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Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Bike Reviews

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If you want to buy a new indoor cycling bike and are looking for a mix of high-spec features and affordability, you’ve probably already heard of Sunny Health and Fitness.

They currently offer one of the largest collections of in-home spinning style exercise cycles. This makes it easier to find a bike that suits your budget, but more difficult to decide on the best model to suit your personal fitness goals.

That’s why, with the release of their premium ASUNA collection, we wanted to put together a quick reference guide to all Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bikes. This includes a summary of the most important features for easy comparisons, and a full review of each bike if you would like more information.

Indoor cycling bikes

Sunny Health and Fitness have a wide range of exercise equipment, with their 2015 catalog containing everything from ellipticals and treadmills, through to Pilates bands and Plyo boxes. But they’re probably best known for their impressive collection of indoor cycling bikes.

There are two main differences worth mentioning between the different models, one of which is the resistance control, and the other being the drive system.

On most bikes the resistance will be applied via a single friction pad, where the pressure of the pad against the flywheel is controlled by rotating a knob directly in front of the seat.

The second type of resistance is very similar, but uses two friction pads and a caliper style system to apply pressure to the sides of the flywheel, rather than the outer edge. This is usually found on the entry level bikes, and results in a little more noise and a slightly higher maintenance cost when it comes to replacing them.

As for the drive system, Sunny’s indoor cycling bikes use either a belt or chain to transfer the movement you put into the pedal crank system through to the movement of the flywheel.

Some bikes, like the SF-B1002 are available in both versions, where the standard SF-B1002 is belt drive, and the SF-B1002C is chain drive. We’ll indicate in our summaries below whether a bike is available in both versions, but the only major difference is noise.

Indoor cycling bikes don’t tend to use magnetic resistance, so by their nature they’re going to produce slightly more noise than an upright or recumbent bike. But if you buy a model that’s belt drive and uses a single friction pad, you can at least keep this noise to a minimum.

Sunny SF-B1001

Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Review rating: 4 star review rating
If you’re on a strict budget, the SF-B1001 usually retails for just under $200, making it your best option.

But because it’s their most affordable indoor cycling bike, the flywheel weight and weight capacity are lower than what you’ll find on their top-of-the-line models.

The flywheel weighs in at 30 lbs, which is much lower than the 49 lbs offered by the Sunny SF-B1002, but this is still the heaviest we could find under $200.

As for weight capacity, this is the only real negative for the Sunny indoor cycling bikes, as they seem to offer slightly less than similarly priced bikes from other companies.

The SF-B1001 supports up to 200 lbs, but their bestselling (over 1100 reviews on Amazon) SF-B901 model can support up to 275 lbs, with a 40 lb flywheel. Even the bikes in their commercial ASUNA collection have a limit of 285 lbs.

Due to the shorter frame height (43″), this bike is generally better suited to a user height range of 5’0″ up to 5’8″. For taller users it’s better to start looking at something like the SF-B1110 (assembled height of 47.5″), due to the range of seat height settings available.

  • Dimensions: 46″L X 20″W X 43″H
  • Display console: No
  • Flywheel weight: 30 lbs
  • Drive system: Chain drive

  • Product weight: 85 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Toe cages: Yes
  • Fore-aft handlebars: No
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Sunny SF-B1002

Sunny SF-B1002 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
The SF-B1002 represents a significant upgrade over the earlier SF-B1001 model, and is one of Sunny’s only indoor cycling bikes to be available in belt drive and chain drive versions.

As their top-of-the-line model and one of the bestsellers on Amazon, the flywheel weight has been increased to 49 lbs, which is the heaviest we’ve seen on a bike at this price. This is compared to bikes like the 510Ic from Diamondback Fitness (31 lbs) and the SB700 from Sole Fitness (48 lbs).

The weight capacity has also been increased, from 220 lbs up to 275 lbs, although this has resulted in a 30 lb increase in frame weight compared to the SF-B1001.

In terms of adjustability, although Sunny Health and Fitness do have exercise bikes with fore-aft handle adjustments, the SF-B1002 doesn’t have this feature. The only model to offer fully adjustable handlebars is the SF-B1110, which features a 44 lb flywheel and 265 lb weight capacity.

However, the seat itself does provide both vertical and fore-aft adjustment, using a simple locking pin system that lets you make changes in seconds, making it ideal for family environments.

So how does the SF-B1002 measure up to other spin style bikes under $500, and is there any way to track your performance without a display console?

  • Dimensions: 50″L X 20″W X 44″H
  • Display console: No
  • Flywheel weight: 49 lbs
  • Drive system: Belt drive

  • Product weight: 115 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Toe cages: Yes
  • Fore-aft handlebars: No
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Sunny SF-B1110

Sunny SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Review rating: 4 star review rating
The SF-B1110 is unique to the Sunny indoor cycling bike collection, as it’s the only model to offer fore-aft handlebar adjustment, as well as the standard selection of height settings.

In a similar way to the SF-B1001, it’s also available in two different finishes; white (SF-B1001) and silver (SF-B1110 S), with a weight capacity that’s just 10 lbs less than their top-of-the-line SF-B1002 model.

However, compared to the SF-B1002, the footprint is slightly shorter and the frame slightly higher, making it a better fit for taller users, or anyone looking to make the best use of limited workout space.

In terms of price, the SF-B1110 and SF-B1002 are virtually the same, with a list price of just under $500, but usually available for closer to $330 after discounts.

But given that Sunny Health and Fitness typically offer very short warranties compared to other companies (usually between 3 months and 1 year), are there other bikes in this price range that represent better value for money?

  • Dimensions: 46.5″L X 20.5″W X 47.5″H
  • Display console: No
  • Flywheel weight: 44 lbs
  • Drive system: Chain drive

  • Product weight: 118 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs
  • Toe cages: Yes
  • Fore-aft handlebars: Yes
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Sunny SF-B901

Sunny SF-B901 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Review rating: 4.5 star review rating
The SF-B901 is currently the post popular indoor cycling bike from Sunny Health and Fitness, with over 1100 reviews on Amazon alone. So why is it so highly rated?

There’s the obvious attraction of the price, which is listed at close to $600, but usually available for closer to $270, making it one of their lowest priced models.

Add this to the 275 lb weight capacity and 40 lb flywheel, and you have a bike that offers the perfect combination of features and affordability, with a footprint that’s smaller than the SF-B1002.

Unfortunately you don’t have the fore-aft handlebar adjustment of the SF-B1110 (above), but you still have a fully adjustable seat, height adjustable handles, and conveniently placed emergency brake lever for stopping the flywheel if needed.

Weighing in at close to 100 lbs, the SF-B901 is about average in terms of frame weight, but with just 3 months warranty as standard, how easy is it to have parts replaced if something goes wrong?

  • Dimensions: 48.5″L X 20″W X 46.5″H
  • Display console: No
  • Flywheel weight: 40 lbs
  • Drive system: Chain drive

  • Product weight: 108 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Toe cages: Yes
  • Fore-aft handlebars: No
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