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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Review

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The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic is one of the lowest priced spin bikes to offer a display console, and one of the only models on the market to actually include preset workout programs.

In this review we take a look at these workout programs in more detail, design features, assembly process, and customer reviews, as well as making some important comparisons with some bestselling bikes from Sole and Sunny Health and Fitness.

Design features

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

Despite only being their second indoor cycle, the 510Ic from Diamondback Fitness has already built up an impressive collection of 5 star customer reviews, as well as awards for the best indoor cycle in its price category.

To cater for a wider range of user heights, both the seat and handlebars offer full vertical adjustment, as well as fore and aft settings to help you find your most efficient cycling position.

The lever style adjustment system is quicker to use than conventional locking pins, which can be useful if the bike will be used by more than one person.

Resistance is computer controlled, which means you can enjoy a workout that’s much quieter than the ones you would experience on a chain driven model.

You might have noticed the friction pad and control knob where the resistance control would usually be. In actual fact this doesn’t control the resistance at all, being an innovative breaking handle that’s used to stop the flywheel from rotating after you stop pedalling.

While the seat and handlebar adjustment options certainly have a big influence on the effectiveness of your workout, it’s also worth mentioning the pedal design.

The pedal cages and adjustable toe clips ensure that your feet are held securely in place during higher intensity workouts. This helps to promote a more efficient transfer of force from your legs through to powering the pedal crank system.

Heart rate touch sensors and flywheel comparison
Although having the handlebars offer multiple grip positions is certainly useful for supporting your upper body through high and low intensity workouts, it’s fair to say that there are numerous other bikes available that feature a very similar design.

However, if you look beyond the ergonomic grip positions, you’ll see that this is currently one of the only indoor cycling bikes to offer touch sensors for transmitting your heart rate to a receiver in the display console.

In terms of flywheel weight, the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic does lag behind a little in comparison with similarly priced models, such as the Sole SB700.

At 32 lbs it’s closer in weight to Sunny Health and Fitness’ bestselling SF-B1002 model, which we actually rated as our top choice of indoor cycling bike for under $200 in a recent guide.

But with a price difference close to $600, what other benefits can the 510Ic provide to validate the higher price, and could this bike still be considered good value for money? When you compare the feature we’re looking at next with the overall build quality, adjustability and comprehensive warranty coverage, we certainly believe so.

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic – Features Summary

  • Computer controlled resistance provides consistent resistance levels every
  • 14 workout programs: 8 preset programs, 4 heart rate controlled programs
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • 16 levels of resistance ensure plenty of challenge on the toughest workouts
  • Fore/aft seat and handlebar adjustments

Display console design

Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle

Despite being available on almost all upright and recumbent bikes, a feature that you might not be used to seeing on a spin bike or indoor cycling bike is the display console.

Usually reserved for bikes costing many multiples of the Diamondback 510Ic, such as the Keiser M3 or Spinner eSpin from Mad Dogg Athletics, the bright blue LCD screen keeps you updated with a variety of useful feedback throughout your workout.

This includes your speed, RPM, time elapsed, distance, watts, calories burned, and thanks to the touch sensors in the handlebars, their heart rate as well.

Having such a large screen also means there’s enough space for a matrix display, which is particularly useful as a reminder of which program you’re following if you opted for one of the 14 preset options.

A quick glance at the console now enables you to see the variation in resistance levels across the duration of the program, as well as the maximum and minimum resistance settings used. This makes it easier to categorise the different programs in terms of their suitability for different fitness levels.

Another major benefit of this particular console design is that it features a battery-free display option. This means that your pedalling motions will generate enough energy to power up the console, which Diamondback claims will leave you free from endless cables and power outlets.

Preset workout programs

There are a number of benefits to having a magnetic resistance system. In addition to the quieter workouts, this means that a computer built-into the display console can control the level of resistance automatically if needed.

This tends to be something we take for granted on many upright and recumbent exercise bikes, but it’s somewhat of a rarity among bikes of this style.

The Diamondback Fitness 510Ic features 14 workout programs with 8 presets and 4 that are heart rate controlled. These offer enough variation to provide challenging workouts for all fitness abilities, taking you through a selection of the 16 resistance levels. The workout programs for the 510Ic fall under 3 main categories.

Workout program categories

  • 1. Pre-programmed – Lets you choose from a number of target-based workouts, including duration, distance, calories burned, and watts target.
  • 2. Custom workout – The Diamondback 510Ic allows you to create one custom workout profile, which is saved at the end of your workout and may be accessed and edited at any time.If this program is chosen, you will be prompted to define a resistance level for each of the 16 segments in the display matrix. Your chosen workout duration will then determine how long you spend cycling in each segment.
  • 3. Heart Rate Control (HRC) – 4 programs that allow you to set your desired heart rate level. The resistance then automatically adjusts to keep you within your target range.The console does actually prompt you to enter your age, which dramatically improves the accuracy of the feedback.

One of the programs we’re yet to mention is the fitness test. This is based around the recovery method of testing, whereby after you complete your workout, pressing the ‘Fit Test’ button starts a one minute countdown.

After these 60 seconds have passed, your fitness score will be displayed based on how quickly your heart rate has returned to normal after strenuous exercise.

Potential scores range from P1-Excellent through to F6-Poor. This can be a useful way to measure improvements in your fitness level over time.

Ease of assembly / Maintenance required

Clear assembly instructions for the Diamondback 510Ic help to reduce the time it takes to get setup

Although Diamondback actually recommends an authorized technician performs the assembly, the user manual provided with the bike is actually detailed enough to follow with no real issues.

The bulk of the setup is actually already done for you, with the levellers and transport wheels already fitted to the base stabilizers, and the main frame, flywheel, and pedal crank system packaged as a single unit.

Although the full weight of the bike is over 120 lbs, there’s not a great deal of heavy lifting involved. Once you have the front and back base stabilizers attached to the main frame, the remainder of the assembly gets considerably easier.

Even taking into account the time it takes to attach the seat, stem assembly, pedals, and optional water bottle holder, the entire process can still be completed in under 45 minutes.

Click here to view the user manual

Maintenance required
Something to bear in mind when buying any new piece of fitness equipment is the level of ongoing maintenance required, especially if there’s a set routine that needs to be followed to ensure the warranty coverage remains valid.

We recently reviewed a number of EFX trainers and recumbent bikes from Precor, where their user manuals explained a fairly standard cleaning routine, but with quite specific cleaning solutions.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the maintenance routine for the Diamondback 510Ic is a little simpler, recommending a quick wipe down of the bike with a mild soap solution followed by thorough drying with a towel.

This is something that they recommend is performed every time you cycle to help prevent any corrosion of internal or external parts due to perspiration, but shouldn’t take any more than a couple of minutes to do.

Customer reviews

If you’re in a position where you can’t actually find a local fitness center that has a display model of the 510Ic in stock for a test ride, it’s important to be able to build up an accurate impression from online research.

While we aim to provide you with as much detailed information as possible in our own reviews, we also understand that different people have different experiences.

That’s why we’ve collected feedback from a number of high quality and trustworthy sources – including Amazon customer reviews – and compiled the following lists of pros and cons based on the feedback.


  • Very sturdy, well-built frame
  • Quiet to use
  • Magnetic resistance levels adjust quickly during interval training workouts
  • Interchangeable seat creates a customized cycling experience
  • Excellent level of customer service provided through the contact form on the Diamondback Fitness website
  • One of the lowest priced indoor cycling bikes to offer a display console
  • Transport wheels make it much easier to move around if needed
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions are easy to understand
  • Suitable for different user heights thanks to the seat and handlebar adjustment
  • Easy to use control panel on the display console


  • Heart rate feedback displayed on the console is a little slow to pick up on changes transmitted via the touch sensors
  • Occasionally the preset heart rate programs will make incorrect adjustments to the resistance, due to this delay in receiving heart rate feedback

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Brake: Lifetime
  • Parts and electronics: 3 years
  • Labor: 1 year
  • Wear items: 90 days

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

Looking at the features you get in relation to the price, it's hard to see how the Diamondback 510Ic doesn't represent good value for money.

The magnetic resistance system opens the way for a wide variety of workout programs for all fitness levels, with the fitness test being a useful way to monitor improvements in physical conditioning.

Although the flywheel weight isn't as heavy as on some of the bikes from Sunny or Sole, if this is something that bothers you at all then it's certainly worth taking a look at the 910Ic model as well.

The 910Ic Indoor Cycle does cost around $200 more, but features a 40 lb flywheel in addition to 16 more resistance levels (32 total) and 4 more preset workout programs.

Overall, the Diamondback 510Ic is strong enough to support a high weight capacity, backed by an impressive warranty, with excellent customer service and a variety of effective workout options for all fitness levels. It's also reassuring to see such a high average review rating on each of the ecommerce stores we saw it listed on.

Product dimensions: 42" (L) x 23" (W) x 46" (H) Product weight: 126 lbs Weight capacity: 300 lbs

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