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French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer Review

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French Fitness Wall Monted Mirror Functional Trainer featured image

So many weightlifters get injured by doing repetitive actions with poor form and technique. This causes pressure and strain on the joints. Seeing yourself do the movement in a gym mirror helps you to achieve proper form. Enter the French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer (FF-WMMFT).

French Fitness has taken the gym mirror one step further by combining a wall-mounted mirror with a functional trainer. A great way to save space in your home gym and get more for less.

We review French Fitness’s mirror functional trainer below and reflect on the product’s features, benefits, and customer reviews.

Design Features

View of the French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer

If you’ve decided to buy a gym mirror, there are a few features you need to think about before you take the plunge. We explore the mirror trainer’s design below.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

This mirror product needs a solid design and build due to the built-in functional trainer. It needs to be able to provide support and stability for your workouts.

The French Fitness wall-mounted mirror offers a heavy-duty design. This means you can get a great workout while enjoying the benefits of safety and sturdiness. You won’t have to worry about pulling the mirror off the wall or injuring yourself.

Cable Reach

Man showing cable reach of functional trainer

When looking for similar functional trainer mirror products, you will want a model that has a good cable reach.

The built-in functional trainer for this model provides a 101” (roughly 8ft) cable reach. Giving you enough space and reach to do standing exercises. And, you can place a weight bench in front of the mirror to perform seated, decline, and/or incline exercises.

Pulley Height Adjustments

Pulley height adjustments

You’ll need manoeuvrability with a product like this. On top of a good cable reach, you also need to be able to move your body up, down, and across effortlessly.

The FF-WMMFT has 26 cable column adjustments, opening up a whole variety of exercises for you to do. You can create a diverse strength training workout with this versatility.

Wall Mounting Holes

The wall mounting process for the mirror functional trainer is straightforward. There are five holes on the back of the mirror.

  • Hole 1: Centered at the top of the machine.
  • Hole 2-5: Located in the four corners of the inner design frame. (2) are 3 5/8″ High and (2) are 71 5/8″ High. Both are 26 1/4″ in width apart.

Check out the owner manual for diagrams and instructions on how to mount the mirror.

Weight Stacks & Weight to Pulley Ratio

French Fitness Mirror Functional Trainer weight stacks

Depending on the workout you want to do, you’ll need to be able to have the weights to suit your needs.

The FF-WMMFT features two 110 lb weight stacks, which offer convenient and effective workouts for users of all fitness levels. You also have the option of two 165 lb weight stacks. These 165 lb stacks can also be incremented with 5.5 lb plates per side.

When deciding on weights, there is the 2:1 weight to pulley ratio to factor in too. This means that the load of the weights and how they actually feel are different.

  • The standard 110 lbs per side will feel like 55 lbs per side.
  • The optional 165 lb weight stacks will feel like 82.5 lbs per side.
  • Any 5.5 lb weight stack increments you add onto the 165 lb stack will feel like 2.75 lbs per side.

In short, if you want to go heavy and feel the burn, you will need to buy the bigger weight stacks and the increments.

French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer – Features summary

  • Rubber feet
  • Wall mounting holes: 5 on back
  • Front mirror
  • 2:1 Weight to pulley ratio
  • Excellent mirror surface finish
  • Smooth welding
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 5″W x 5″D frame (9″ deep w/cables) x 84″H

French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer available attachments

Man on weight bench in front of wall mounted functional trainer mirror

The FF-WMMFT comes with a full range of cool attachments that offer an increased level of exertion for your standard workouts. For an added fee, you can perform more powerful crunches and heavier triceps press downs.

You can choose between general customizations and cable attachments. Here are the general options.

  • Mat customizations: 24” x 46” PVC floor mat, 39” x 78” interlocking floor tiling, or 39” x 78” rubber square gym flooring.
  • Aluminum pulley upgrade
  • French Fitness Silver FF-MSC20B weight bench
  • Weight stack upgrade (as mentioned, 165 lbs x 2)

With cable attachments, you have these options:

  • Multi-purpose bar
  • Variety of ankle straps
  • Ab crunch harness
  • Dual hook straight bar
  • Lat bar
  • Pressdown bar
  • Revolving curl or straight bar
  • Seated row/chin bar
  • Stirrup handle
  • Triceps rope and/or strap

Exercise Options

Functional trainers open up a whole range of exercises compared to single-purpose equipment. This wall-mounted trainer also allows users to improve in several fitness areas, not just strength.

The device improves conditioning by strengthening your heart and lungs while increasing your metabolic rate.

The functional trainer affords a greater range of motion. Flexibility is increased and you’ll have less chance of injury.

You can also look forward to more power. Cable exercises promote speed and agility by activating fast-twitch muscle fibers. On the strength side of things, muscle, bone density, ligament, and tendon strength are improved.

Here is a list of some of the exercises you can do with this trainer.

  • Alternating chest press
  • Kneeling pulldown
  • Reverse cable crossover
  • Reverse fly
  • Floor-seated row
  • Side bend
  • Rotational row single leg
  • Woodchopper
  • Lat raise
  • External and anti-rotations
  • Shoulder press
  • Hip abduction and adduction
  • Leg curl
  • Lunge


Product image

The wall-mounted mirror trainer offers a 10-year parts warranty along with a 1-year labor warranty.

French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer customer reviews

Reading about the FF-WMMFT is great for finding out more about its features and benefits, but it’s equally useful to read the opinions of other people who have used the model and similar products.

We compiled the following list of commonly reported pros and cons below.


Here are some pros of the product.

Cable Training & Natural Movement

Functional Trainer & Mirror

It’s not just a functional trainer, it’s not just a mirror. A perk of this product is that it offers a wide variety of exercise options when in use, but also looks legit when it’s not.

Although the steel is heavy-duty, the welding is smooth and the mirror surface is of excellent quality. It’s great as a full-length mirror so you can place it anywhere. Wall-mounted products are best as these save space, gives a sleek finish, and don’t clutter your room.

If you don’t yet have a home gym and are working with an apartment space, this product is a winning choice as it looks good in any room. Plus, if you’re a fitness influencer, it’s a great way to capture the classic post-workout selfie.

Form and Motivation

We’ve mentioned correct form as a benefit before. This cannot be stressed enough. Nothing slows down your fitness progress like injuries and extra strain on your joints.

Be proactive. Watch videos or get a personal trainer’s advice on your form. Then, make sure you are reinforcing it by watching your movements closely in the mirror.

Even better, watching your body work is a huge motivational force. Seeing your muscles swell and grow makes you want to build and work them more.

Be your own personal trainer. Encourage yourself and push your limits.


Here are the cons.

Not a Smart Mirror

This mirror trainer is fantastic in that it offers a mirror with functional training capabilities. However, there are interactive smart mirrors on the market too. These mirrors allow you to stream fitness workouts and programs while working out.

If you prefer your fitness products to be straightforward without the distraction of streaming services, new interfaces and connectivity, the FF-WMMFT is a good fit.

At the end of the day, you can always stream workouts from your phone and use a fitness tracker to keep tabs on your vitals. These won’t be as distracting as having them incorporated into the mirror surface.

Plus, most of these smart mirrors do not have a functional trainer built into them. They may be good for HIIT, but if you’re looking to build strength and leverage weights, the FF-WMMFT is ideal.

Natural Movements

Some purists prefer keeping exercises as natural as possible. Cable-assisted training is not as natural as free weight training. However, it’s far better than fixed resistance machines, like the ones in commercial gyms and circuits.

When you engage in cable training, you can move in various planes of motion. You can replicate natural movements like bends, squats, steps, pushing, pulling, and twisting.

Incorporate these into your workout on the regular and you’ll build strength, control, and flexibility.

Last Thoughts on the French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer

The FF-WMMFT is a good way of jazzing up any room with an attractive, polished mirror while reaping the many rewards of a functional trainer.

Although it may not be as interactive as other mirrors on the market, it has the edge with its weight stacks and cable training capabilities. A huge space saver with the benefits of promoting form and aesthetics to better sculpt your body. You’ll also improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, and power.

If you have the French Fitness Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer at home, drop us a comment with your experience. We want to hear from you.

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