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MapMyWalk Instructional User Guide

How To Use MapMyWalk To Track Your Fitness

Benefits of a paid subscription plan

Up until now we’ve based our guide entirely on the features you can expect from the free membership option. But it’s also worth knowing about the additional features you can gain access to by opting in to a monthly ($5.99 per month) or yearly ($29.99 per year) subscription.

As with many online services, MapMyWalk operates on a type of freemium model, whereby you have access to many of the more basic features for free, but can upgrade to more advanced options if needed.

If you’re looking to simply plan your walking routes, monitor your times and goal tracking, and store your workout information, then the free membership is ideal. This even lets you enjoy all the social benefits that can be gained from the online fitness community – which is one of the reasons MapMyFitness apps are so popular.

What the MVP (paid subscription plan) offers is a much more in-depth look at this workout data, with features such as cadence analysis, heart rate analysis, and mobile coaching. This also removes any advertisements from the site, which you may notice have noticed in the header and sidebar.

There are many other additional features that the paid subscription plan offers, with a detailed list available on the MapMyWalk website.