium designs from Teeter Hang Ups.

We’ll also look at which features were upgraded, to help you decide if the iControl 600 is the best inversion table for your own home gym.

Design and safety features

Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table

The main feature that sets this design apart from other inversion tables is the iControl Disk Brake System.

Whether you’re looking at a $100 inversion table from Confidence Fitness or a high-end $400 package from Teeter Hang Ups, most inversion tables tend to rely on a safety tether strap to control the inversion.

Although we love the Teeter Hang ups tables for many reasons, this tether strap is certainly one of the things we would change if we could.

The iControl system has a couple of major advantages.

Firstly, you’re in full control of the rotation. You can stop at any angle you want and don’t have to wait until you hit the limit on the tether strap before stopping.

Secondly, you can make adjustments midway through your inversion therapy session without having to dismount. If you have more than one person using the table and you’re at different experience levels, this also cuts down on the time you would otherwise need to spend adjusting the length of the strap.

By eliminating the tether strap the iControl system supports locking positions through the full 180-degree inversion range. This is ideal for ab workouts where you might want to include exercises such as crunches and sit ups.

Supporting the high 300 lb weight capacity is a strong 1.5″ x 2.5″ oval steel frame, which also features a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish for improved durability.

Extra-long safety handles have been added to assist with the return to an upright position, but providing you have the correct height setting selected, there shouldn’t be much effort involved.

A stretch bar has been fitted to the rear frame for deeper stretching of the back, core, and shoulder muscles, with a storage area fitted to one side for glasses, cell phones, and other small items.

One final feature we have to mention is the patented ankle ratchet system with the extended handle.

This easy-reach ratchet system is something that’s available on all iControl inversion tables, and is a feature we’ve been seeing on Ironman tables since the Gravity 3000.

It also marks a clear improvement over another of their locking inversion tables – the LXT850. This still relies on the same short pin design we saw on the early Gravity 1000 and their infrared therapy tables.

The Ironman iControl 600 is UL certified for safety and endurance, meeting the UL 6061 standard for inversion tables.

Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table

Ironman iControl 600 – Features Summary

  • Frame Construction is heavy duty 1.5″x 2.5″ oval steel frame construction to prevent any instability when inverting
  • The “Air Tech” backrest is 2.75″ thick ribbed soft foam for superior comfort when inverting
  • “Open Space” design eliminates interference from the usual front support bar
  • A “stretching bar” is included for users who want to fully stretch their back muscles
  • Ratchet ankle holder system with extended handle
  • Extra-wide non-slip feet added to each contact point for improved stability
  • Protective finish applied to the frame for improved durability
  • Innovative Disk Brake Locking system replaces the safety tether strap

Comfort and cushioning

Ironman are a company that put a great deal of focus into the comfort of their inversion tables, and the iControl 600 is no exception.

The ribbed AirTech soft foam back support allows air to flow under you when inverted, although not to the same extent as the ComforTrak beds of Teeter Hang Ups designs.

The 2.75″ of padding is the most we’ve seen on an inversion table at any price point, providing complete support for your head, neck, and back.

The mid-section tapers inwards compared to the iControl 400, allowing for greater freedom of movement if you want to take advantage of the stretch bar, or perform twisting core exercises for ab workouts.

The iControl 600 also offers the same ergonomically cushioned ankle holders we’ve come to expect from Ironman, and are similar to the sets we’ve seen on their LXT 850 and high-end Gravity designs.

One last subtle feature is the non-slip, soft-grip coating applied to the full loop safety handles. This makes it much easier to return yourself to an upright position after inverting.

Comparison with the iControl 400

Ironman iControl 600 Inversion Table

If you like the idea of the iControl Disk Brake System but aren’t sure whether you need the top-of-the-line model in their collection, it can be useful to make some quick comparisons.

Firstly, by choosing the iControl 600 you’re getting a higher weight capacity and thicker padding for increased comfort when inverting.

The height range is the same across the collection, with adjustments ranging from 4’10” up to 6’6″, with each table offering the full 180 degree inversion range.

The added strength comes from a slightly different frame construction, with 1.5″ x 2.5″ oval framework used on the iControl 600, but 1.5″ square framework used on the iControl 400.

But apart from the increased padding and weight capacity there aren’t a huge number of differences.

Both offer the stretch bar and full length safety handles, and you don’t lose out on the extended handle for the ankle locking system by opting for the lower priced design.

The ankle holder adjustment is slightly different on the 600 model, with a lever system used in place of the sliding pin system that comes with the 400. This makes it quicker and easier to get on and off the table.

A 5-year extended limited warranty is available on each of the inversion tables in the Ironman iControl collection.

Video of the iControl 600

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • 5-Year extended limited warranty
Ironman Inversion Table Buyer's Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

At the start of this review we said one of our goals was to determine whether the iControl 600 or iControl 400 represented better value for money. So which is it?

There were two differences we noticed - one being the 50 lb of additional weight capacity, and the other being the 1.25" of additional padding in the back support.

Both offer the same Disk Braking System, and there's not a great deal of difference in the dimensions. The extra width to the back support and quick-release motion of the ankle holder certainly make the sessions more enjoyable, but do these upgrades quantify the difference in price?

For us the answer is yes. In most cases you'll save $80-$100 by opting for the iControl 400, but when you consider inversion therapy often requires multiple short sessions per day, little things like extra comfort and quicker mounting / dismounting soon add up.

One last point we wanted to mention relates to weight capacity. There seems to be a minor issue relating to the 'locking' type of inversion tables, with the iControl series and LXT850 all being limited to 300 lbs. This is in comparison to lower priced, tether strap designs such as the Gravity 4000, which offer a higher 350 lb capacity.

Unless you really need the extra 50 lbs we don't see this as a deal breaker, and isn't a true reflection of the strength and quality of the frame.

Overall, the Ironman iControl 600 is a table that offers a much greater degree of control over your rotation speed, with a variety of options for locking positions. This is beneficial for all experience levels, and helps to combine inversion therapy with ab workouts for a total core strength program.

Product dimensions: 57" (H) x 32" (W) x 57" (L) Folded dimensions: 82" (H) x 31" (W) x 18" (L) Product weight: 71 lbs Weight capacity: 300 lbs Height range: 4'10" to 6'6"

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