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Confidence Pro Folding Inversion Table Review

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The Confidence Pro Folding Inversion Table represents one of the most affordable designs you can buy for home gyms, and is often available for less than $100.

But is this really good value for money, or should you increase your budget to buy one of the Body Max, Innova Fitness, or Ironman designs?

That’s one of the questions we’ll be answering with our review as we take a look at the design features, cushioning, and safety features.

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Design and safety features

Despite being one of the most affordably priced inversion tables we’ve reviewed, the Confidence Pro actually includes many of the same features we’ve seen on higher priced designs.

The adjustable boom and table bed are mounted on a sturdy steel A-frame construction, which is kept stable thanks to the length of the footprint and tough rubber feet on each of the corners.

Towards the front of the frame you also have a curved front support bar, which is something we’re used to seeing on the iControl range of inversion tables from Ironman.

Unfortunately you still have the steel bar across the base, so it doesn’t quite offer the same ‘Open Space’ benefits, but it’s certainly an improvement over tables like the ITX9600 from Innova Fitness, and the Stretch 300 from Exerpeutic.

The strength of the frame is reflected in the weight capacity, which is set at an impressive 300 lbs, and enough to equal that of the Teeter Hang Ups tables.

The height range is also very similar, but only supports heights of 4’10” to 6’6″, instead of the 4’8″ to 6’6″ offered by many of the tables from Teeter and Ironman.

Safety features
As with most inversion therapy tables, the Confidence Pro uses a safety tether strap to control the inversion range.

If you’re new to inversion therapy you can shorten the strap to limit the inversion angle to something you’re more comfortable with. More experienced users can adjust the strap to allow for the full 180 degree inversion.

Unfortunately this isn’t a table that can be locked in position, making it unsuitable for ab workouts.

If you’re looking for an inversion table that lets you lock the position, we would recommend the iControl 600 from Ironman, or the 700ia from Teeter hang Ups, depending on how many locking positions you need.

In addition to the tether strap, the Confidence Pro also has protective side covers to prevent fingers being caught in the hinge system.

Confidence Pro – Features Summary

  • Decompression of spine alleviates back pain, Stimulates blood flow, Reduces fatigue, Relaxes and reduces stress
  • Adjustable height for use by anyone from 4′ 10″ to 6′ 6
  • Side covers to prevent trapped fingers
  • 12 month warranty included
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Armrest height: 48″

Comfort and cushioning

The level of cushioning for inversion tables varies greatly between brands and models, but isn’t something that’s directly influenced by price.

As an example, Teeter Hang Ups are a company that specializes in premium inversion devices, yet their tables offer no foam padding other than a small pillow for head support.

For the Confidence Pro it’s slightly different. You don’t have thick cushioning, memory foam, or a flexible ComforTrak system to keep you supported and comfortable.

Instead you have a cover similar to the Body Max IT6000, which does a good job of keeping your back supported, but offers little in the way of comfort.

By opting for one of the more affordably priced inversion tables, you’re also missing out on ergonomically molded ankle comforters.

This is something that might make you want to rethink your budget, because for as little as $10 more you can opt for a table such as the Stretch 300 from Exerpeutic.

The Stretch 300 actually swaps the rear set of foam rollers for molded ankle holders, thereby reducing the pressure placed on your ankles.

Comparison with the Body Champ IT8070

At the right time of year you can often find the Confidence Pro and Body Champ IT8070 inversion tables priced within $15 of each other. So why is it that the IT8070 has over 1100 more reviews?

The big difference seems to be in the padding of the back support, where high-density foam has been used for cushioning and coated with a protective vinyl.

Both tables use the same safety strap design for restricting the inversion range, but the Body Champ model also includes a locking bar for extra security at two preset positions.

You’re also getting a 50 lb increase in weight capacity by choosing the Confidence Pro, with a limit of 300 lbs.

However, the IT8070 does fold down to a smaller footprint, requiring a floor space measuring just 28″ (W) x 18″ (L) compared to the 27″ square required by the Confidence Pro model.

Both inversion tables use a short pull pin for locking and releasing the ankle holders, so there’s no difference there.

Overall, if your budget can stretch to between $115 and $130 you’re certainly going to get a more comfortable inversion experience, with the Body Champ IT8070 currently ranked as one of the bestsellers in this category.

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • 12 month warranty included

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

For an entry level inversion table, the Confidence Pro has a number of attractive features.

You have the curved front support bar to create more space for mounting and dismounting, the safety tether for limiting the inversion angle, and the high 300 lb weight capacity.

The height range is also competitive, with a product weight that makes it lighter than many of the higher priced designs.

However, unless you really can't go any higher on your budget, we would certainly recommend taking a look at a couple of similarly priced tables that offer a higher level of comfort.

For $20-$30 the memory foam tables and Teeter Hang Ups models might still be out of reach, but you shouldn't have any problem finding a table that has a padded table bed, and ergonomically contoured rear ankle holders.

If you're looking for a couple of personal recommendations, we would suggest the Body Champ IT8070, Innova ITX9600, or Exerpeutic Stretch 300. The Body Champ and Exerpeutic models use a safety tether strap, while the ITX9600 uses a 4-position safety pin. All offer the same height and weight support as the Confidence Pro.

Product dimensions: 63" (H) x 26.8" (W) x 54.3" (L) Folded dimensions: 78.7" (H) x 26.8" (W) x 26.6" (L) Product weight: 55 lbs Weight capacity: 300 lbs Height range: 4'10" to 6'6"

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