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Body Solid SDIB370 Weight Bench Squat Rack Combo Review

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The Body Solid SDIB370 is a squat rack and weight bench combo, and includes their top-of-the-line SFID325 adjustable ProClub Line bench.

But this is only a half rack, not a full power cage. So, is it really the safest and most cost efficient option for your own home gym?

In our review we’ll take a closer look at the design and safety features, as well as the workout options. We’ll also compare the SDIB370 to some of the best weight benches from XMark Fitness, Valor Fitness and Rogue Fitness.

Design features

The SFID325 bench that accompanies the SDIB370 combo is incredibly strong, with a weight capacity of over 1000 lbs and a 2″x3″, eleven-gauge steel construction.

But for a bench that’s routinely priced at over $400 on Amazon, and over $550 on the Body Solid website, this probably isn’t enough on its own to qualify as value for money.

If you’re looking for a weight bench that supports 1000 lbs, or even 1500 lbs, XMark Fitness have a collection of strong, stable designs that cost under $300. The XM-7462 is an excellent example of one of their strongest and most highly rated benches.

Both of these benches are classed as FID benches, which means they can be set to flat, incline, and decline positions.

Although there’s some small variation in the exact positions, the Body Solid SFID325 can be set with a back support angle of -18, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 80 degrees, with the seat adjusting to flat, 10, and 18 degrees.

When you multiply the two together you get 21 different position settings, which is similar to the XMark XM-7642, but far fewer than the 50+ positions offered by the AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Bench from Rogue Fitness.

The AB-2 is considered the ultimate in versatility, with 9 adjustable back positions and 6 adjustable seat positions setting it apart as one of the best money can buy. But there is a downside, in that the bench alone retails for over $800 – nearly $400 more than the Body Solid design.

In addition to its strength, the SFID325 bench is incredibly comfortable, with a tapering back support providing extra cushioning for your lower back without compromising on freedom of motion in the shoulders.

The density of the cushioning is also ideal for pressing heavier weights, and the simple ‘ladder’ style of adjustment makes it quick and easy to switch positions.

So what about the rack? Would you be better buying the bench separately and investing in a full power cage, or does the combination of bench and rack represent a better long-term investment?

Body Solid SDIB370 – Features Summary

  • 14-position gun rack can handle over 1,000 lbs. and gives the user the ability to walk the bar up and down without removing plates.
  • Features 4 Olympic storage posts that suspend weight plates for quick and easy access while keeping your workout area organized.
  • Back pad adjusts flat, incline (15, 30, 45, 60 and 80 degrees) and decline (-18 degrees)
  • Seat pad adjusts flat, 10, and 18 degrees
  • Total footprint: 78″L x65″w x 74″H

Squat rack or power cage?

Rogue Fitness RM-3 Fortis RackRogue Fitness RM-3 Fortis Rack

If you’re going to be lifting weights on a regular basis at home without a spotter, safety has to be a top priority, which is why we would always recommend a full power rack over a squat rack.

A squat rack is often a much more affordable option compared to a full power cage, with some low cost models from Cap Barbell proving incredibly popular.

But if you have the space, it might be best to save for a little longer until you have the budget for one of the full size power cages from Body Solid, Valor Fitness, or Rogue Fitness.

Although Cap Barbell do have a power cage design in their collection, the weight capacity is significantly lower than the designs offered by the companies mentioned above.

To put this in perspective, the GPR370 rack that forms part of the SDIB370 combo makes up about half the price, meaning around $500. In comparison, Rogue Fitness cages, like their RM-3 Fortis design, are usually priced closer to $1000, while the Valor Fitness cages are a similar price to Body Solid, at around $550 for the BD-7.

Both the Body Solid GPR370 and Valor Fitness BD-33 racks are capable of supporting 1000 lbs, but to rule out the possibility of missing the safety rails during a lift, we still favor the BD-33 cage.

Generally our advice is to avoid combinations and invest in something that’s the best in its class. This means you’re not tied down to buying a rack from a company that’s excellent at benches, but not as good as others at making racks.

An alternative combination to the Body Solid SDIB370 combination would be the XMark XM-7642 bench and Valor Fitness BD-33 power cage. You’ll save over $100 this way and be left with a setup that’s much safer to use on your own.

Alternatively, if budget isn’t an issue, you won’t find much better than the Rogue RM-4 Monster Rack 2.0 and AB-2 Rogue Adjustable Bench.

Exercise options

Although you don’t quite have the same range of positions as one of the adjustable AB benches from Rogue Fitness, the Body Solid SFID325 can still support a wide range of upper and lower body exercises.

With a weight capacity of over 1000 lbs, this includes both barbell and dumbbell exercises, with a few of the most popular options listed below (may require barbell, dumbbells, and additional weight plates).

Upper body
  • Incline bench press
  • Military presses
  • Deadlifts
  • Close grip bench press
  • Upright rows

Lower body
  • Lunges
  • Box squats
  • Front/back squats
  • Stiff-legged deadlifts
  • Calf raises

Review Overview

Overall Review Rating

4.5 / 5

As far as squat racks go, the GPR370 that comes as part of the Body Solid SDIB370 combo has everything you could ask for. A high 1000 lb+ weight capacity, extra-wide 4-point stance and a 7 degree reverse pitch that accommodates your body's natural lifting path.

There are enough lift-off settings on the gun-rack style design to safely accommodate a wider range of user heights, and the safety rails can be quickly adjusted.

The weight plate storage pegs are an added bonus, and you'll struggle to find a better quality rack. But given the choice, if you're looking to create the strongest and safest home gym setup, we would have to favor a full cage.

If you're worried about space, the footprint is actually smaller with most power cages. Taking the Rogue RM-3 Fortis as an example, the footprint is 9" shorter than that of the SDIB370 rack.

In summary, as far as ready-made bench and squat rack combinations go, the Body Solid SDIB370 is arguably the best out there. But there are more cost effective options that give you the same weight capacity and position settings (Valor Fitness BD-33 Rack + Ironmaster Super Bench), as well as safer rack combinations if you can stretch your budget (Rogue RM-3 Fortis rack + Rogue AB-2 Adjustable Bench).

Product dimensions: 45"L x 64"W x 74"H Weight capacity: 1000 lbs Product weight: 140 lbs (rack), 72 lbs (bench)

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