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Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table Review

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Also known as their 5502 model, the Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table is 27 lbs lighter than their LXT850 model, making it much easier to fold and move around.

In this review we’ll take a closer look at the design features that relieve back pain, safety features that let you use this without a spotter, and cushioning system that ensures each session is as comfortable as possible.

We’ve also added a summary of the pros and cons, aggregated from hundreds of highly rated inversion table reviews on Amazon.

Design and safety features

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

One of the key differences between inversion tables is the way they adjust their ankle comforters, with some designs using a short pull-pin, and others using a palm-activated ratchet release system.

The Ironman LX300 falls into a third category, where the pull-pin system is combined with a longer handle to reduce the strain placed on your lower back when bending to release or lock the ankle holders. It’s not quite to the same extent as their Gravity 4000 or ATIS 4000 models, but at a fraction of the price it’s still a nice addition.

The frame itself has been constructed from 1.5″ square steel tubing, with a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish to improve durability and increase the weight capacity. At 275 lbs it’s higher than the Body Champ IT8070 and Body Max IT6000, but 25 lbs lower than any of the Gravity models. Still the best for its price point.

A full 180-degree inversion range is available, but you don’t have the added benefit of a stretching bar or handles built into the base. This is just a sacrifice that has to be made for tables closer to the $100 mark.

Before we take a look at the safety features, we also wanted to mention the height range that the LX300 supports. If you’re between 4’10” and 6’6″ then you’ll have no problems. It’s important that you find a table that caters for your height, as the wrong setting can make it either very difficult to start inverting, or speed up the rotation and make it difficult to return to upright.

Safety features
Of all the inversion tables we’ve reviewed, you’re typically not going to see more than three or four safety features. These are:

  • 1. Handles for returning to upright and controlling inversion
  • 2. A system for locking or limiting the maximum inversion range
  • 3. A base design that promotes stability and prevents unwanted movement
  • 4. Some form of locking pin on the adjustable boom to stop unwanted use, potentially by young children

When Ironman were designing their LX300 they implemented three of these, but didn’t include a pin to lock the boom to the front U-Frame.

The full loop foam-covered handlebars have been included for easy return to the upright position, and coated to prevent your hands from slipping when pulling yourself up from full inversion.

Meanwhile, the adjustable tether strap connects the underside of the bed to the front of the A-Frame, and allows you to restrict the inversion angle to something you’re comfortable with.

Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

Ironman LX300 – Features Summary

  • Home inversion table for adding extra crunch to exercises and relief from back stress
  • Foam vinyl covered backrest, comfortable for the head and back when inverting
  • Combination foam roller and ankle cushions to hold ankles securely and safely
  • Extra-long safety handles provide easy return to the upright position

Ease of assembly and storage options

Assembly instructions for the LX300 include all the parts and tools you need for each step

Because the Ironman LX300 features a relatively lightweight frame and has the option to be folded, the assembly process is hopefully something you’re only going to have to go through once.

To make this as quick and easy as possible, Ironman have already pre-assembled the double U-Frame with pivot arms, with the remaining parts being attached with a handful of bolts and washers.

All the tools are included, with each step specifying which one you’ll need along with the parts required.

The diagrams themselves are clear enough to work from, but you’ll probably have to check on the textual instructions just to know which parts they’re referring to.

With such a lightweight frame there’s not really any heavy lifting involved, and most of the frame and boom assembly has already been done before being packaged.

That being said, there are a few steps that can be quite time consuming, such as building out the base of the adjustable boom with the foot support and heel holders.

You’ll also want to set aside some time to set the length of the adjustable nylon safety strap and height settings, particularly if you’re new to inversion therapy.

Taking all of this into account, you’re probably going to need 60 minutes of free time once you get all the parts out of the packaging. 30 minutes for the assembly, 10 minutes for getting the safety strap attached and set, and 10 minutes for trial and error of finding the optimal setting for your height.

The remaining 10 minutes can be for your first inversion session, although we would recommend 2-3 minutes to start if it’s not something you’ve tried before.

Click here to view the Ironman LX300 user manual

Folding and storage
One of the biggest problems we’ve found with folding inversion tables is that the heel holders and base section of the adjustable boom tend to stick out, even when folded.

Teeter have managed to get around this with a design that sees the boom fold the opposite way, with the heel holders coming to rest directly above the A-Frame.

Although the Ironman LX300 folds to a smaller footprint than many of the Teeter models, it’s not freestanding, meaning you’ll need to find a wall to lean it against as it doesn’t fold completely flat to lay on the ground either.

That being said, this isn’t the heaviest table we’ve reviewed, and at a weight of 55 lbs, can still be moved without too many issues.

If you really need a freestanding design for storage, you might want to take a look at the Teeter EP-560, but you can expect to pay $200+ more than the LX300.

Customer reviews

Being one of Ironman’s lowest priced inversion tables – placing it in the same price range as the Body Champ IT8070 and Innova Fitness ITX9600 – it should come as no surprise that it’s also one of their most popular.

While our own review takes an in-depth look at the features and makes important comparisons with similar models, sites like Amazon can still be a great source of information, especially when you have hundreds of reviews to read through.

This is the case with the Ironman LX300, but reading through so many to find the unique facts that are strictly related to product quality and not an unrelated issue can be incredibly time consuming.

That’s why we read through a large number of these reviews ourselves and collated the points that were mentioned most often into the quick-reference lists of pros and cons below.


  • Sturdy, high quality construction
  • Coated hand rails create a non-slip surface that’s comfortable to grip
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Proven itself as a bestseller despite being placed in such a competitive price range
  • Easily adjustable to suit your height and body type
  • Folds to reduce the space required when not in use
  • Safety tether strap lets you gradually build up to steeper inversion angles if it’s not something you’ve tried before
  • Extended handle for locking and releasing the ankle holders
  • Added width to the back support improves stability when inverting


  • Although the frame does fold and at 55 lbs it’s not the heaviest inversion table we’ve seen, there’s no locking pin or strap to keep the two U-frames together.
  • Some customers found the posterior ankle support was too high in relation to the front set of rollers. This is in comparison to tables like NordicTrack’s Revitalize 2.0, where the front and rear ankle holders are directly opposite each other.
  • Tools are provided but even the highly rated reviews didn’t find them particularly high quality, so we would recommend using your own.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • One year limited warranty from Paradigm Health & Wellness, Inc.
Ironman Inversion Table Buyer's Guide

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

So should you be buying the Ironman LX300?

Between $100 and $150 is undoubtedly the most competitive price range for inversion tables. Despite this, the LX300 has managed to establish itself as one of the bestsellers, with hundreds of reviews on Amazon alone. But for what is often the same price, you have the ITX9700 from Innova Fitness.

The ITX9700 is a table that uses a locking pin system in place of a safety strap, so you won't have the same flexibility in your choice of inversion angles. But it does include a lumbar pad for hot/cold compress and a head pillow for more cushioning around your head and neck. It also has a higher weight capacity at 300 lb.

Both tables have a similar weight to them, and support the same user height range, with identical warranty coverage. In short, there's very little difference between the two, but if you're looking for that extra bit of head and lumbar support, it's certainly worth checking the price on the ITX9700.

We've also written our own review of the Innova Fitness ITX9700, which you can find here.

Product dimensions: L 46.4" x W 27" x H 57" Product weight: 55 lbs Weight capacity: 275 lbs Height range: 4'10" to 6'6"

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