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Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Table Review

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The Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Table is an upgrade over the earlier LX300, positioned between the lower priced model and the top-of-the-line ATIS 4000 table.

In this review we’ll look at which features have been brought forward and which ones are shared by the higher priced ATIS design.

This includes the safety features, ankle lock system, inversion control, and cushioning for back and neck support. We’ve also added a summary of pros and cons from the highly rated reviews it continues to receive on sites like Amazon, to help you decide if the LXT850 is the best inversion table for the money.

Design and safety features

Ironman LXT850 Locking Inversion Table

One of the most attractive features of the Ironman LXT850 is that the back support and boom is lockable at a full 180 degree inversion, allowing you to perform ab exercises and support a full core strengthening program.

The frame itself is tubular steel, which has been covered with a scratch-resistant coating to improve durability and the overall aesthetic appeal.

From steeper inversion angles you may also want to get a deeper stretch in your back muscles to relieve pressure on trapped nerves and any areas where you may be experiencing tension.

Although the stretch handles aren’t built into the base frame the same way they are with the ATIS 4000, a cambered bar built into the rear U-Frame still does the job well.

A small storage area that we also saw on the ATIS tables has also been included, which is ideal for holding small items such as your cell phone, glasses, or MP3 player.

In terms of the 10-position locking system for the table rotation, the first position locks at approximately 10 degrees above horizontal, then in 10 degree increments all the way to 90 degrees vertical.

Unfortunately one area that doesn’t mirror the ATIS 4000 is the ankle locking system. On the ATIS you’ll find Ironman’s “Ratchet Gear”, which has plenty of positions to ensure your ankles are locked in securely.

The handle for the Ratchet Gear system is much longer than the handle for ankle adjustments on the LXT850, meaning you’ll have to bend right down to your feet to unlock it. If you have mobility issues and want to place as little strain on your lower back as possible, we would recommend wither the ATIS 4000 or Gravity 4000, depending on your budget.

Safety features
In our review of the LX300 we mentioned that inversion tables tend to be fitted with a number of safety features picked from a list of four, and the LX300 included three of the four.

One of the upgrades moving to the LXT850 table is that it now has all four, which includes the locking pin for the adjustable boom. This protects against any unwanted rotation of the back support when not in use, and improves the level of safety for family environments with young children.

You might have also noticed there’s no longer a safety strap joining the bed section to the front U-Frame. This has been replaced with a 10-position Smart Gear locking system, which is a feature we saw on the higher priced ATIS 4000, and is what makes the ab workouts possible.

At any point during your inversion session you can adjust the position by setting the lever to the ‘Free’ position, and distributing your body weight in a way that rotates the boom to your desired angle.

In addition to this you also have the tough non-skid floor stabilizers to prevent unwanted movement during inversion, and extra long safety handles to help you return to an upright position.

Safety vinyl side covers have been included to hide the folding arms that are used to lock the A-Frame in position.

Ironman LXT850 – Features Summary

  • Inverting grips provide maximum stretching while inverting
  • Smart Gear locking system can lock at 10 different angles
  • Ab exercises can be performed
  • Scale Locking System provides easy ankle locking adjustments
  • Super Side Holder storing items while inverting

Ease of assembly and storage options

Assembly instructions for the LXT850 include easy to follow steps and clear parts diagrams

Due to the difference in features between the Ironman LTX850 and models like the Exerpeutic Stretch 300 or Ironman LX300, the assembly process is slightly more complex.

All three inversion tables feature user manuals produced by the same parent company (Paradigm Health & Wellness), so there’s some obvious similarities in the format. But the assembly for the other two tables in much simpler, and it feels like they’ve tried to push too much information into the same number of steps.

The assembly process itself has been broken down into numbered stages, but each stage can have as many as nine individual steps, all of which are merged into the same diagram. Parts reference numbers make it easier to match each step with the corresponding section on the diagram, but we feel they could still be made a little clearer.

You’re also missing the list of parts and tools required for each step, which was something we became accustomed to seeing after our review of the Stretch 300 and LX300.

One important step that’s shown in much more detail though it the attachment of the bed frame to the pivot frame, with three separate diagrams being used to describe the process.

In terms of assembly time, it’s best to set aside slightly longer than you would with tables like the LX300 (60 to 75 minutes should be sufficient). Although you don’t need time to adjust any safety tether strap, there’s much more to do when it comes to fitting base feet, protective covers, and the separate head section to the bed frame.

Click here to view the Ironman LXT850 user manual

Folding and storage options
Underneath the protective side covers you have a set of folding arms on each side. During the assembly process these would be pushed down to their locked position to create the rigid A-Frame, but they can also be lifted up again so you can pull the two frame sections together.

Unfortunately there’s no way to lock them together and prevent movement once folded, but you’re still going to be saving a lot of floor space, and can lean the table against a wall or in a closet if needed.

Weighing in at 82 lbs means you’re probably not going to want to do this every session, but it’s a good middle ground between the ATIS 4000 that doesn’t fold at all, and the lightweight designs that don’t offer the same high 300 lb weight capacity.

Customer reviews

As with any fitness product, it’s important to do enough research to be confident that what you’re buying is the best option for your own health and fitness goals.

With inversion tables, this can mean reading in-depth feature and comparison reviews like ours, and consulting with your doctor about the effectiveness of inversion therapy for any existing health issues.

But it’s also useful to read about other people’s experiences to build a clearer overall picture of the build quality, level of customer service, and suitability to different situations.

Fortunately, being an inversion table from Ironman certainly has its advantages, one of which is that it’s highly rated and reviewed on sites like Amazon.

After reading through each of these reviews ourselves, we put together the following lists of pros and cons to act as a quick reference guide to some of the most important and frequently mentioned points.


  • Locking at full inversion allows you to perform a range of ab exercises
  • High quality nylon covering the back support padding
  • Stretch assist bar also helps you stabilize at steeper inversion angles
  • Folds up to reduce the space required when not in use
  • Can be used to effectively target lower back pain on its own, or as part of a wider physical therapy program
  • Locking at 10-degree increments caters for all experience levels
  • Mixed reviews on the comfort of the ankle holders, but overall they were mostly positive experiences
  • Easy to put together
  • High weight capacity
  • Smooth inversion rotation and secure ankle holders
  • Detachable lumbar pillow adds an extra element of comfort and support


  • Heavier than the majority of inversion tables, which can make it difficult to move around
  • What few negative reviews there are seem to relate to the locking system, specifically difficulties in getting it to lock.
  • A couple of reviewers reported having an issue with the rotation speed. This seems to be due to an incorrect height setting and not taking advantage of the safety handles to control the inversion, and in our opinion doesn’t count against the overall quality of the table.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: 1 year
  • Parts: 90 days
Ironman Inversion Table Buyer's Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

So is the Ironman LXT850 the best choice for your own inversion therapy sessions?

The fact is that it's one of the lowest priced inversion tables to offer a range of locking positions for ab workouts, as well as allowing you to adjust this locking angle while you're on the table. Although the Ironman iControl 400 offers a similar feature for a slightly lower price, you're sacrificing some of the strength (275 lb weight capacity), as well as some cushioning from the back support.

Apart from these two differences the tables are actually quite similar, and if you need to move the table around on a regular basis, the iControl 400 may be the better option, weighing in at 16 lbs less than the LXT850.

Overall, if you're looking for a table that includes many of the benefits of the ATIS 4000 but with a lighter and more compact frame design, the Ironman LXT850 would make an excellent choice. If your budget can stretch to an extra $80-$100 it might be worth considering a Teeter model, but only if you're going to benefit from the accessory options. Teeter still rely on a safety tether system, which means you can't adjust the maximum inversion angle mid-workout.

Product dimensions: 51" (L) x 26" (W) x 62" (H) Folded dimensions: 29" (L) x 30" (W) x 76" (H) Product weight: 82 lbs Weight capacity: 300 lbs Height range: to 6'6"

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