Powerline BSG10X Home Gym Review

The Powerline BSG10X Home Gym has been specifically designed to provide challenging, muscle-building workouts with a small frame footprint.

But can you still enjoy an effective muscle workout with a compact home gym?

Our review takes a look at the BSG10X in more detail, including the types of workouts and exercises, optional attachments, and customer reviews. This is to help you decide if it’s the best home gym system for your own home workouts.

Strengthen and tone your back

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

Although the back is such a large and complex group of muscles, the 3 cable pulley positions and pressing arm allow you to put together a very effective workout.

In terms of the frame design, the seat has been kept as close as possible to the weight stack. This is to help with reducing any unnecessary size and weight, as well as reducing the required length of the section supporting the high cable pulley.

This helps to prevent any unwanted movement in the frame when you are performing exercises such as lat pulldowns.

With lat pulldowns being excellent for developing width and working your lats, if your goal is to build a thicker back then you will also need to include some form of row in your workout.

Fortunately the Powerline BSG10X features a pressing arm which can be adjusted through a range of different angles. While this is useful for giving you more space for using the high cable pulley, it also creates the perfect starting position for seated rows.

To create a greater range of motion and get a better stretch in the muscles, the back support can be adjusted so it’s further away from the weight stack. This then acts as a chest support to allow you to isolate your back muscles, including your lats, traps, and rhomboids when fully contracted.

Although there are dozens of exercise variations you can choose from using the cables alone, it’s also worth mentioning the low cable pulley.

This extends beyond the leg developer with its own metal footplate, giving you plenty of space to perform bent over rows or shrugs.

Creating your chest workouts

Between chest presses and unilateral cable flys, the Powerline BSG10X can be used to target all areas of your chest effectively

Despite being a smaller muscle group compared to your back, it’s important to be able to work your chest from a variety of angles to ensure your physique stays balanced and in proportion.

Unfortunately there isn’t a pec fly station like some home gyms. You can however still use the different levels of cable pulley and main pressing arm to put together an effective workout.

To switch between working your middle and upper chest, you simply need to adjust the red locking pin to a position that puts the pressing arm at more of an incline.

With the Powerline BSG10X having 3 different sets of handles and an adjustable seat, this ensures that you can find the most effective position for your height and natural range of motion in each exercise.

While the pec fly is one of the most popular exercises for targetting your inner chest, another effective option is the cable crossover.

Without a second weight stack and cable pulley tower it’s impossible to perform standard crossovers, but you can still include unilateral cable crossovers from both a high and low level.

This helps to improve your core at the same time as targetting the hard to train inner portion of your chest muscles.

To improve the safety when adjusting the resistance, the weight stack has been designed to face outwards, rather than facing the back of the seat like on many multi gyms.

This helps to keep your hands free of any cables or moving parts.

Powerline BSG10X Home Gym

Powerline BSG10X – Features Summary

  • Home gym designed to provide challenging, muscle-building workouts in limited amount of space
  • Ships 90% assembled and requires fastening just nine bolts
  • 11-gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function, and durability
  • Telescoping, chrome-plated, adjustable seat post for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning
  • 2,200-pound tension strength, military-grade aircraft cables with swiveling ends provide durability and low maintenance
  • Easy to use, space-saving, no-cable-change design
  • 160-pound weight stack
  • Includes 48-inch lat bar, low row bar, and ab crunch harness
  • Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and muscle development
  • 8 press bar positions
  • 40+ exercise options

Bicep and tricep workouts

As well as the 48″ lat pulldown bar, the Powerline BSG10X also comes with a smaller straight bar attachment which is ideal for bicep and tricep exercises.

Attached to the low cable pulley, the straight bar allows you to perform both standard and reverse grip bicep curls. This helps to target both the brachialis and the bicep itself.

The great thing about having so many cable pulley positions is the range of attachments they can be used with. If you want to switch to rope curls or even concentration curls, all you need to do is clip on a different attachment.

For tricep workouts, you have both the option of both standard pressdowns and overhead extensions. As with any muscle, it’s important to be able to work the triceps from a range of angles.

This is why it’s so useful that the Powerline BSG10X has a mid-range pulley.

Lower body workouts

The Powerline BSG10X includes a leg developer, but can also be upgraded with a leg press attachment

As with most home gyms, the Powerline BSG10X is primarily designed for upper body workouts. That being said, there are actually a surprising number of lower body exercises available.

The built in leg developer uses the resistance of the weight stack through the low cable pulley, allowing you to perform both leg curls and leg extensions.

These are both excellent exercises for isolating your hamstrings and quads.

Similar to the Powerline P1X, this particular home gym has a leg press attachment that can be added for even more lower body exercises.

The difference is that the leg press for the P1X needs to sit alongside the main home gym frame, whereas the leg press for the BSG10X simply attaches to the front.

This helps reduce the overall size while still offering the same exercise options.

Professional home gym assembly services

When ordering a new home gym system, you might be wondering how easy will it be to setup? Most will include some form of manual, but the quality of assembly instructions can differ greatly between the different models and manufacturers.

This can be especially true with single station home gyms like the Powerline BSG10X, where you have multiple pivot points and a complex multi-position cable system.

One option is to hire a professional – someone who has experience setting up this type of home fitness equipment. So who can you trust to get the job done?

Home Gym Assembly
Start by confirming your service location

Amazon have recently introduced a number of home assembly services, for ellipticals, treadmills, and now home gyms. Simply enter your zip code in the form above to check the options for your location.

You can even find hundreds of highly rated reviews from customers who have already taken advantage of Amazon’s professional home gym assembly service.

With all the necessary tools and experience, and a typical assembly time of just 3 hours, it’s often the quickest way to get started with your new weight training workouts.

Customer reviews

While it’s important to compare features and product descriptions to find out exactly what you get for your money, another useful comparison between similar products is the customer reviews.

Compared to the P1X home gym, the Powerline BSG10X has many more customer reviews, with a higher overall rating.

Although the vast majority of reviews are rated at the full 5 stars, we’ve listed some of the most frequently mentioned reasons for both high and low rated reviews below.


  • Multi-position pressing arm creates a wide range of exercises
  • Simple to setup
  • Relatively small footprint
  • Smooth operation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Solidly built
  • Comes with most of the components already assembled
  • Quick to switch between exercises


  • No exercise DVD to show how to perform the exercises
  • Some instructions aren’t as clear as they could be

The only real negative reviews were from people who waited longer than they hoped for delivery, or found that the 160 lb weight stack wasn’t heavy enough for them.

What’s included in the warranty?

This Powerline home gym includes a limited ten-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on the frame, and a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all other parts.

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

The Powerline BSG10X includes a few very important design features that help to set it apart from similarly priced home gyms. These being the multi-position pressing arm, multiple grip points, and optional leg press attachment.

Having 3 cable pulley positions is also an improvement over the majority of home gyms available at this price point, with most just featuring the high and low options.

The closest home gym we found in terms of price was another Body Solid design, the EXM1500S. Although this does have the 3 cable pulleys, there is no leg press attachment option and a lack of pressing arm positions.

The BSG10X remains one of the best options for a full body workout from home, while still maintaining its compact overall size.

Powerline is a brand operated by Body-Solid, Inc. Body Solid has over 20 years of experience in producing weightlifting and cardiovascular products, as well as a range of fitness accessories.

Product dimensions:
42" (W) x 80" (H) x 70" (D) Includes: 48-inch lat bar, low row bar, and ab crunch harness