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French Fitness FSR90 Smith Machine Review (Insider’s Guide)

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French Fitness FSR90 Featured image

If you’re looking for an all-in-one piece of gym equipment, the French Fitness FSR90 Multi-Functional Trainer Rack and Smith System is an excellent option. The French Fitness smith machine caters for a range of powerful exercises, like the leg press, pull-ups, chin-ups, deadlifts, squat lifts, and so much more.

One of the newer smith machines on the market, you can use this versatile home gym equipment for a huge range of resistance training workouts.

We explore the French Fitness FSR90’s design features, exercise options, customer reviews, and a comparison between this model and the Force USA G12 below.

French Fitness FSR90 Design Features

Equipment viewed from side

At some point in your fitness journey, you’ll likely want to move forward from the traditional dumbbell and weight bench workouts. In terms of optimizing space and exercise options, it makes sense to take the next step and buy a smith machine or power cage.

But, when upping your weights, be careful not to compromise on safety. If you’re weight lifting at home, chances are you won’t have a gym partner to spot you.

This is why the French Fitness FSR90 Multi-Functional Trainer Smith Machine is an effective choice for your home or garage gym.

You can expect greater control and stability than free weights, even while engaging in explosive movements. And, the press bar with safety catches safeguards you against any accidents.

Keep reading for more features and benefits of the French Fitness FSR90.

French Fitness FSR90 – features summary

  • Chrome stainless steel used for majority of contact points
  • Adjustable dip handles
  • Thick steel barbell hooks with simple, quick height adjustment
  • Extreme core trainer accessory
  • Heavy-duty pulley and cables
  • Thick steel support plates
  • Weight plate storage
  • Storage holder Olympic barbell
  • Linear smith bearing type
  • Adjustable safety catches for smith machine exercise options
  • Bushing Type: Weights have plastic/nylon bushings. Bronze bushings for the rest of the machine

French Fitness FSR90 – Included Accessories

French Fitness FSR90 side view

● Band Pegs (Set)
● Rubber Grip Stirrup Handles (Set)
● Pins (7)
● Carabiners (5)
● Extension Chains (Set)
● Spring Collars (6)
● Jaw Lock Collars (Set)
● Safety Bar Catches (Set)
● Adjustable Dual Dip Bars (Set)
● Lat Pull Knee Cushion w/Right J Hook
● Left J Hook
● Landmine Attachment
● Straight Bar
● Lat Bar
● Dual Hook Revolving Straight Bar
● Dual Hook Jammer Arm Connector
● Vertical Leg Press Plate
● Platform
● Jammer Arms (Set)

French Fitness FSR90 Exercise Options

The video below gives you an idea of the types of movement and exercises you can perform with this machine.

There are a crazy number of exercises you can perform with the FSR90 functional trainer smith machine and squat rack.

The pull up bar allows for various pull-up and chin up exercises. You can also engage in lat pulldowns and leg workouts. You’re able to perform strength training workouts of all types.

With this one machine, you’ll find it easy to achieve most of your weight and strength fitness goals.

Here’s a list of some of the exercises you can perform:

● Pull ups
● Chin ups
● Squats
● Dips
● Leg press
● Cable fly
● Preacher curl (optional on bench attachment)
● Leg extensions (optional on bench attachment)

Don’t feel limited by the above exercises. There are over 300 exercises you can do with this piece of equipment.

French Fitness FSR90 Customer Reviews

Top of frame

The French Fitness FSR90 smith machine is a relatively new product on the market.

This, and the fact that most weightlifting equipment doesn’t receive as many customer reviews as cardio equipment, means that you may struggle to find reviews on this model.

While reading about the French Fitness FSR90 can help you to figure out more about its features and benefits, it’s equally useful to read the opinions of other people who have bought and used it. Check out Reddit and other forums to find out more about this model.

After researching the product ourselves, we compiled the following list of commonly reported pros and cons:


Below, we take a look at the pros of the French Fitness FSR90 functional trainer.

Multi-functional Nature

Close up of equipment jammer arms

This smith machine doubles up as a squat rack machine and is compatible with isolateral seated, standing, and floor-based exercises – thanks to the jammer arms.

The bottom platform also allows you to do leverage squats, calf raises, and shoulder/push presses. This means the equipment also serves as a max gravity smith machine.

Ease of Assembly & Use

French Fitness FSR90 parts

One of the most commonly discussed negatives of smith machines is how difficult it is to assemble these machines. Fortunately, the FSR90 gym offers a far easier rack system assembly process with a step-by-step outline for setup.

The product also comes with a detailed parts breakdown, safety guidelines, and a rod cleaning how-to in the detailed, user-friendly manual.

If you hate setting up equipment, you also have the breezy choice of paying for a full assembly and installation.


Close up of FSR90

You’re looking at a pretty solid product warranty. 10 Years for parts and 1-year labor.


When searching for cons, we didn’t find any major issues with this model. But, we’ve got two minor ones below. 


Equipment viewed outside

We were not entirely thrilled by the black and yellow color scheme for the French Fitness FSR90 functional trainer smith machine. However, forum users gave (seriously) positive feedback about its appearance. So, it’s more a matter of personal taste.

Luckily, you also have the option of a solid black if you tend to agree with our view on the yellow/black bumblebee look.


At the end of the day, when looking to buy a smith machine, you are going to be paying much more than your average weight bench or dumbbell set.

The only real downside is that you’re going to pay top dollar for the product if you want all the attachments. These attachments include the specialised bar types (for example, the Olympic bar), weight bench, and several others.

But, since this is a newer smith machine, which has a ton to offer in terms of attachments, it’s worth the price tag. It will last, and it will maximise exercise options for your sessions.

It also compares quite favorably in price to some of the other smith machines in its bracket, like the Force USA G12.

French Fitness FSR90 vs Force USA G12

Force USA is one of the more well-known strength equipment companies, known for manufacturing great value exercise equipment. French Fitness is a California-based company specializing in the retail and manufacturing of fitness and exercise equipment.

When it comes to the models, both the French Fitness FSR90 and Force USA G12 are rated as great home gym equipment for light commercial use. Each one is also suitable for heavy-duty usage as well as performing powerful strength training exercises.

But, the FSR90 Functional Smith and Squat Rack does seem to have an edge over the Force USA G12.

That’s thanks to the previously mentioned jammer arms and base platform. The jammer arms mean you can do isolateral exercises like single-arm rows. The bottom platform will improve your lower-body workouts because you can add in calf raises and leverage squats.

Base platform of model

In addition to the extra features, the FSR90 is kinder to your wallet. If budget is a deciding factor for you, the FSR90 beats the Force USA G12 hands down.

Optional Attachments & Upgrades Summary

FSR90 smith machine

● Interlocking tile flooring or rubber gym tile flooring
● Olympic weight plate set
● Weight stack adapter plates
● Aluminium pulley upgrade
● Bench and attachment
● Chrome Olympic bar
● Lat blaster bar
● Resistance pull up assist bands
● And a multitude of cable attachments, bars, ropes, and straps


Side of smith machine

● Frame thickness: 2″ x 2.75″
● Width (outer part of cage): 52″
● Weight: 992lbs
● Dimensions: 87 3/8″Height x 88 1/8″Width x 65″Depth
● Dimensions w/Jammer Arms Fully Extended” 101.5″ (Jammer Arms extend 56.5″ from Cable Columns)
● 2:1 Ratio

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