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ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill Review

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The ProForm Sport 7.0 treadmill is an upgrade to the entry level Sport 5.0 model. But with an identical console layout, same workout programs, and iFit enabled console, what more do you really get for the money, and is the top-of-the-line Sport 7.5 treadmill actually your best option?

In this review we’ll be taking a close look at everything from the console design and entertainment options, through to the warranty coverage and assembly process.

We also made some important comparisons between the Sport 7.0 and other ProForm home treadmills, with a quick guide to the workout programs. This is to help you decide if the Sport 7.0 is the best treadmill for your own home gym.

Note: The ProForm Sport 7.0 treadmill has now been discontinued. For a complete list of all the latest ProForm treadmills, suitable for every budget, we recommend taking a look at our in-depth buyer’s guide.

Design and safety features

ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill

The ProForm Sport 7.0 was originally marketed as an upgrade to the Sport 5.0 treadmill, but has since been replaced by the Sport 7.5, which has been redesigned for 2016.

The Sport 7.0 features a 0-12% Quick Incline™ range, which is a quick and easy way to increase the intensity of your workouts, resulting in a higher number of calories burned. This is especially true when you combine the steeper incline gradients with one of the higher belt speed settings, which has a limit of 12 mph. Both can be adjusted using convenient in-handle controls.

Taking a closer look at the motor, and it’s the same 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial DC design that ProForm built into their Sport 7.5 model. This has been constructed using high-grade components and features an internal cooling system to reduce the wear on parts. It also helps limit the amount of noise and vibration generated by the internal flywheel, resulting in a quieter indoor running experience. The motor also includes ProForm’s in-home efficiency booster, which reduces the amount of electricity needed to keep the belt moving. As testament to its quality, both the frame and motor are covered by a lifetime warranty.

In terms of the running area, this has the same dimensions as on the Sport 7.5 treadmill, measuring 20″W x 60″L. This is a full 5-inches longer than the ProForm Sport 5.0 model, making it a better option for taller users (6ft+) who want the freedom to exercise with their full natural running stride.

Inside the running deck ProForm have again opted for ProShox™ Cushioning, which is their most popular impact absorption system, and can be found on all Sport series treadmills, as well as their bestselling Pro 2000 model. This applies cushioning throughout the length of the deck, to reduce the stress placed on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips when your foot strikes the tread belt.

One final feature worth mentioning is the 1.9″ precision-machined balanced rollers. These are medium-sized in comparison to the 2.5″ rollers of their Pro 9000 treadmill, but are still large enough to reduce the wear on the tread belt and limit the risk of belt slip.

Safety features
All treadmills in the ProForm Sport series share the same combination of safety features. This means the Sport 7.0 includes a pair of short handrails for balance assistance, and a safety key to stop the tread belt in the event of a fall.

Unfortunately you don’t have any of their more family-friendly safety features, such as the 4-digit passcode that locks the console until the correct combination is entered. This is usually found alongside another feature – the safety screen timeout. This timeout resets the console if no button is pressed and the belt doesn’t move for a set amount of time. Both of these more advanced safety features can be found on their Pro series treadmills, as well as those in the Boston Marathon series, Premier series, and the Performance 1850, amongst others.

ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill

ProForm Sport 7.0 Treadmill – Features Summary

  • 0-12% Quick Incline™
  • 0-12 MPH QuickSpeed®
  • 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor
  • 20″W x 60″L Running surface
  • 22 Workout apps
  • 6″ Backlit Display
  • ProShox™ Cushioning
  • 325 lb Weight capacity

Display console design

The Sport 7.0 treadmill console features a 6-inch backlit display

Unfortunately the ProForm Sport 7.0 wasn’t included in the same 2016 upgrade as the Sport 5.0 and Sport 7.5 treadmills. This means you’re missing the Round Watts LED display, and instead have the more conventional 6″ backlit display.

Recently ProForm have started to move away from these backlit displays in favor of more innovative features – like Round Watts. But some of their treadmills weren’t upgraded for 2016, and aren’t part of the Premier series, Boston Marathon series, or Pro series (all include full-color, iFit enabled displays). This includes the Power 795, which also has a similar 6″ backlit screen.

For the Sport 7.0 this allows you to monitor a range of useful workout feedback, including distance, speed, time, heart rate, and number of calories burned. If you have a tablet, there’s also the option of creating a larger second screen that’s held at eye level by the integrated tablet holder.

Although you don’t have a built-in web browser like some of ProForm’s top-of-the-line treadmills, you do still have iPod® and MP3 compatible audio via the built-in sound system. This includes two 2-inch speakers for listening to your favorite workout music without the need for headphones.

One of the more convenient features is the Quick Select console buttons, which can be used to switch between the various incline and belt speed settings. Similar options are available for switching between the settings of a multi-speed CoolAire™ Workout Fan, which has also been built into the console.

Heart rate monitoring
If you want to monitor your heart rate during a workout, one option is to hold onto the EKG™ Bluetooth compatible touch sensors that have been built into the handles. The ProForm Sport 7.0 is also compatible with wireless heart rate chest straps, which in our opinion are far superior to the touch sensors, offering a more reliable reading through constant contact with your skin, regardless of your position on the tread belt (wireless chest strap not included).

Workout programs and user profiles

Something we discovered when reviewing the ProForm Sport 5.0 was that there was more than one version available, and that it had recently been upgraded for 2016. It’s a similar situation for the Sport 7.0 treadmill, where you have a older, less advanced model, and an upgraded modern version that both go by the same name.

At the time of writing this review it’s the 2016 version that’s the most recent, and has a reference number of PETL79716. In contrast the older version that doesn’t include the Round Watts LED display will be PFTL79014.

In terms of workout programs and console design, the Sport 7.0 treadmill is virtually identical to the Sport 5.0. The only noticeable difference in the models that we reviewed was that the Sport 7.0 had speed controls in km/h, while the Sport 5.0 used mp/h.

This is most likely a difference due to the countries where the treadmills were marketed, and it’s entirely possible the Sport 5.0 is the version for USA, while the Sport 7.0 is for the rest of the world.

If we take this a step further and look at the top-of-the-line Sport 7.5 treadmill, you’ll notice a different console design with added workout features that we would associate with an upgrade from the Sport 5.0. This makes sense, as at the time of writing, it’s the Sport 5.0 and Sport 7.5 treadmills that are listed on the official ProForm website.

Workout program categories

  • ManualThis program allows you to simply step on the tread belt and start your workout, just as soon as you’ve entered your body weight and inserted the safety key.By providing the console with your body weight it’s able to perform a more accurate calculation for the number of calories burned, but it also ensures more accurate feedback from the Round Watts LED power ring.

    This ring is used to provide a clearer visual indication of the workout zone you’re in, whether that’s Endurance, Tempo, or Peak. Because the algorithm that decides this is based around watts per kilogram, it’s important to input an accurate figure.

    Unlike the onboard workouts and iFit programs, Manual follows no preset profile of speed and incline settings, giving you complete control of any change in workout intensity.

  • Onboard WorkoutsAlthough 50% of the onboard workouts are related to interval training, the other 10 apps are tailored towards more generic cardio workouts that you might be more familiar with from your local gym.These Tempo apps function in much the same way as any other ProForm onboard workout, where each program is split into a series of segments, and each segment used to store an incline and belt speed setting.

    As the workout progresses the treadmill automatically adjusts to match these settings, which have been calculated and combined into a profile by certified personal trainers. Unfortunately there’s no quick reference profile guide in the user manual, but after a couple of weeks experimenting it should be possible to memorize the different options.

  • Interval TrainingHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has become incredibly popular in recent years, with Google Trends data showing a rapid increase in interest from 2012 until today.Not only that, but with every year searches around HIIT cardio workouts are reaching new peaks, so it should come as no surprise that ProForm have made interval training such a heavy focus on their Sport series treadmills.

    Not only do interval apps make up half on the onboard workout programs, but you also have specific console controls for setting the ‘Recovery’ and ‘Work’ phases. After you select the settings for each phase, the workouts will alternate between them based on when you press these controls.

  • iFit WorkoutsThe 2016 version of the ProForm Sport 7.0 treadmill is supplied with an iFit enabled console. This is an advantage over iFit compatible treadmills as you don’t need to buy the wireless iFit module, but you still need to pay for a subscription.With most of ProForm’s high-end treadmills, such as those in the Pro series, the console offers a range of Quick controls for faster navigation of iFit workouts. Unfortunately this doesn’t become a feature of the Sport series until the 7.5 model.

    However, you’re still able to sync all your most important workout data to your online profile, and if you have a tablet and download the iFit app then you can access many of these options via your smart device.

    The complete iFit service lets you download real-world running routes using Google Maps technology, or select from their extensive online library of fitness programs designed by certified personal trainers. You can also access your iFit profile from a range of devices, including your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Ease of assembly and maintenance

The ProForm Sport 7.0 user manual includes step-by-step assembly instructions

ProForm continue to be one of the best fitness companies in the industry for designing cardio equipment that’s quick to assemble, with clear setup instructions that are easy to follow. Although it’s probably not something you want to base your buying decision around, knowing what to expect from the assembly process can help you get started with your new fitness routine as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the ProForm Sport 7.0 user manual includes clear step-by-step written instructions, accompanied by exploded diagrams with parts references to show how each part fits together. ProForm even include most of the tools you need, including a hex key that can adjust the walking belt.

It’s important to bear in mind that ProForm recommends two people for this assembly. That’s because having most of the treadmill pre-assembled cuts down on the setup time, but does mean you’re moving heavier parts around, such as the running deck.

If this isn’t possible, an alternative to self-assembly is the ProForm professional assembly service.

Transport and maintenance
As with most of their treadmills, the ProForm Sport 7.0 is fitted with transport wheels, which make it easier to move between rooms if needed. You can also benefit from the folding SpaceSaver® design, which is fitted with a powerful shock (EasyLift Assist) for reducing the effort needed to raise the deck to its vertical storage position, creating a compact footprint.

ProForm only guarantee curbside delivery, but as part of the initial purchase they do offer an in-home assembly service, depending on your location. As an alternative, Amazon have also started offering their own home assembly service for treadmills.

Treadmill Assembly
Start by confirming your service location

With Amazon, your options very much depend on your location, but it’s an excellent way to find highly rated local companies that can setup the treadmill for an affordable price. Moving the treadmill to a new room isn’t included, so you’ll need to have the boxes in the location you plan on using the machine. If Amazon don’t have service providers in your area, you can sign up to be emailed when they become available.

Transport and maintenance
As with most of their treadmills, the ProForm Sport 7.0 is fitted with transport wheels, which make it easier to move between rooms if needed. You can also benefit from the folding SpaceSaver® design, which is fitted with a powerful shock (EasyLift Assist) for reducing the effort needed to raise the deck to its vertical storage position, creating a compact footprint.

For maintenance, the user manual is packed with useful information to keep the treadmill running smoothly. This includes how to:

  • Recalibrate the incline system
  • Connect your smart device via the iFit app

  • Create an iFit account
  • Troubleshoot basic issues

ProForm Treadmill Guide

What’s covered by the warranty?

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime

  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4 / 5

After reviewing the ProForm Sport 7.0, it’s become clear that the features are no longer competitive with the Sport 5.0 and Sport 7.5 treadmills, given the difference in price.

Unfortunately it’s become extremely difficult to find the Sport 7.0 on sale anywhere, after it was discontinued from ProForm’s own website in late 2015. Even if you could find it, the changes that ProForm made when upgrading the Sport 5.0 and 7.5 treadmills were significant enough to make them the better option.

So what’s the best alternative? The Sport 5.0 or the Sport 7.5?

If you’re looking for a close feature match, it has to be the Sport 7.5. It has the same 12% incline, 325 lb weight capacity, 20”W x 60”L running area, and 2.75 CHP Mach Z™ motor. The only downside is that the maximum belt speed is capped at 10 mph instead of the 12 mph that was available on the Sport 7.0.

If you want that 12 mph belt speed back, you’ll have to look outside the Sport series. For an exact feature match, from the number of workout apps through to the belt speed, incline, and motor power, your best option is the Performance 600i.

The bonus here is that the Performance 600i is usually the same price as the Sport 7.5, and because it was upgraded at the same time as the Sport series, has the same Round Watts LED display.

In summary, the best alternative to the discontinued Sport 7.0 treadmill is the ProForm Performance 600i, which was redesigned for 2016.

Product dimensions: 36.63"W x 59.25"H x 79.62"L Weight capacity: 325 lbs

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